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Amana Washer Not Spinning [Reasons + Quick FIX]

Amana Washer Not Spinning [Reasons + Quick FIX]

Amana corporation produces prestigious home appliances for individual and family use, one of which is the washer. However, though the Amana washer is reputable, it isn’t without slight faults.

One of the common faults is the washer’s occasional spinning knock-back. So, let’s discover what prevents the Amana washer from spinning and how to rectify it below.

Amana washers won’t spin if the drive belt, motor coupler, drain hose, lid switch, or door lock is damaged. Other faults that may cause this mishap include the load weight, speed cycle, and washer balance. You can enter diagnostics mode to discover your washer’s fault before resetting it or implementing the necessary fix.

Having seen some major issues that may prevent your Amana washer from spinning, read on for more details. The first segment of this piece contains the causes and solutions, while the latter part deals with frequently asked questions.

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Reasons for Amana Washer not Spinning and Fixes for it

Your laundry day may kick start on a bad note if your Amana washer refuses to spin properly or spin at all. If you’re wondering why the possible reasons are many.

But luckily, I have here a listicle of some of the reasons various models of Amana washers may not be spinning.

So, all you need do is read and scroll through to identify the source of your washer’s problem. Afterward, you can then find individual solutions to each possible cause below.

Bad Driver Belt

A drive belt is an important component that facilitates your washer’s spin. Hence, it needs to be in good condition for the spin cycle to run properly.

However, your washer’s belt may be worn or broken due to age. It may also suffer overheating or burning, preventing spinning. So, this should be the first part you check when your washer doesn’t spin.

Spoilt Motor Coupler

If your Amana washer refuses to agitate, the motor coupler has likely gone bad. Coupler damage is mostly a result of wear due to long periods of usage. Hence, you should consider two factors before concluding that this is the problem.

  • Age of your Amana washer,
  • Usage frequency.

Your Amana washer’s motor coupler normally sits between the motor and transmission. It comprises two drive cams with a slip of rubber in between.

In a functional washer, the motor rotates the first drive cam then the coupler transmits power to the second drive cam. This action makes the washer spin, so damage to the coupler inhibits the Amana washer’s ability to spin.

Don’t be deceived if you notice slight agitation; this often happens when the load amount is small, but your washer won’t spin. Sometimes, the coupler will slip, indicating possible damage.


Improperly Installed Drain Hose

A bad drain hose installation may cause your Amana washer not to spin. This issue often manifests with the spin light coming on after 8-10 minutes of undetected water level change when the pump is on.

This fault often ensues from an unsuitable connection when the drain hose is far away from the pipe. It then obstructs water drainage and displays an LF or LD error code. Therefore, check the drain hose if your washer fails to spin.

A Damaged Lid Switch

The lid switch is one of Amana’s safety features which is why any problem or obstruction will prevent the washer’s spin cycle.

If your washer’s lid is spoiled, preventing shutting, it will most likely load and receive adequate water, but it won’t spin. Sometimes, it may blink with lights to draw your attention.

However, your washer’s refusal to spin doesn’t always mean damage; the lid could be improperly shut. Whichever the case is, visit the next section of this article to find the solution.

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Lid Lock Error

Your washer’s lid lock has to be closed; else, it will inhibit spinning. Any closure obstructions will result in blinking lid lock lights.

The lid lock may look closed without being properly locked, so you should examine it diligently.

A Failed Door Lock Switch

This problem plagues Amana front load washers just as the washer lid issue affects top load washers. The front load washers have a door lock switch that prevents spinning once damaged.

The door lock switch can encounter either mechanic or electrical faults necessitating repair measures.

Besides these, here are other places and things to check if your washer stops spinning precycle or midcycle.

  • Check the spin speed cycle, as some are slow.
  • Examine the stator windings and rotor for signs of breakage or wear.
  • Check for imbalance and add extra load to balance your washer.
  • Consider dropping some items if your washer is overloaded.
  • Power failure can stop your washer from spinning even after restoration,
  • Using the wrong detergent (regular detergent) instead of He-Detergent causes excess suds.

Fixes for Amana Washer not Spinning

There’s no need to throw in the towel if your Amana washer suddenly stops spinning. You may have tried and exhausted all the tricks in your sleeves, but I’ve got more.

I hope you didn’t skip the possible reasons for the error because if you did, you need to go back or run a diagnostic test. You can’t decipher which fix to apply without identifying the error.

