Are Ants Attracted to Urine? (And How to Keep Them Away)


Ants are stubborn small creatures that invade houses and make our lives unbearable. Their main target is usually the bathroom since it is moist and facilitates their living. But that’s not the only reason ants invade our homes—they are also attracted to urine in the bathroom. But why are ants attracted to urine? This question … Read more

10 Incredible Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Garage


Most homeowners know the health hazards of cockroach infestations, such as allergies and asthma caused by cockroach allergens, germs, and bacteria. Furthermore, cockroaches are highly fascinating pests with pretty strange behavior and survival techniques. Whatever type you’re dealing with, roaches are never a welcome sight in your garage. What Attracts Cockroaches to the Garage? Cockroaches … Read more

Can You Keep the Garbage Can in the Garage?


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Can Mice Open Cabinet Doors? (And How to Prevent Them?)

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Can You Flush a Mouse Down the Toilet? (And Can They Come Up?)

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Can You Flush Noodles Down the Toilet?

Toilets and trash cans are two different things, and each one of them is to be used correctly; otherwise, the world blows a fuse. Flushing a bite now and then won’t cause much damage, but making it a habit to flush food down the toilet is more destructive than you can imagine.  Not only does … Read more

Can You Flush Chewing Gum Down the Toilet?

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6 Surprising Reasons Why People Burn Their Grass


In early spring, smoke from the burning of grasses takes over the sky in most parts of America. Most ranchers are usually busy burning their grasses, a development most individuals with breathing challenges have to manage carefully.  Finding such smoke all over the place will make you question the ranchers’ or farmer’s intent. You’ll start … Read more

Can You Use Bleach With a Septic Tank?


The septic tank helps to hold and break down wastes. But having a functional septic tank requires a lot of work. You’ll need proper maintenance to keep the unit functioning to capacity.  However, maintaining a clean and sparkling bathroom isn’t an easy task. That’s why most people run away from doing it. But then, keeping … Read more

5 Smart Ways to Stop Geese From Pooping in the Yard


Geese droppings are beneficial to lawns. Let’s be honest. Their droppings boast a considerable amount of nitrogen, which the grasses need to thrive.  But let’s face it; the droppings from geese are quite prodigious. One goose releases 2 to 4 pounds of waste daily. Now, imagine what would happen when a ton of these birds … Read more

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Can You Throw Away a Computer in the Trash?


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