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Are Infinity Pools Dangerous? (And Expensive?)

Are Infinity Pools Dangerous? (And Expensive?)

Swimming pools may come in various shapes and designs because pools can take on a variety of creative looks. It entirely depends on the power of your pocket. In this regard, infinity pools are becoming increasingly popular due to their luxurious appearance, especially when designed and placed in the correct location. However, because of the pool’s design, you may be concerned about its safety.

It is evident that for such a product to reach the general public, it must have undergone rigorous testing to determine how safe it is and to check for any potential threats to the users.

Let’s take a glance to see if the infinity pools are dangerous to swim.

Are Infinity Pools Dangerous to Swim?

Because of their innovative design and build, infinity swimming pools are totally safe. The pool wall on the infinity edge is constructed a bit lower than the other pool walls, so it does not rise above the water level and is not visible from beside or inside the pool.

This wall is also constructed at an angle, slanting outwards from the pool, creating a waterfall effect over the infinity edge.

This water obviously has to go somewhere, because having a waterfall drop onto a city from the roof of a hotel, for example, would be extremely dangerous! This is where the infinity pool design can get a little creative.

A smaller pool, known as a holding tank, is built beneath the infinity edge and is completely hidden from view. This holding tank collects the fallen water and pumps it back up into the main pool in a continuous cycle. The infinity pool never empties, and there is no water waste, making it just as eco-friendly as a regular swimming pool.

Infinity pools are just as safe to swim in as regular swimming pools because the pool walls around the infinity edges are specially reinforced to endure the additional weight of the water continuously cascading over them. It is essentially an incredibly clever optical illusion that adds a touch of novelty and luxury to the design of your swimming pool.

What is So Special About Infinity Pools?

The engineering and technology that go into creating a negative edge pool are just as fascinating as the pool itself. All the pool walls on a typical swimming pool are higher than the water level, so the water is enclosed within the pool.

One or more of the pool walls in an infinity-edge pool are constructed to match the height of the water level, so they are not visible. These walls are designed to slope away from the pool, causing the water to cascade downwards like a waterfall.

This water, however, does not simply fall to the ground below; it is captured in a holding tank built below the infinity edge, making it completely invisible from the pool itself.

The water is pumped back up into the main pool from the holding tank, ensuring that your pool stays full, with no water going to waste, and you can enjoy the feeling of being part of your environment in your beautiful edgeless pool.

Infinity pools can be costly due to their unique features, and they are afforded mainly by the wealthy or large hotels and recreation centers.

Are Infinity Pools Suitable For Your Backyard?

Not every backyard is suitable for an infinity pool. For instance, an infinity-edge pool will not work in a completely flat backyard with no elevation change. To do infinity-edge work, you will need at least a couple of feet of elevation change.

While a sloping yard is ideal for an infinity pool, a property with a very steep slope will significantly increase the price. If serious engineering is needed to sustain the pool along the slope, it will be a large cost investment, potentially doubling the pool’s cost.

However, those who live on a mountain or hillside with a stunning overlook area, maybe on the lake, may try the infinity pool since the investment is worthwhile. It’s an invaluable view for them.

Can You Fall off an Infinity Pool?

No. You can not fall off the infinity pool unless you climb on the edge. Infinity pools are not dangerous. Remember that the disappearing edge is merely a visual illusion, not a real disappearing edge.

You’ll swim up to the pool’s edge, and you’ll come to a wall. However, if you fell off the second ledge, you’d be pretty much screwed, so security makes sure there’s no monkey business at the pool’s edge.

Are Infinity Pools Expensive?

If you have the infinity edge on one side, an infinity pool will typically cost 20% more than a regular pool. The cost percentage rises if you have an infinity edge on more than one side of the pool.

If your catch basin isn’t large enough to support the bather load and make-up water, you may need to install a separate collector tank on your property (because of setbacks or other issues). This may cause the price to rise as well.

Another difference with infinity pools (which can affect the price) is the material used for the exterior. You don’t have to think about it in a regular pool because you can’t see it, which is not the case with infinity pools.

The overflow wall is visible (at least in most cases), and you want it to look good while also withstanding the constant flow of water over it. The cost will be determined by the material you select and the size of the area to be covered.

Take a look at the list below on the factors that influence the cost of an infinity pool.

  • The pool’s size
  • Finishes available (ex. glass tile, ceramic tile, stones in the basin, or metal grates)
  • Lights in the catch basin
  • The collector tank, basin, and size of the infinity edge is an important consideration that is frequently overlooked or misunderstood.
  • Additional equipment, such as a filter and a pump, is required for the catch basin to function correctly.

Are Infinity Pools Hard to Maintain?

Infinity pools can be more difficult to clean when it comes to pool maintenance. In a typical, traditional pool, the focus is always on cleaning the pool and chemically treating the pool, which is where most of the fun and activity occurs.

Water flows over the edge of an infinity pool to a lower catch basin. This basin collects water from the top floors and returns it to the upper level. It is critical to clean and maintain this basin, which functions as a mini-pool. It has a lower suction source that must be clear of debris in order for water to be suctioned and returned.

In addition to caring for your basin, pool owners must keep an eye on their water level because infinity pools evaporate more than standard pools. Water can evaporate as it falls over the edge before accumulating in the lower basin.

The water chemistry for your infinity pool is the same as it is for a standard pool. But because infinity pool water evaporates faster, it affects the chlorine and general pool chemistry more frequently, so test your infinity pool twice a week.

Practice these maintenance tips, and your infinity pool will continue stunning as always.

  • The Catch Basin Must Be Cleaned

Keeping the catch basin in good shape and preventing buildup requires the same cleaning routine as the rest of the pool.

  • Maintain the drain clear

The catch basin’s suction system requires special attention to avoid clogging. As water circulates, debris tends to collect here, clogging the system.

  • Maintain the water level at all times

Water evaporates faster than in a traditional pool as it flows over the infinity edge and into the catch basin. Because the infinity pool is designed to keep flowing indefinitely, you’ll have to keep on adding water frequently to keep it at the right level.

  • Keep an eye on the Water Chemistry pools.

Since the infinity pool water evaporates quickly and needs to be refilled often, you’ll need to pay special attention to the chlorine content and pH of your pool. Test it twice a week to keep your pool water in the proper range.

  • Keep a Close Eye on the Pump

The pump is an essential component of infinity pools. It keeps the water from the catch basin flowing back into the main pool. Keep an eye on the pump’s performance; if it appears to be working slowly, becoming louder, making strange noises, or stopping altogether, you’ll need a repair from a technician who is familiar with infinity pools.


Without a doubt, infinity pools are the most luxurious pools in recent days, and it has taken the world by storm. It might get confusing on some of the controversies surrounding this new invention, with safety being the main concern. Nevertheless, it has been confirmed that the infinity pools do not pose much threat. However, accidents happen and so we should always be careful.

Considering the perfect view and the best experience in the infinity pool, you might be tempted to install one in your backyard, which is not bad, but first, check on your landscape and your surroundings before deciding on this venture since it is costly. You might end up using a lot of money and not get the right feeling you hoped for.