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Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts? (Answered)

Can Bed Bugs Go in Your Private Parts? (Answered)

Bedbugs eat animal blood and can only do so while the host is sleeping. A bedbug’s primary host is you, and that pesky insect has the power to turn your life upside down.

Your body heat and the carbon dioxide you breathe are what will attract a bedbug to you. Bedbugs are attracted to histamine, a hormone found in human blood. Bedbugs will tell their pals that they have discovered an excellent food source by releasing histamine in their feces.

Bedbugs will not stay on your body for long after feeding; they prefer to find another location to digest their food. Dirty laundry, beneath headboards, in bedside cabinets, and under-bed nooks are the most likely locations.

The only way bedbugs can get into your private parts is if the place you’re staying is heavily infested. Bedbugs aren’t attracted to your private parts because they’re usually well-covered and warm.

The exposed portions of your body, such as your arms, neck, hands, feet, shoulders, and lower thighs, will attract bedbugs. They will emerge from their hiding locations swiftly, suck some blood, and then return to their hiding spots to digest and procreate.

Can Bed Bugs Get in Your Private Parts?

The most important thing that bedbugs require from you is blood. Before you swat it, they want to get it as soon as possible.

If your private parts are not easily accessible or have hair, they may not bother. Bedbugs prefer smooth and exposed body parts.

However, that doesn’t mean that bedbugs cannot get into your private parts. They can, and they will if you sleep in a bed heavily infested with them. Bedbugs can get to your private parts if you sleep naked. 

Bedbugs can also get to your private parts if you wear infested undergarments. 

Reasons Why Bed Bugs Cannot Get in Your Private Parts

While bedbugs can get into your private parts, there are a few reasons why they might not be successful:

1. Easily suffocate

Because of vaginal fluids, bedbugs will rarely travel to your private parts. Bedbugs, unlike humans, do not have lungs; instead, they have the trachea, which is a series of tiny pores in their stomach via which they breathe.

The bedbug will not breathe because the vaginal fluids will clog these pores. The bedbugs will eventually choke and suffocate to death.

2. Acidic factors

In your vaginal secretions, acidic characteristics such as peroxide and lactic acids are found. The acids will kill the bedbugs due to significant exposure.

3. High Temperatures

Some private parts, especially for ladies, will remain warm throughout the day, making bedbugs very uncomfortable. 

Underwear that is too tight causes sweating in the private parts. Because this sweat is salty, bedbugs find going to your private parts challenging.

4. No air circulation

The lack of air circulation inside the private parts deprives bedbugs of their oxygen to survive. Lack of oxygen makes it impossible for the bedbugs to survive even for a minute.

Can Bed Bugs Bite Your Private Areas?

Bedbugs will go to great lengths to avoid crawling on people. When they come into contact with your skin, the first thing they do is draw blood and flee. They won’t risk crawling to your private parts to get a bite out of you.

Bedbugs will rarely try to get to your private parts if there are other exposed body parts because they usually are covered. While getting bitten in the private parts isn’t impossible, it’s unlikely.

That isn’t to say that if one lands on your private part, they won’t bite; if they have easy access to it, they will.

The emergence of big, itchy red pimples on your private parts signifies that a bedbug has bitten you. The bumps appear in a line and have a dark patch in the center. You’ll feel the impulse to scratch them.

In some people, the bites will turn into inflammations that resemble blisters. Others will have no marks, while others will develop rashes that require immediate medical attention.

Can Bed Bugs Go Up Your Bum?

Bedbugs will avoid traveling through layers of clothing to get to your bum unless you are sleeping naked. They will prefer it if there are other body parts where the skin is exposed, and there aren’t many bedbugs feeding already.

Bedbugs are most likely to bite you in the cheek of your bum, but they will not crawl into your bum. Your bum is devoid of oxygen, and bedbugs require oxygen to exist.

Gasses like methane and hydrogen produced by the intestines will reach your bum when you release air. This act alone will discourage bedbugs from exploring your bum.

