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Can You Put Candle Wax in an Oil Burner?

Can You Put Candle Wax in an Oil Burner?

Oil burners are the unsung heroes of the fragrance world. They are a simple, elegant, and effective way to enjoy your favorite scented oil. In fact, if you want to maintain a consistent level of fragrance in your home, oil burners are the way to go.

And while they work incredibly well with essential and synthetic oils, you may be wondering if you can use candle wax on an oil burner. That’s especially true if you are a wax melt lover or someone who loves to go outside the box.

So, can you put candle wax in an oil burner? Well, if that’s what you need to know, you should find this article helpful. In this coverage, we’ll explore everything you need to get started, ranging from answering whether you can use candle wax in an oil burner to what works with oil burners. Let’s get started!

Can You Melt Wax in an Oil Burner?

We don’t have a definitive answer to this question. Whether you can melt wax in an oil burner will depend on the type of oil burner you have. Some oil burners work well for oil and wax, while others are designed for oil only.

So, whether to melt wax on your oil burner is a bit of a mixed bag. In some cases, yes, you can put candle wax on an oil burner, and it will work just fine. But in other cases, no, using wax in place of oil on your burner may turn hazardous.

It’s always best to check with the manufacturer of your oil burner to see if it can accommodate wax. Most of the time, the manufacturer will list this information in the product packaging.

But the thing is, if you aren’t sure whether your oil burner can accommodate wax, it’s probably not a good idea to experiment.

As much as they both saturate your space with sweet-smelling scents, oil and wax are not the same.

For instance, wax is significantly denser than oil. So, if you were to use it on your burner, it would likely take longer to melt, and that can cause overheating in an incompatible burner. And as you probably know, overheating can lead to fires.

So yes, the difference between wax melts and oil makes a huge difference in where you should use them. Actually, for any oil burner to work with both oil and wax, it has to pass the safety check for each of the two.

Hence, using an oil burner designed explicitly for oil to burn wax melt can be dangerous. So, if you have any doubts about whether your oil burner can accommodate wax, it’s best to play it safe and use oil.

How Do You Use Wax Melts on an Oil Burner?

Using wax melt on an oil burner is a pretty straightforward process. Just position the oil burner in a safe place, put the wax melt on the burner, ignite the tealight candle and place it into the oil burner – and that’s it.

Assuming you have an oil burner that can accommodate wax melts, nothing is complicated about using wax melts. It’s just as easy as using oil on your burner.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Choose The Ideal Place For The Oil Burner

The initial step is one of the most crucial since it can determine the safety of the burning process. Keep in mind that an oil burner can really get hot, especially when using it to burn candle wax.

So, to avoid burning surfaces, we recommend that you place them in the appropriate place. A coaster here would be ideal and will go a long way to keep the entire process running smoothly.

Step 2: Place The Wax Melt On The Oil Burner

After you’ve positioned the oil burner in the best place, it’s now time to place the wax melt on the burner. But before you do, we recommend that you break the wax melt into smaller pieces for it to melt faster and evenly. It will also help to release the fragrance more effectively.

Step 3: Ignite The Tea Light Candle And Place It Into The Oil Burner

The next step is to ignite the tealight candle and place it inside the oil burner. Make sure that the candle’s wick is pointing upwards so that it can be easily lit. Then, put the lid back on to help contain the heat and prevent any accidents.

Step 4: Wait Until The Wax Melt Has Melted Fully

Melting usually takes 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how big the wax melt is. Keep the process going until you’ve had enough fragrance in your space. Once you get enough fragrance in the air, extinguish the tealight candle so that there’s no risk of fire.

Can You Melt Candle Wax on The Stove?

Yes, you can melt your candle wax on the stove. In fact, using a stove is one of the most popular methods for melting candle wax. However, we recommend using a double boiler to prevent the wax from getting too hot and potentially starting a fire.

Melting candle wax at home is a pretty straightforward process. And as long as you have a stove, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, experts recommend using a double boiler, which basically is a pot within a pot of boiling water.

A double boiler keeps the candle from direct heat and prevents it from getting too hot and potentially starting a fire. It also ensures even heat distribution and avoids some areas of hotspots.


