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Can You Flush a Frog Down the Toilet? (Not a Great Idea)

Can You Flush a Frog Down the Toilet? (Not a Great Idea)

Finding a frog in the bathroom isn’t a new thing. However, these creatures can get into your toilet via the sewer, bathroom door, or main vent pipe. 

When you encounter a frog in your bathroom, the reasonable thing to do is to take it outside or to your garden. But most people don’t do this. Instead, they prefer to flush the frog down the toilet

Having a frog flushed down the toilet is quite an easy way to discard it. But then, you mustn’t forget that you can’t and shouldn’t flush everything down your toilet. 

If you want to know if you can have frogs flushed down the toilet, this post is for you. 

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Is It Ok To Flush a Frog Down the Toilet?

No, it’s not okay. It’s a waste of time, and you could regret your action later. The reason most people do this is that they want to discard the frog hurriedly. Finding a frog in one’s bathroom can be so irritating. 

There are several reasons to avoid flushing frogs down the toilet. So let’s go through them quickly. 

1. It can create an issue in your plumbing

Just because you found a frog jump around or lying quietly in one corner in your bathroom doesn’t mean it came from the toilet. Instead, it could have possibly gained access to your bathroom via the main door. 

Imagine if it’s a big frog that you’re deal with. What do you think could occur if you flush it down the toilet? Chances are it would block your pipe, and you know what that might lead to. 

If you have a blockage of some sort in your plumbing, you would have to hire a plumber to fix it or do the troubleshooting by yourself. 

And if you finally agree to hire a professional plumber, you’re going to spend your hard-earned money to fix the mess you created. 

2. The frog might climb back

Seeing a frog jumping around in your bathroom can be irritating. But that shouldn’t make you flush it down the toilet. 

Have you observed a frog’s fingers? If you have, then you’ll know that flushing one down the toilet is a waste of time. 

Why? They have round and large toe pads. The pads act like suction cups, enabling the frogs to cling onto smooth surfaces.  

So, if you choose to flush a front down the toilet, you might be wasting your precious time. In addition, once it sticks to the pipe, you might not be able to flush it off completely.

The essence of flushing a frog down the toilet is to send it to the sewer where it’s coming from. But that might not happen in most cases. And even if you succeed in flushing the frog, chances are it might return to the toilet.  

It might also interest you to know that some frogs have extra spike-like or sharp thumbs. So, if you didn’t believe that frogs are experts at clinging to surfaces, you should start believing so henceforth.  

3. You’re wasting water

Another reason flushing a frog down the toilet isn’t advisable is the volume of water you’ll end up wasting. Unfortunately, even after wasting so much water, you may not even succeed in keeping the frog away from your toilet or bathroom.

Imagine flushing ten or more frogs in a month. If that’s the case, your water bill is likely going to increase. 

4. Not a nice gesture

You have a right to be mortified, irritated, and angry that a frog is in your bathroom. You may even want to end the creature’s life or have it flushed down the toilet there and then. 

But before you vent your anger on the poor creature, hear this. That frog you see jumping around your bathroom or stirring back at you is even more terrified than you are. 

It’s looking for shelter and ended up in your toilet, so have some compassion on the poor creature. 

Instead of flushing or crushing the frog, get some hand gloves, have it scooped out, and returned to the garden. Avoid the guilt that might accompany murdering or torturing the poor creature.  

By the way, even if you end up crushing the frog, you’re still going to throw it outside.  

Can Frogs Come Up Through The Toilet?

Yes, frogs can come up through your toilet. You might be wondering how. But don’t forget that these creatures have fingers that help them to cling onto things snugly. 

So, despite being smooth, your toilet wall isn’t a big deal for frogs to scale. The S bend that harbors the water isn’t also going to prevent the frog from coming up through your toilet either. 

Don’t forget that frogs enjoy swimming. They are amphibians, and these come under vertebrates that require a moist environment or water to survive.  

So, if a frog finds an opportunity to get into your pipe, chances are you could be battling with a frog invasion in no time. 

Again, from the toilet wall, frogs can get to the seat. Most people have walked into their toilets to find a frog on the toilet seat. It’s something quite irritating and scary. 

What Happens If You Flush a Frog Down the Toilet?

Several things can happen when you flush a frog down your toilet. But these are the two main things that can happen. 

When you flush a frog, it could be washed away (sent to the sewer) and never return to your toilet. There’s also a chance that the frog might disappear from your toilet bowl but hang somewhere around the pipe. 

If it so happens that the frog is still in your pipe, it could return to your toilet in no time. You can’t scare a frog by flushing it down the toilet. You’ll only be giving the frog some theme park ride by flushing it down the toilet. 