Even though bedbugs are attracted to heat, and your bum is hot, the stuffiness will deter them from entering. After all, they can acquire all they need from other body parts.

Mucus is produced inside your bum to aid in the lubrication of your stools when you pass them out. This mucus will be slippery for bedbugs, and it will also obstruct their trachea, making it impossible to breathe.

The chances are high that a speck of feces was left in your bum. When bedbugs try to go inside your bum, they will be surrounded by feces. The feces can cause suffocation and ultimately death.

Can Bed Bugs Bite Your Scalp?

Bedbugs, unlike other parasites, like body parts that they can easily access. Their legs and bodies are not strong enough to go through all that hair trying to get to your scalp.

Don’t be surprised to see some bedbugs in your hair, though, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Bedbugs can get to your hair if you wear an infested hat, an infested hairpiece, or use infested equipment to comb your hair.

A bedbug will find you as an easy host if bald; otherwise, they will disregard your scalp. That doesn’t mean they won’t bite your scalp or try to get to your hair. They may use your hair to hide but only on rare occasions.  

Their bites aren’t painful, so you could not even notice. Tiny red welts will appear along your hairline and on your forehead.

How To Keep Bed Bugs From Your Private Parts?

While bedbugs seldom spread diseases, their bites can cause allergic reactions.

Bedbugs will not willingly enter your private parts, but nothing will stop them from biting if they do.

Let’s look at some of the methods you may use to prevent bedbugs of your intimate areas.

1. Wear the correct clothing

When it’s time to go to bed, it’s incredibly tempting to sleep without covering your private parts. Underwear is excellent for concealing your private parts, making it difficult for bedbugs to get to them.

If you’ve discovered bedbugs in your bed, sleeping in your pajamas will keep them away from your other intimate parts.

2. Get rid of bedbugs on your clothes, mattresses, and beds

If you find bedbugs in your sleeping garments or see bite marks on your skin, your bed is infested with bedbugs. You need to get rid of the bedbugs to continue sleeping soundly at night.

You will have to wash your clothes and beddings in hot water if you want to kill the bedbugs. When you finish washing dry at the highest temperatures possible, killing any residual bedbugs or eggs.

Bedbugs on mattresses indicate that they have already made their way into the bed and other room sections. Replacing the mattress will not solve the problem because bedbugs will be transferred from the bedsheets, pillows, and bed to the new mattress.

The best alternative is to use a clean cloth soaked in alcohol to wipe them off instead of changing your mattress. Bedbugs are instantaneously killed by alcohol. Tumeric is also effective against bedbugs.

If the sun is shining brightly, consider putting the mattress outside to kill any residual bedbugs.

3. Use Repellants

You can use Lotions containing bedbug repellents, such as lavender. Lemon, cinnamon, tea tree oil, and spearmint are other fragrances that repel bedbugs.

 Some odors repel bed bugs, and they will flee if they detect them. You can use them in your private parts or any other body part.

4. Kill them permanently

While the three techniques listed above effectively prevent bedbugs from entering your private parts, you should consider a more long-term remedy.

The easiest way to get rid of these annoying parasites is to use a bedbug killer. Get Ortho Bed Bug killer to deal with the bedbugs finally. 

To eliminate the bedbug infestation, you must spray the bedbug killer multiple times. There are some nymphs you need to kill before they mature and reproduce.


Even though the bedbug is a tiny parasite, it may give you great pain and anguish if it attacks you. Its primary location is inside your sleeping area, so you’ll have to encounter it daily.

When your beddings are plagued with bedbugs, it will be difficult to avoid getting them into your private regions. While this is plausible, there are various reasons why bedbugs aren’t fond of your private parts.

Some of the reasons your private parts are a no-go area for the bedbug include foul odors, stuffiness, slippery fluids, and uncomfortable heat. Unfortunately, when they get a chance, the bedbugs will bite.