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Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill (This Will FIX it)

Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill (This Will FIX it)

Have you ever tried using your Amana washer, but it won’t move past the sensing fill? This issue is very frustrating and may cost you money if you call a technician to fix it.

But, if you learn why your washer gets stuck on sensing fill, you may be able to troubleshoot the issue and save money.

Your Amana washer may go haywire, get stuck on sensing fill, and refuse to begin the wash phase. It could result from a faulty shift actuator, water supply lines, inlet valve, or an open lid, amongst others. Luckily, you can resolve most of these faults without assistance from a professional unless it gets complex along the line.

This article examines the potential faults that may cause your Amana washer to hang in sensing fill, alongside troubleshooting steps and other alternative fixes. So, read it with rapt attention so you can snap out of your frustration and implement solutions to your washer’s troubles.

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Reasons Why Amana Washer is Stuck on Sensing Fill

The automatic sensing feature usually detects the load and uses the quantity to determine the appropriate water level. It then performs several fills in which water is added till the level is adequate. After this action, the washing phase begins.

However, a series of issues can affect the electronic control responsible for sensing the load. The effect of this will be the washer getting stuck on sensing fill.

Before troubleshooting or implementing any fix, you need to identify and isolate the exact fault responsible for this problem. So, let’s delve into the possible causes and discover ways to identify them.

Limited Water Supply

If you’re accustomed to your washing machine, you should know that the state of the water supply lines can inhibit functionality. Your washer won’t function optimally if the supply lines are not opened to the fullest.

Most often than not, if this is the reason your washer is stuck on sensing fill, the fill light will be flashing. Hence, if your washer’s fill lights come on, it’s a sign of inadequate water flow, necessitating you to check your washer’s water supply lines.

Faulty Shift Actuator

The shift actuator is an extremely important component in your washer. Without it, the phases of your wash cycle won’t transition smoothly. Hence, any problem with it could result in the consequence of your washer not moving past the sensing fill.

If your shift actuator is damaged, it will obstruct the flow of water, without which the wash phase cannot begin.

Quantity of Load

As much as it’s tempting to just dump a heap of clothes in your washer, I implore you not to. Well, if this is the cause of your washer’s inability to progress, it’s obvious you already have.

However, overloading your washer is a poor practice that prevents the sensors from moving past the sensing fill stage. There are looming dangers if the washer begins washing with improper load size. So in avoidance of the impending dangers, the washer will seemingly freeze in sensing fill.

Faulty Sensor Fill

If the fill sensor is malfunctioning due to certain issues, it’s logical that the washer will hang in the sensing fill stage. The reason is that a bad sensor can’t detect the water level or even coordinate the water inflow for the wash cycle.

As a result, your washer won’t be able to progress past the sensing fill stage and cross over to the next.

Water Inlet Valve

Since any water issue can obstruct the progression of sensing fill, it makes sense to examine your washer’s water inlet valve. There may just be an obstruction causing a hindrance, or the valve may be spoiled.

Lid Lock

Since the importance of a closed lid cannot be overemphasized, here is one of the negative effects of neglecting your washer’s lid. Your washer will definitely hang if the lid is not properly shut and tightly locked.

The reason is that the laundering process cannot occur with an open washer lid. So, carefully examine your lid to ensure it’s well closed. If no obstacle prevents it from closing, your washer’s lid may be damaged.

Damaged Control Board

The control board in your Amana washer is responsible for every function and feature of your washer. It gives out the necessary signals that each part picks up before running and coordinates your washer’s internal workings.

Therefore if your washer’s control board is experiencing issues, it will affect several parts of your machine. Thus, there’s a possibility that this may be the reason your Amana washer is stuck in sensing fill.

The above are some prevalent scenarios that may cause your Amana washer to malfunction. Congratulations if you’ve identified why your Amana washer is stuck on sensing fill. You’re one step closer to the solution.

Fixes for Amana Washer Stuck on Sensing Fill

Having crossed the preliminary stage of identifying the source of the problem, let’s look into ways to curb the issue and carry on laundering. So, here is how to troubleshoot, reset, and rectify your Amana washer’s errors.


