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Can You Put Downy Unstopables or Scent Boosters in the Dryer?

Can You Put Downy Unstopables or Scent Boosters in the Dryer?

Some small choices you make every day can have a significant impact. And yes, laundry is one of those areas where a small change like using downy unstopables can create a big difference in the look, feel and smell of your clothes.

So, you’re already thinking about it. You want to start using downy unstopables in your laundry routine. But one thing has kept you from making the switch; you aren’t sure if unstopables and dryers mix. So, can you put down unstopables or scent boosters in the dryer?

If that’s what you’re here to find out, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on using downy unstopables in the laundry, including whether or not they are safe for the dryer. But before we get there, let’s briefly talk about what downy unstopables are.

What are Downy Unstopables?

Downy unstopables are small, fabric-safe beads that you can add to your laundry to give it an extra boost of freshness. They are available in various scents, including original, fresh, and wildflower. Depending on the scent, downy unstopables can provide up to 12 weeks of pleasant linger.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your clothes smell great, then downy unstopables are definitely worth considering.

But before you use them, knowing where to put downy unstopables is just as important as anything else, taking us to the already pending question.

Do You Put Downy Unstopables or Scent Boosters in the Dryer?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You shouldn’t put downy unstopables or scent boosters in the dryer. Dryers produces a lot of heat, which can cause the beads to melt. And when molten, fragrance boosters may coat your clothes with a sticky residue, sometimes leaving ugly stains on them, something you definitely don’t want.

Downy unstopables have greatly revolutionized the laundry industry and have become a go-to product for many people. After all, having a pleasant smell radiating from your clothes is always a good thing. It boosts our confidence, helps us start our day on the right foot, and makes us an exact of what the name nearly suggests – unstoppable!

But as great as they are, it’s essential to use fragrant boosters correctly to avoid any problems. Improper use of these laundry essentials can lead to issues, and one such inappropriate way of usage is putting the boosters in a dryer.

You see, downy unstopables have a waxy coating that melts when exposed to heat. So, when you toss these beads into the dryer, what basically you are doing is melting that waxy coating and creating a sticky mess, not only on your clothes but also in your dryer.

So, if you were considering adding a few beads to the dryer, avoid it and save yourself the headache (and money!) of dealing with the aftermath.

Do You Put Downy Unstopables or Scent Boosters in the Washer?

You can put downy unstopables or scent boosters in the washer. In fact, using these scent enhancers in the washing machine is the recommended way to get the most out of them. It’s simple – just add your favorite downy unstopables scent booster at the start of the cycle along with your laundry detergent. Then, run the cycle as you normally would – and that’s all!

In case you thought it takes a lot to give your clothes several weeks of pleasant fragrance, you were wrong. Using downy unstopables is as simple as adding liquid fabric softener to the washing machine. But there is one key difference.

Unlike fabric softeners that you bring on board during the rinse cycle, downy unstopables should come before you begin washing your clothes. That’s because these beads need some time to dissolve and spread their scent before you start the wash.

But does it mean that adding them later won’t work? Well, it’s not so. However, one thing to keep in mind is that allowing them to interact with clothes for longer produces better results. So, if you’re looking for the best outcome, it’s always better to add them at the start of the cycle.

So, what’s the difference between adding them to the washer and the dryer? The main difference is in the fact that dryers and washers are two completely different machines. The former uses high heat to dry clothes while the latter uses agitation and water to clean them.

That means when you put downy unstopables in the washer, you’re basically just adding them to the water which will eventually dissolve the beads and evenly distribute them throughout your clothes. On the other hand, when you put them in the dryer, you’re exposing them to high heat which can cause the waxy coating to melt and create a sticky mess.

What Happens If You Put Downy Unstopables in the Dryer?

What will happen when you put downy unstopables in the dryer is that it can damage the machine. Unstopables can clog the dyer’s lint screen and drum as they cool down. That may damage the machine and may demand you to fork out a lot of money to get it repaired. So again, just don’t embrace the temptation of adding them to the dryer.

We’ve already discussed the consequences unstopables have on your clothes when you add them to the dryer. But that’s not the only consequence of this simple act. The repercussions extend to your machine as well.

High heat can cause the waxy coating to melt and create a sticky mess, not only on your clothes but also in your dryer. And when there’s a clog on your machine’s lint screen or drum, it definitely affects how well it functions. Sometimes it may even bring it to a complete stop.