  1. Add the candle wax in a melting pot or double boiler
  2. Place the pot or double boiler on the stove and turn it to low to medium heat.
  3. Stir the wax occasionally until it’s completely melted.
  4. Add color if you need it.
  5. Add the fragrance oil and stir until it’s thoroughly combined.
  6. Pour the wax into the mold and allow it to cool completely.

As you can see, melting candle wax on the stove is pretty simple. And as long as you use a double boiler, then it’s a very safe method to use.

Can You Use Wax Melts in an Electric Oil Burner?

Yes, it’s possible to use wax melts in an electric oil burner, but only if the burner is designed for that. However, an average electric oil burner doesn’t work with wax melts, and that’s why is mostly not recommended to use the electric variety for wax melts.

Not all electric oil burners can work with wax melts. So, if you want to use yours for the job, it’s best to check with the manufacturer’s instructions. If it’s not indicated, then you may consider asking the manufacturer.

However, a typical electric oil burner doesn’t work best with wax melts. That’s because the heat from an electric oil burner is higher than what’s needed to melt wax melts.

What Can You Use in an Oil Burner?

You can use various synthetic and essential oils in an oil burner, and sometimes wax melts. However, avoid using it for perfumes, lotions, and other similar stuff if you don’t want to damage your oil burner.

Oil burners aren’t as picky in what you can use them for. A typical oil burner will work with various synthetic oils, essential oils, and even wax melts.

Synthetic oils come in various fragrances such as lavender, birthday cake, sand and sea, honeysuckle, and others. And they’re usually cheaper than essential oils.

On the other hand, essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants. They usually have a more potent smell than synthetic oils. And because of that, you only need to use a few drops to enjoy their fragrance.

What Can You Use If You Don’t Have a Wax Warmer?

If you don’t have a wax warmer, don’t worry. There are a few things that you can use as a wax warmer substitute, and they include a stove, microwave, and mason jar. They work well for the job.

Let’s look at each of them;

  • Stove: Place the wax in a melting pot or double boiler and then set it on the stove. Turn it to a low to medium heat and occasionally stir until the wax is melted.
  • Microwave: Just put the wax in a microwave-safe container and heat it in short bursts until melted.
  • Mason Jar: Place the wax in a mason jar and then set it in a pot of boiling water. The wax will melt from the heat of the water.

Is The Oil Burner The Same as a Wax Burner?

No, an oil burner and a wax burner are not the same. An oil burner is primarily intended to be used with oils, while a wax burner is made specifically for wax melts.

The main difference between the two is the heat source. An oil burner uses a tealight candle to provide heat, while a wax burner has an electric element that heats the wax.

Another difference is that oil burners typically have a bowl or dish for the oil, while wax burners have a tray or pot for the wax.

And lastly, oil burners typically use essential oils, while wax burners usually use scented wax melts.

What Do You Burn Wax Melts in?

You should burn wax melts in the dish of your wax burner if using a wax warmer. However, when utilizing a tealight oil burner, you should put the wax melt in the oil burner bowl.

Where you place the wax melt will depend on the type of wax burner you’re using. If you’re using a wax warmer, then it’s advisable to place the wax melt in the dish of your wax burner.

On the other hand, if you’re using a tealight oil burner, the only option is to utilize the appliances bowl. That way, the heat from the tealight candle can melt the wax and release its fragrance.

How Long Do Wax Melts Smell For?

Wax melts usually smell for around 6 to 8 hours. However, the scent will eventually fade after some time. When you notice that the wax isn’t as fragrant as it used to be, it’s probably time to replace it.

We don’t have a definite time as to how long wax melts smell for. But from our experience, it usually lasts for around six to eight hours. That means you may need to burn it for several days before replacing the wax melt.


Although burning wax melts is one of the greatest ways of enhancing the mood of your space, it’s worth mentioning that not all oil burners work well with wax melts.

Check whether your oil burner works with wax melts before using an oil burner for wax melt. If it doesn’t, then don’t use it. You might end up damaging your oil burner.