Troubleshooting/ Diagnostic

Troubleshooting should be your first resort if your Amana washer gets stuck on sensing fill. The reason is that troubleshooting is the ultimate fix for most errors and issues that may spring up as you use your washer.

The process is also helpful in identifying errors via codes when you lack the manual abilities to open up your washer and examine its parts. Hence, it should be your go-to solution for every washer issue, including your washer being stuck on sensing fill.

If you’re interested in giving it a shot and probably saving money, here are the steps to troubleshoot your Amana washer.

  • Leave the washer on but turn all the lights off.
  • Fully turn the knob to the left, facing the top of the dial.
  • Take a turn to the left, three turns to the right, a turn to the left, and one more turn to the right.
  • The previous step will put your washer in the troubleshooting/diagnostics mode.
  • Take another turn to the right and ignite the start button.
  • Turn the knob to the right and wait for diagnostics to run.
  • When this is over, the diagnostics will produce error codes to help you identify the reason your washer is stuck on sensing fill.

Running diagnostics or troubleshooting the issue is important as it pinpoints the problem through error codes or a combination of flashing lights. Below are some of your Amana washer’s error codes and their meanings.

Amana Washer Error CodesCode Meanings
LOC or LCThis code indicates that the control lock is active.
dETThe detergent cartridge isn’t detected.
IntPause or cancellation of cycle.
rL or F34Presence of items during the clean washer cycle.
Sud or SdPresence of excess suds.
F5 E2Improperly locked door.
F7 E1Motor speed sensing error.
F8 E1 or LO FLInadequate flow of water.
F8 E2The dispensing system is faulty.
F9 E1Excess drain time.
Other F# E# codeOther errors.

Note that the error codes you see may vary according to your washer’s model. So, for an accurate interpretation, visit your Amana washer’s manual.

Perform a Reset

Trying to isolate the particular fault causing your washer to hang on sensing mode out of many others is a tasking chore. But luckily, here is another alternative capable of resolving several errors unless, of course, a spoiled part.

You don’t have to spend a dime to get this done. Simply follow these easy steps to reset your Amana washer and get it performing smoothly once again.

  • Turn off your washer.
  • Unplug it from the receptacle.
  • Wait for a minute or two, then plug it back into the receptacle.
  • Turn your Amana washer on.
  • Open and close the lid six times consecutively to get it functioning again.

Don’t despair if this doesn’t work; sometimes, you need to reset the washer multiple times. However, if it doesn’t work after six consecutive trials, below is another method with which you can reset your Amana washer.

Alternative Fixes

Now, let’s move to the more specific fixes you can implement for certain issues to remove your washer from sensing fill.

  • Check the water supply lines and fully open them if water is not flowing properly.
  • For an improperly closed lid, clear all obstructions and shut it. If the lid is spoiled, get an expert to assess it for repair.
  • If the issue erupts from a faulty fill sensor, you should change it.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t fix a bad water inlet valve. You’ll just have to get a valve replacement.
  • Solving an overload issue is easy. Simply reduce the clothes in your washer and try running it again.
  • If your Amana washer’s shift actuator is spoiled, please replace it.
  • Lastly, if the issue emanates from the control board, it’s time for a change.

Note: You may need to buy certain parts for replacement or repair. You should contact a technician if you’re not confident handling this task.

Support and Warranty

If the above troubleshooting steps are not able to help you, it’s time to contact Amana support service.

You can contact Amana support at:

(866) 616-2664

Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (ET)

Alternatively, you can contact them by chat and email too.

The Amana Service Plan offers affordable product coverage that’s hassle-free, so your product gets protected, and you get a little extra peace of mind.

If you are looking for spare parts, this may help you.


Your Amana washer getting stuck on sensing fill shouldn’t make you worry, as it’s a common issue. Luckily, there are many self-help procedures you can follow to escape this problem. They include:

  1. Running a diagnostics test.
  2. Resetting your washer.
  3. Opening the water supply lines.
  4. Repairing or replacing components like the inlet valve, actuator, sensor fill, lid, and control board.

By the time you’re done executing these processes, your Amana washer should be fully functional again