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Can You Put Spikes on Your Fence? (And Is It Illegal?)

Can You Put Spikes on Your Fence? (And Is It Illegal?)

Personal and property safety has become an increasing concern for most people both in residential and industrial settings.

Security of lives and properties is very important.

As a house owner, your entitlement is to protect your home and property with a fence. Also, security fence spikes, barbed wire, and razor tape are adequate security to add to your property.

But do you know there are some legislations covering security fencing, for example, laws guiding putting spikes on your fence?

However, considering the complicacy of the regulations and their variation from State to State and even in various local councils.

It’s hardly surprising that you might get confused and not know how to go about it.

This post contains everything you should know about the legalities of putting spikes on your fence.

Continue reading to find out.

Can You Put Spikes on Top of Your Fence?

Yes, you can in many instances, but it depends on local regulations. Spikes are an effective hindrance to both human and animal intruders – they make it awfully hard and even impossible to climb over fences.

Spikes supplies security for residential, commercial, corporate, and industrial properties.

If a spike is allowed in your jurisdictions, then your fence needs to be at least 2 meters high and your installer will need a license to install spikes.

And then you have to add a notice saying something like this:

Caution: danger of injury from fence spikes.

It makes perfect sense because it shows that you’re not trying to injure anyone, you’re just trying to stop them from climbing your fence.

It will also stop any claims for compensation if anyone jumps your fence and gets injured.

So fence spikes and a sign are more effective deterrents than using fence spikes alone.

Is it Illegal to Put Spikes on Your Fence?

Spikes are legal to use in most states.

But it also depends on the location of your fence.

In most cases, you will be required to apply for council permission.

Ensure your fence is 2 meters high before you install security toppings such as Bulldog spikes. Spikes may not be needed for most residential fences except fences on street frontages.

Furthermore, before attaching spikes to a fence, tell your neighbor. If they are happy with having spikes on the boundary wall or fence, then you can go ahead with it.

Make sure you check with your local council before doing any work because regulations cover fences and security toppings.

Cat spikes are blunt and not as sharp as bird spikes. So, cat spikes may be considered illegal if the spike is installed to hurt the cat and you can be prosecuted.

Can My Neighbor Put Spikes on My Fence?

Legally, the right-hand side of the boundary fence belongs to anyone who constructs the fence.

So for a neighbor to install anything on the fence, they will have to ask for permission.

The answer is no, they can’t, not without your permission. It is illegal for them to make any changes to the wall or fence without your permission, for example, making the fence higher for privacy or painting the wall.

Even if they are permitted to install anything, it is not legal for them to install sharp spikes (very sharp spikes that can cause injury to an animal or a child trying to climb it).

You should report any neighbor who does this to your local council environmental officers to make a judgment about the fence.

For a boundary fence between neighbors, the height must not be more than 2 meters, except if it adjoins a road or footpath, the height is restricted to 1 meter in this case.

Can You Put Spikes on Your Fence to Stop Cats?

If you live in a busy neighborhood, then you’ll have to find a way to keep cats away from your yard, because you’ll have a cat in your yard. However, keeping these cats away is more difficult than you would expect.

Since cats are free to roam, they can go to your yard, have a poo, and leave.

Except with video evidence, you can’t complain to the council that your neighbor’s cat is pooing in your yard.

In most states, it is legal to use both bird and cat spikes.

Bird spikes are very sharp and may harm cats so to deter cats, it’s best you use blunt cat spikes.

Cat spikes are considered illegal if it is installed to harm cats. If your spikes cause injuries to cats, it can be considered animal abuse which is severely punishable.

Cat spikes are humane to use and they are not sharp like actual spikes, it only acts as a deterrent for cats. Its slightly sharpened tip makes it difficult for cats to walk on it.

Therefore, you can put spikes on your fence, if and only if it won’t injure any cat attempting to climb it.

Also, buy store-bought spikes from a trusted source that uses the safe version. Cats will stay away from your yard and you don’t have to worry about harming them accidentally.

How do cat spikes work?

Cat spikes are hard plastic spikes that can be nailed on top of fences and walls, the strips are around 20/30 mm wide. Cat spikes have a straightforward design and they can operate in the same way no matter the fixing you use.

They have enough sharpness that makes it difficult for cats to place their weight on(it makes them uncomfortable), so they jump down. They could try again and again before they realize what they’re up against and give up.

Cats have great memories and won’t come back to the same place that gives them pain or makes them feel uncomfortable.

Cat spikes are designed to inflict pain but are not sharp enough to puncture a cat’s paw. These spikes will allow you to keep your cat in your yard if you want to, and you’ll have peace of mind assured that no cat will bother your cat.

Do not put up cat spikes that are not regulated, it might injure the cat. if you do this you’re technically breaking the law and you’ll be prosecuted.

Can You Put Broken Glass on Fence?

Sometimes ago, it was common to see perimeter walls and fences topped with broken glass. Back in the day, it was a popular form of intruder deterrent commonly used around industrial premises and other areas to keep animal and human intruders out.

Recently, we no longer see walls or fences topped with broken glass but we do see fence spikes, barbed wires, and other precautions which comply with existing laws.

So, you can’t put broken glass on your fence.

It’s outdated and can cause injury. So also, today’s legislation does not support the use of broken glass as an intruder deterrent.

How Do You Stop People From Climbing the Fence?

A high and intimidating fence is one of the best intruder deterrents. If you want to stop people from climbing your fence, consider investing in a good fence.

The most important features of a good fence are height, strength, and security toppings. Let’s take a look at some of the important features of a good fence.

  1. Height: The intruder will find it difficult to climb a tall fence. The best height for a security fence is 7 feet or more.      

In some states, install security toppings such as barbed wire and spikes. The fence must be at least 7 ft tall. This rule is to prevent passersby or a child from getting injured accidentally from the fence.

  1. Strength: A fence made from layers of bricks or durable steel proves to be stronger than a bamboo fence. Go for the heavier and more difficult-to-remove type of fencing, if you have the willingness and budget. But if you have to use a cheap wooden fence, ensure it is anchored strongly to the ground.   
  1. Security toppings: No matter how tall or strong your fence is, someone can climb over it if the top is smooth. Height doesn’t play much role If there is a ladder or some step up on the side of the fence that the climber can use to land on your property.

So with a properly installed fence, consider adding some toppings that will make it difficult for intruders to climb over. To use any of these security toppings, you must check in with your local council.

Here are some of the security toppings you can use: Barbed or electric wire, razor tape, spikes, anti-climb paint, spinning fence toppings e.t.c.


Your fence is the first obstacle an animal or a human intruder attempting to enter your property will face.

Spikes are one of the best Intruder deterrents

They are a great solution for commercial and industrial properties, So also, the perfect anti-climb security spike solution for people in places of high crime, who need to store equipment and machinery at home.

Contact your local council for information, if there is a need to put spikes on your fence.