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Can You Flush Matches Down The Toilet? (And in Garbage?)

Can You Flush Matches Down The Toilet? (And in Garbage?)

Can little wooden matches be flushed down the toilet? From a conflagration standpoint, it is safe. Though doing it from a sewer pipe is a bad idea. How true is this? Papers, condoms, and sanitary items can accumulate in the pipes, causing a backflow in your house. 

Is It Safe To Flush Matches in the Toilet?

Either way, (civic sewer or residential septic tank systems) are other things except for water and basic human waste supposed to flush? Typically, people think anything can be disposed of in a toilet, but they’re wrong for thinking you can throw some things in civic or septic systems

Matches take a long time to rot. They’d end up being vacuumed or removed from screening out the systems with other solids that gather with time.

So, in general, it is actually not safe to flush matches down the toilet as anything that can be flushed down the toilet must break down quickly in water. Matches, when flushed, can cause backflow into your toilet by sticking to other sanitary items and form blockages.

Can You Throw Matches in the Garbage?

Soak matches in cold water after using them to light your child’s birthday candles before throwing them away. You should do this because matches may spark in the garbage if they happen to strike a hard surface.

Is It All Right To Discard Unused Matches? Yes, you can. Although there are some precautions, you should take them first. In the next section, we’ll discuss this further in detail. 

Always remember that matches are flammable. Generally, they’re made to make fire. Disposing of them if you’ve not used them is risky as they can light.  

We’ve heard terrifying stories of people disposing of new matches without taking any safety precautions. And what are the results? Their garbage bags caught fire.

Keep in mind that one match stick is all it takes to light up your garbage. If you’re not aware of the fire, it can spread to other parts.

Remember that all it takes to spark up a match stick is just a tiny amount of energy. Others said the matches catch fire the second they hit the garbage.

Also, remember they might burn on the thrush truck or landfill and not just on your property. Wherever the place is, the results will be bad.

Can Matches Expire?

Generally, match sticks don’t expire. They have a lifespan instead if not stored in a cool, dry place or waterproof container.

Their use is determined by the weather conditions of the place you reside and where you keep them.

Storing safety matches this way will increase their lifespan to 6 months or a year and won’t be viable after this time though there are hacks of extending its life.

If stored in a waterproof container, their lifespan will extend to 2-3 years.

Stormproof matches can last longer than 2 to 3 years if stored in waterproof containers, but their lifespan will be shorter if not kept well.

Storing matches to use when you need them most means the match sticks must work when you’re in tight situations.

And this is why it’s not advisable to store matches in a survival kit, bag out, or a prepping store for long.

Always replace the old matches with new ones from time to time. This way, you’re guaranteed they’ll work in dire situations and fresh. 

It’s recommended to put fresh stormproof match sticks every 3 to 5 years and store them in waterproof containers. And if they’re standard safety matches, it’s advisable to replace them after 1 to 2 years.

Can Matches Ignite in a Hot Car?

Nevertheless, you can carry safety match sticks in a car as they’re safe. The red phosphor cannot ignite below 250C. Because most matches are dipped in potassium chlorate, an unstable (relatively) oxidizer, an airtight container is not an option. Matches that strike anywhere are riskier.

Match heads are dipped in phosphorus-based solutions, which catch fire if heated up. Generally, heat is caused by friction when you rub or strike a match stick on a rough surface.

Another chemical, “potassium chlorate,” is found in the head of a matchstick, which makes it burn quickly and strong. The heat, fuel, and oxygen are put together to give the flames.

How Do You Dispose of Unused Matches?

First, blow the fire out entirely and make sure it’s not smoking after use.

Secondly, soak them in cold water for a few minutes before throwing them away. As a result, the matches will no longer be able to light a fire.

You can dispose of them now in the garbage like other trash guaranteed; that fire will not start after following the procedure.

It’s crucial to know how matches are supposed to be disposed of.

Matches are one of essential household items that can be obtained just about anywhere. Matches are still used, despite the availability of lighters.

It’s crucial to know how to store them correctly and mostly if you have children in the house. Children are curious beings that love getting into people’s businesses, and we all know this.

We don’t want them snooping around your kitchen, matches, or lighters. Children, contrary to popular belief, may readily start a fire using matches and lighters.

They only need to witness you use it once before they can copy your behavior and ignite a fire on their own. Even if they don’t see you do it, kids can figure it out for themselves or get unfortunate and accidentally ignite a fire.

As a result, lighters and matches must always be kept out of reach of children and even school-aged kids. Place them in a cabinet or somewhere high and out of reach of children. If at all feasible, lock them as well, ensuring that no one may access them.

Aside from that, if you don’t have kids at home, you won’t have to worry about keeping the matches in a secure location.

As mentioned earlier, matches don’t have an expiration date. All you have to do is keep them cold and dry, as wetness might render them unusable, as previously said.

Why Should I Dispose of Matches Properly?

Matches appear to be relatively safe objects once they have been used. That’s why the majority of people simply blow them out and throw them away. This is very dangerous as the head of the match stick might rub against a rough surface and relight.

Imagine if it happens in your kitchen or home and not just out by the curb. The result would be a fire in your garbage can, which grows as it consumes other trash in the bin. This would be very scary.

A sudden fire and a frightening circumstance might paralyze many individuals, making the situation much worse. You should put out the fire once to prevent it from spreading.

Can You Recycle Matches?

Some matches are made of wood. Even if they have been recycled, this does not mean you should contribute them to wood recycling.

They are utterly ineffective when it comes to wood recycling. We could promise you that most recycling centers would be less than thrilled if you opted to add flammable materials to their woodpile.

If you’re discarding a matchbox without matches, you can remove the ignition strip from the box. This box can then be placed in the paper or card recycling bin, depending on your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Ok To Put Matches in the Toilet?

For Level 1 scenarios, lighting a match or two is a reliable solution. To avoid a fire, run the matches under the faucet before tossing them in the trash. You should not flush them down the toilet since they may cause a clog.

2. What Happens If You Flush a Bobby Pin Down the Toilet?

These are non-biodegradable and should be thrown away. They can clog sewer systems. Metal objects should never be flushed, according to Bobby Pins. You should flush cigarette butts since they contain dangerous substances.

3. Is It Better To Flush or Throw Away?

Toilet paper that ends up in landfills is a waste product. In addition, toilet paper takes years to degrade. Flushing is the preferable option in terms of hygienic and greenhouse gas emissions. Both, however, harm the environment.

4. What Happens If You Flush Food?

Starchy foods also wreak havoc on the city’s main sewer lines. The food expands when exposed to water, clogging pipes. Another food ingredient that is continually flushed is grease. It runs down gently at first, but it quickly solidifies, lining pipes and causing massive backups.

5. What Do You Do If Your Sewer Line is Clogged?

Turn Off the Water. This step is essential because it keeps the situation from getting worse.

Call a Plumber. It’s technically possible to clear out some minor sewer line clogs yourself, but this is rarely advisable.

Bottom Line

And that’s it—as simple as you may never have thought it. You are free to throw away unused matches, but you need to make sure that you dispose of them appropriately.

All you have to do is soak your matches in water and once you have done that, get them in your garbage tin. Alternatively, you can recycle your matchboxes if you need to and feel the worth of doing the same.