Sure, there’s a way out of it. However, that may cost you a bundle and is therefore just not worth it. So, the next time you’re about to add downy unstopables to your dryer, think twice! The simple act of refraining could save you from a lot of trouble (and money).

What To Do If Accidentally Put Scent Boosters in the Dryer?

If you accidentally puts scent in boosters, it’s best to act to counteract any consequences. Inspect the lint screen, drum, and the dryer’s duct for any remnants and remove if there are any. Then, run the clothes through the washer machine to remove any leftover aroma boosters. Sometimes you may have to bring in a professional to have a look at your machine if the damage is significant.

Accidents happen and they’re inevitable. Now, in the event scent boosters end up in your dryer, how you act is crucial. Putting proper measures may counteract any consequences that may follow, or reduce the intensity of it. So, keep the following steps in mind and you’ll be good to go!

Step 1: Inspect The Lint Screen and Drum

These two parts are the immediate victims when you accidentally put scent boosters in the dryer. The lint screen will likely have traces of the booster and the same applies to the drum. So, check both these places for any remnants and remove them if there’s any.

Step 2: Inspect The Dryer’s Duct

The next place you should look for any remnants is the dryers duct. If there’s a significant build-up, it’ll definitely affect how well your machine functions. So, make sure to inspect it and clean it out if need be.

Step 3: Run The Clothes Through The Washer Machine

The third step is to run the clothes through the washer machine. This will help wash off any hotspots of the scent booster that may be clinging on.

Step 4: Bring in a Professional (If Needed)

If the damage is significant, you may have to bring in a professional to take a look at your machine. Of course that’s going to cost you some money. But it’s worth it if it means getting your machine up and running again.

Do Downy Unstopables Clog a Washing Machine?

No, downy unstopables won’t clog a washing machine. Downly unstopables disintegrate in water without leaving any residue that could cause clogs. However, if you put downy unstopables in the dryer, it can clog the machine. So, be sure to only use them in the washing machine.

Washing machines use water, detergent, and agitation to clean clothes. The water and detergent provide a medium for the unstopables to break down and release their scent. And yes, they dissolve completely, meaning there’s no residue left behind that could potentially cause clogs. The agitation distributes the fragrance throughout the load of laundry during cleaning.

Can You Use Downy Unstopables With Bleach?

Yes, you can use downy unstopables with bleach. Actually, several people have for years been using downy unstopables to mask the smell of bleach. So, you can join the bandwagon and use it to your advantage as well. Only ensure that you use the right amount of fragrance boosters and only in the washer machine.

The thing is, bleach has a very strong smell that can be quite overwhelming. But when you use it with downy unstopables, the strong smell is significantly reduced. The smell won’t entirely disappear, but it’ll be significantly reduced to the point where it’s tolerable.

Can You Use Downy Unstopables in Cold Water?

You can use downy unstopables in cold water and they’ll work just fine. Downy unstopables can dissolve in any water temperature – whether cold, warm, or hot. That’s unlike some products that require certain water temperatures to break down effectively. So, you really don’t have to be concerned about the water temperature when using downy unstopables.

Most people use cold water for washing because it’s more gentle on clothes, making them last longer. Plus, it uses less energy, which is great if you’re looking to save on your energy bills. And yes, adding unstopables in your washing routine won’t alter anything. These enhancers work best in any water temperature including cold.

Can You Use Downy Unstopables With Detergents and Tide Pods?

You can use downy unstopables with detergents and tide pods and it won’t cause any harm whatsoever. Detergents and tide pods help the fragrance boosters to break down better and mix up with clothes perfectly. So, detergents and tide pods go a long way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of downy unstopables.

The thing is, when using detergents and tide pods with downy unstopables, you don’t necessarily need to use as much fragrance enhancer. That’s because these two products help to spread the fragrance around more evenly. So, a little goes a long way when using them together.

Final Verdict

Downy unstopables make a world of difference in giving your clothes that pleasant, long-lasting fragrance. And while they don’t work with dryers, downy unstopables can be used in washing machines without any issues whatsoever. They work with any water temperature, and you can even use them alongside detergents and Tide pods. Just be sure to use the right amount and you’ll be good to go!