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Can You Put a Fridge (or a Mini Fridge) on the Carpet?

Can You Put a Fridge (or a Mini Fridge) on the Carpet?

Do you have plans to buy a fridge or a mini-fridge? Or have you already bought your fridge but stranded on where to install or how to install it?

Are you wondering whether putting your fridge on the carpet is a good idea or not? You have probably heard people or specialists say it’s a bad idea to place your fridge on the carpet, but is this true?

In this post, I’ll answer this question and many more you might have. By the end of this post, you should know whether or not you can install your fridge or mini-fridge on the carpet.

That said, let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Can You Put a Refrigerator on the Carpet?

No, and yes. Putting a fridge on the carpet is not encouraged unless under some circumstances we will discuss later in this post. Carpets are not the best location to install your fridge because they hold heat and prevent air circulation from the cooling system, fan, and compressor.  

This is why you need to leave some gap between your fridge bottom and the floor. Having plastic, hardwood, or tile flooring will be advantageous if you have a fridge that you need to install in your house.

But please note that this advice applies only to people with fridges that don’t have coils under their units. Some fridges have these on top, so it’s best to check and see whether your fridge has its coil located underneath their unit or on top.

Can You Put a Mini Fridge on the Carpet?

No, putting a mini-fridge on the carpet is not encouraged unless under specific circumstances when you’re left with no option. This is because carpets can prevent air from circulating, which will cause severe issues to your mini-fridge.

Besides, carpets, just as we noted with larger fridges, retain heat and hinder the compressors from functioning normally. So when you install your fridge on a rug, they’ll overwork and consume more energy, leaving you with hefty electricity bills you wouldn’t want.

Reasons Why Putting a Fridge on Carpet is a Bad Idea

1. Restricted Airflow

Every fridge or mini-fridge has some space left underneath them. In other words, there’s no fridge you’ll ever find that lacks a space underneath, and the reason is simple.

The refrigeration process requires a reasonable amount of airflow to function correctly.

So by placing your mini fridge on a carpet, you’re preventing air circulation, which hinders the proper functioning of the refrigerator.

2. Heat Retention Of The Carpet

Carpets are culprits of retaining heat, and you must have known that fridges produce a significant amount of heat throughout the day.

The production of a significant amount of heat by the fridge could either be bad or good, depending on the area you reside.

If you live in colder areas, then the refrigeration process, resulting in significant heat production, is good news to you.

3. Water Spillage

There’s usually a tray located at the bottom of your fridge, which could spill water on your carpet, leaving you with a mess you’ll have to clean up.

The stain that will be left on your carpet can be difficult to remove, even with the use of some detergents, since this water from the bottom of your fridge has bacteria, algae, and fungus.

4. The Fridge is Heavy

Refrigerators will remain heavy, even if they don’t have anything inside. Because of this weight, it will exert some pressure on your carpet, creating some weird four areas on your carpet.

Since this will have happened, you’ll never feel comfortable using the carpet in other areas of your house as it won’t look good due to the four weird ‘holes.’

Right Place to Install Your Fridge

A refrigerator is one of the most durable kitchen appliances you’ll ever come across. That said, you’ll never relocate it to any other position once you have installed it in one location.

This is why you must choose the best location for the installation of your fridge. And because there are a couple of risks that come with continuously relocating your fridge, you’ll want to stick with one central location you choose.

Before you choose to buy a fridge, have a rough idea of where you’ll want to install it. Then, survey your house and determine the best spot for your refrigerator. In essence, you need to make sure that the area chosen is cool and dry and has a power source nearby.

Also, depending on the fridge type you’ll purchase, you must leave a good amount of space for easy opening of the fridge door.

A refrigerator placed in a cool, dry position will work perfectly. On the other hand, putting your fridge direct to sunlight will make it overwork to maintain the ideal temperature of its interior.

This will hike your electricity bills, forcing you to pay your local power company vast sums of money monthly. Besides, placing your fridge directly to sunlight reduces its life expectancy. Additionally, it’s essential to consider the size of the fridge you’ll be purchasing before setting your preferred location for installing it.

While it’s going to be easy moving around mini-fridges, you’ll still want to prioritize the size of the fridge you wish to purchase and the ideal location in your house where you’ll install it. For example, if you have narrow doors, there’s a need to acquire smaller fridges.

Nearly all fridges will go into the kitchen, so measure the doorway to your kitchen and know its measurements before opting to buy a refrigerator.