But if you’ve identified the source of your Amana washer’s problem, find below the appropriate fixes for each reason highlighted above.

Driver Belt Replacement

The best fix for a damaged drive belt is a replacement because it may break again after repair, and wear is permanent damage.

Check the base of your Amana top load washer to locate and replace the belt. For the front load washer, you have to remove the back panel. Here is how to replace the drive belt.

  • Unplug the washer and locate its drive belt.
  • If the belt is worn, release tension, separate it from the idler and motor drive pulley, and gently remove it.
  • Position the new belt on the drum with its grooves facing the drum and wear it.
  • Loop the new belt over the idler and drive the pulley and align the belt by rotating the drum.
  • Finally, close all panels and reconnect your washer.

Motor Coupler Fix

If the coupler is bad, you’ll hear a loud, unusual noise as your washer tries to spin. However, you need to look carefully at the coupler to know if it’s worn out. So, here’s how to locate your washer’s coupler.

  • Please turn off your washer, unplug the power cord, and lie it flat on its back.
  • Scan the base of the washer to find the pump and motor.
  • Remove the washer’s pump and motor to find the coupler on the transmission.
  • Extract and examine the coupler for signs of wear and tear.
  • If you see glaring signs, you have to replace the coupler.

Here is how to replace a spoiled motor coupler.

Proper Installation of Drain Hose

Depending on your washer’s drain system, check that the top of the drain pipe, standpipe, or laundry tub is at least 39 inches from the floor. However, the distance shouldn’t exceed 96 inches, or it won’t drain properly.

If you have a floor drain, ensure the siphon break is 28 inches from the ground.

Lid Switch Repair

The first step to fixing your top load washer’s lid switch is locating it. For top load washers, it’s usually beneath the control panel at the top left corner. So you have to open the control panel, disconnect the wire harness & use a multimeter to conduct a continuity test.

A reading of 1 and above indicates an incomplete circuit requiring an OEM replacement. Follow these steps to repair your lid switch.

  • Unplug your washer and shut the water supply valves.
  • With a screwdriver, preferably Phillips, open the control panel.
  • Use a nut driver to remove the lid switch and wire harness.
  • Open the control console, then open the washer lid and remove the lid lock,
  • Install and properly position your OEM lid lock.
  • Recouple all components, reinstall the console and panel, then turn on the washer and open the water valves.

Lid Lock Clearance

Examine the lock and remove any obtrusive material. You can also use a damp cloth to clean the lock striker. This action will eradicate dirt, grime, lint, and detergent powder, if there are any.

Door Lock Switch Fix

If the door lock failure is mechanical, the lock will lose its ability to latch and hang loose. However, an electrical failure calls for testing.

Depending on the extent of damage, a repair or replacement is imminent. If nothing requires a repair or replacement, reset your Amana washer.

Replacement fixes are often expensive because you need to buy parts, But you can cut down on expenses by subscribing to an Amana service plan. Click the link for more information.

Amana Warranty and Support

The above fixes should work but in case if they did not, it’s time to contact Amana customer support.

(866) 616-2664

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (ET)



Mon–Fri: 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST

There are more troubleshooting guides available online, in case you want to do it yourself.

To register your new product with Amana, visit this link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to a set of frequently asked questions. These will help you to understand how your washer works and navigate/ tackle other tricky circumstances.

How Can I Run a Diagnostic Test on my Amana Washer?

To run a diagnostic test:
Please turn off all lights by rotating the dial to the left and setting it in a 12 0’clock position.
Spin the dial one click to the left, three clicks to the right, one to the left, and one to the right again.
The status lights will come on, then turn the dial once to the right before pressing ‘start’ to activate the diagnostic mode.
To hear a reading of the diagnostic error code, turn the dial to the right again.

Where Can I Find my Amana Washer’s Model Number?

The location of your washer’s model number depends on the type of washer you own. Open the lid and check the top of the rear basket for a top load washer. If you have a front load washer, open the door and check its outer left edge.

How can I get Locate my Washer’s Service Sheet?

The location for various models of Amana washers is distinct. However, you can download a manual for all Amana washers here.


It’s highly pleasing to launder dirty clothes speedily, but a frown glues to your face if your washer stops spinning. Cheer up because you can fix this issue by identifying the error and performing one of the following:

  1. Replacing spoilt or damaged parts
  2. Running Diagnostics
  3. Resetting your washer

Implement the appropriate fix, and your washer will be as good as new!