However, depending on your sewer, any frog flushed down the toilet may likely not make it out alive. If you’re using a modern sewer, it would be difficult for the frog or any creature flushed down the toilet to survive

Here’s what happens when you flush sewage down such a sewage system. First, the sewage would move via the pipe down to the lift station, where the materials are grinded and pumped to other lift stations. This happens until the sewage gets to the designated treatment facility. 

So, you can see that your little guest (frog) might not make it if flushed down the toilet.  

Why is There a Frog in My Toilet?

Frogs are generally attracted to toilets because they get fresh and clean water. The water is perfect for them to cool off from the hot weather. The frogs also hop through sewer lines and end up in toilets. Unfortunately, the toilet is not the best place for the frogs to cuddle and play, as we use harsh chemicals to clean our toilets.

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How Do Frogs Get Into Toilets?

Frogs can get into your toilet in diverse ways. So, it is not even an issue of “if” but “how.” First, you have to figure out how frogs can get into your toilet. With that, you can take the right decisions to prevent a frog invasion from taking place. 

Here’s how those tiny creatures get into your toilet. 

1. They can enter your sewer line via a crack

If you find a frog in your toilet, please check your sewer line. There’s a chance that there’s a hole or crack somewhere. And through this crack, a frog can travel down to your toilet tank

2. They can enter via open door

Alright, let’s be logical here. There’s a possibility that the frog in your toilet might not have necessarily come through the pipe. Instead, it may have entered through the open door and then made its way to your toilet. 

You may not have noticed you had a frog in your house. Though your dogs were barking, you didn’t pay attention to them.  

If you find frogs jumping around your bathroom, don’t assume they came from the pipe. Instead, they may have entered via the door opening. It doesn’t matter if the lid was down. If there’s a tiny space, frogs can squeeze their moist body through. 

3. Frogs can enter via the bathroom vent pipe

There have been cases where frogs gained access into a home via the bathroom vent pipe. If they fall into your vent pipe, they can easily land on your toilet.  

4. They can enter via sewer opening

If there’s a sewer opening near your house, frogs can gain access to your bathroom through that opening. But that depends on the closeness of the sewer opening to your home. 

If the opening isn’t too close, it might be difficult for a frog to swim such a long distance.  

How Do I Get Rid of Frogs in My Toilet?

There’s a frog in your toilet, and you don’t know how to discard it. If this explains what you’re experiencing now, here’s what you have to do. 

Wear a pair of gloves, have the frog gently scooped, and empty it in the garden. Don’t try to flush and then wash the toilet with a harsh chemical. You’ll harm the poor little creature by doing that.  

A Handy Tip: If you’re too scared to remove the frog by yourself, contact pest control to help with that. Pest control will help you remove the frog humanely.  

However, if you’re looking for ideas on how to prevent frogs from showing up in your toilet in the future, do the following. 

1. Fix broken sewer pipe

If you want to keep frogs from entering your toilet, make sure your sewer pipe is in order. 

How can you ensure this? Move around your house. If you find standing water, squishy ground, or perceive strange order, contact a plumber immediately. There’s a chance that you have a damaged sewer pipe.

Don’t leave a damaged sewer pipe to remain so for a long period. Why? The waste from your home could be entering your groundwater, which could be dangerous for your family and neighbors. 

2. Turn off the lights outside

Having your lights on can prevent many things from happening around your house. So, it’s a good thing to have your outside lights on, especially during the night. 

But if you want to prevent frogs from showing up in your toilet, you have to turn off your outside lights. Don’t forget that lights attract loads of flying insects. And with that, frogs might think you have enough food supply for them. From there, frogs can easily find their way to your toilet.

3. Remove trees and shrubs

Having trees and shrubs close to your house can create an avenue for frogs to invade your toilet. For example, if there’s a branch of that tree that’s hanging on your roof, frogs can get on your roof. Then, from your roof, they can make their way into your vent pipe and to your toilet. 

4. Build a sanctuary for frogs

Any frog you find in your toilet didn’t want to inconvenience you. But, being an amphibian, a frog can’t survive without water or moisture. That’s why it chose to show up in your toilet. 

So, if frogs have somewhere cozy, wet, or cool during the wet period, they won’t have any reason to show up in your toilet. That’s why you should consider creating a sanctuary for frogs. 


So, can you flush a frog down the toilet? We hope you now know the answer to this question. If you have been flushing frogs down your toilet, it’s time to stop. 

Instead of flushing frogs, find a means to get them off your bathroom. And remember that if a frog can get into your toilet, chances are other creeping things can show up there too. 

So, block every means that frogs use to gain access to your toilet. Use the tips here to accomplish that.