It’s not going to be the best scene ever to arrive home with your new fridge, only to find out that the space is too small for your new fridge to pass through. As a result, you will have lost money and time by not correctly doing your homework.

That said, some of the best areas to install your fridge include the kitchen, the garage, your laundry room, your guest room, or even your basement. Depending on how your house is structured, you’ll have an easy decision to make. Just ensure that you’re installing your fridge in a location that’s cool and dry and not in an area directly to sunlight.

6 Things You Can Do If You Need to Do Put Your Fridge on the Carpet

As mentioned above, it’s not recommended to install your fridge on your carpet, but there are circumstances when you may be forced to install it there.

Now in these circumstances, you’ll have to get something you can place underneath so that it doesn’t exert more pressure on your carpet.

In this section, I’ll walk you through what you’ll need to do when you’re left with no other option but to place your fridge on the carpet.

1. Use Something Underneath

Just placing your fridge on the carpet will result in several problems. First, your carpet could get wet, thus producing mildew or even mold, which can cause a foul odor. Additionally, just placing the fridge on your carpet will hinder ventilation, reducing cooling.

This is why you must find something to place on your carpet before placing your fridge on top of that item. A plastic mat or wood could serve this purpose perfectly, ensuring that the carpet remains dry. Besides, a plastic mat or wood will prevent the incidences of indents forming on your carpet due to pressure being exerted by the fridge.

2. Close Fridge Properly

If you are placing your fridge on the carpet, there are higher chances that your fridge won’t close correctly. This is why you need to pay keen attention when closing your refrigerator door to ensure that it is shut properly.

However, if you take care of the #1 rule, you’ll minimize the chances of not closing the door properly. Finding something to put on the carpet before placing your fridge will ensure your fridge door has enough space to open and shut.

3. Take Care of the Coils

Some fridges will have their coils at the back while some at the bottom. If you have a refrigerator with its coil at the bottom, the chances are that it will warm up your carpet. And in rare cases, it could cause fire, so you don’t want to take any chances.

Go through your fridge user manual and find out where your fridge coil is located. You could also opt for a compact fridge that comes with a rear-cooling coil, which can help you minimize the chances of this happening.

4. Check for Leaks

Before you install your fridge on the carpet, make sure that there are no leaks. In some cases, you might find out that some leaks are coming from the door, or you could notice a hole from the bottom of your fridge.

But how do you check for any leaks in your fridge? First, run your hands across your fridge, including the bottom section, and feel if there are any air spaces. If there are any air spaces, putting your fridge on the carpet won’t be a good idea.

5. Get a Mat

But what if you have a fridge that doesn’t have any leaks or air spaces? Do you still just place it on your carpet without taking any precautionary measures? You’ll still need to get something and put it on the carpet before installing your fridge.

The best way to handle this is to buy a small piece of mat or rug and place it under your fridge before placing it on the carpet. This way, you don’t have to worry about any liquids messing up your carpet, as this rug or mat will absorb all the liquids.

6. Regular Maintenance

Once you have installed your refrigerator on the carpet, you need to check it continuously. Every week, or every couple of days, ensure that you have checked under your fridge to see any leaks and take care of those leaks.

After every four months, ensure that you have opened your fridge and cleaned it properly. You’ll also need to defrost it thoroughly to minimize fridge failure and leaking. If you purchased an automatic defrosting fridge, you’d still need to empty the water.

How Do You Take Care of a Mini Fridge?

Most people believe that mini-fridges are meant for college students, but that’s not true. Mini fridges can still be used in garages or offices to keep drinks cool.

However, you’ll need to take proper care of your fridge to ensure it functions well. Below are some quick tips to make sure your mini-fridge works correctly at all times.

  • Place your fridge away from direct sunlight as then heat can bleach your fridge
  • Whenever you’re transporting, or you’ve just bought your fridge, ensure that it is in an upright position during shipping or transportation
  • Ensure that you install your fridge on an even surface to prevent it from leaning in one area. If you don’t take care of this, your fridge will lean on one area, preventing good airflow
  • When you first turn on your fridge, keep the setting to medium-cold to minimize the chances of your food freezing or thawing the food that’s inside
  • Make sure that the foods on your fridge are well spaced to avoid overcrowding in the refrigerator


You can put your fridge on the carpet, but under the circumstances, such as not having any other area to install your fridge. If you choose to place your fridge on the carpet, ensure that you have adhered to some of the rules we have discussed in this post. Remember, the durability of your fridge depends on how you maintain it.