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Can You Put a Candle in the Microwave? (Is It Safe?)

Can You Put a Candle in the Microwave? (Is It Safe?)

Candle making requires successful wax melting. The process looks straightforward, but one needs to apply caution. Don’t forget that you’ll be dealing with high heat. The high heat from the candles even turns the candle jar black.

You can create custom and personalized candles when you melt the wax successfully. And there are diverse ways to do this. 

High heat melts the candle wax. And that’s where the microwave comes into play. The microwave heats up super fast. So, the idea of using it to melt candle wax sounds appealing.  

Unfortunately, people have conflicting views on the melting of candle wax in the microwave. Some people believe it to be safe, while others think otherwise. 

In this post, you’ll figure out the truth behind melting candle wax in the microwave and other things you need to know. So, we urge you to keep reading. 

Is It Safe to Melt Candles in the Microwave?

Technically, it’s possible to melt candle wax in the microwave. But the fact that it’s possible doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Anything can happen when you melt candle wax in the microwave. You could do it successfully or encounter some challenges. 

So, safety-wise, it’s not advisable. Here are the dangers of melting wax in the microwave. 

1. Fire hazard

Is it possible for candle wax to catch fire? Yes, it’s very likely. If you consider how candle wick burns, you’ll understand why it’s dangerous to melt candles in a microwave. 

For the records, wax is flammable. Additionally, when you light up a candle, the wick isn’t what burns or keeps the candlelight on. It is the wax, instead. 

That’s why, when the wax melts completely, the candlelight turns off. Because wax is flammable, melting it in your microwave can be dangerous. It could cause a fire hazard. 

2. Possibility of hurting yourself

Placing the wax into a container and then into the microwave is easy. But when you turn on the microwave, it’s going to be a different ball game. You could hurt yourself while trying to remove the container from the microwave. 

3. You might damage the microwave

Let’s set the record straight. The candle wax is not what poses the biggest threat to your microwave. It’s the container. 

A microwave-safe container is the right one for the job. But, if you use it to melt your candle, it would be utterly useless for food storage.  

So, when most people can’t get a microwave-safe container, they end up using a metal. The excitement to melt the candle as soon as possible would make them forget that putting metal in the microwave can damage it.  

4. Candle wax might not melt properly

When you place candle wax in a metal container into the microwave oven, you’re asking for trouble. The microwave is works uniquely. 

With food in a microwave, the wave targets and heats the water. But, unfortunately, wax isn’t water.

You also need to know if the temperature within the microwave is right. It’s necessary for the custom-candle-making process. Unfortunately, since you’re melting the candle in the microwave, it would be harder to determine the temperature. 

5. Microwave only melts the wax in smaller quantities

The microwave is small. Thus, you can only put smaller-sized containers in it. What does this mean? You can only melt wax in smaller quantities.  

Alright, we have discussed why melting candle wax in the microwave is dangerous. Now, let’s discuss why most people prefer melting wax with a microwave.

So, why do people still melt candle wax in the microwave? These are the reasons.    

Well, melting candle wax in the microwave can be super fast. You can get it done in less than 5 minutes. 

Nevertheless, if you decide you prefer using a microwave, you should please ensure you’re ready to stand by the appliance the whole time. Until the wax leaves the microwave, don’t leave. 

The container you’re using is equally essential. Avoid using plastic containers or the ones that can melt under high heat. 

Furthermore, if you must use a microwave-safe container, make sure it’s only for wax melting. Please do not use it to store your food, as it’s unsafe. 

Again, when removing the hot container from the microwave, use extreme caution. Otherwise, you might get yourself hurt.   

What are the Other Methods of Melting Candle Wax?

Using a microwave to melt wax isn’t the only option. Some people only use it because it’s quick, but it’s not the best. Additionally, melting the microwave in the oven isn’t safe. So, getting yourself acquainted with other methods would make great sense.   

The following methods are safe for melting candle wax. 

1. The Double boiler method

If you’re seeking a safe way to melt candle wax, use a double boiler. Just get a big pot and have it filled with water. Please don’t fill the pot to the brim; one or two-inch high is enough. Then place it on the stovetop and heat it. 

You have to place a smaller pot containing your wax in the big pot. And it will be great to have something suspending the small pot while in the big pot. For this, you can get a cookie-cutter. 

But, please note that the cookie-cutter has to be metal. Avoid using rubber as it could melt under extremely high heat. 

The temperature should be 320 to 340 degrees Fahrenheit for the wax to melt. And please ensure it doesn’t exceed this.

Higher temperature isn’t ideal for the wax. So, if the temperature gets over 320 degrees Fahrenheit, as indicated on your thermometer, take down the smaller pot containing the wax. You can return the small pot when the temperature cools down. 

The double boiler technical for melting wax gets the job done in 10 to 15 minutes. 

A Handy Tip: Please, avoid melting the candle by placing it directly on the stovetop. Fire could break out when the candle starts melting. 

2. Using large wax melter

If you’re reading to invest some money to get the right equipment for wax melting, this large wax melter is a wise choice. This equipment comes packed with various features that make wax melting enjoyable. 

Firstly, it boasts a Teflon coating, which is non-stick. So, you can expect to clean up to be a breeze. Additionally, temperature control makes this melter suitable for diverse wax types. These include coconut, paraffin, apricot, palm, soy, and others. 

This wax melter also boasts a lever, allowing you to pour the wax with ease into a pourer. However, ensure you have a box or something to catch the drip from the lever. It would make clean-up a breeze too. 

This large wax melter will allow you to meet a considerable amount of wax within a short period. It’s also very convenient and quick. 

What to Do With Leftover Candle Wax?

Have you ever thought about the fantastic things you can do with the leftover candle wax? Or, perhaps, you only think about discarding it. 

Now, here’s something that will get you excited. We have put together several ways and things you can do with your leftover candle wax at home. 

Let’s go through the various ideas.

1. Unleash the creative side of you

Look at the leftover wax. Now, think about several creative projects you would need to incorporate the wax. There are a number of them. You can even come up with a newer project that requires using candle wax.

2. Wedding invitation cards

If you want to make your wedding invitation card stand out, candle wax could be the missing piece of the jigsaw. You can use it to add some elegance to your invitation cards. Though this might be time-consuming, your guests would love it. 

Can you remember how letters were sealed back in the days? You could bring back the memory. Use candle wax to seal your letters. Put some creative touch in your letters. 

3. Start a fire

Do you have plans to start a quick fire? If yes, then gather all the leftover wax and use them. Wax’s flammability makes it a wise choice to start such quick fires. 

4. Make a unique candle

If you have an empty mug or glass that you aren’t using for other things, create a custom candle. Just place your wick on the container (glass or mug), and hold it upright. 

Please make sure the wick is touching the bottom of the container. Now, melt the leftover wax and pour it in. Allow it to cool down for 6 hours to solidify. That’s it. You have just made yourself some unique candles. 


Melting candle wax in the microwave is quick. That’s the truth. But it’s not safe. You could damage your microwave, get burnt due to the container’s hotness. Additionally, fire can start as a result. 

So, instead of using a microwave, try other methods. It’s not worth the risk. You can use a double boiler or invest in a large wax melter. These appliances are designed for wax melting and are safe. 

Finally, remember not to dispose of your leftover wax. You can get an idea from this post on how to use leftover wax.