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Can You Put a Treadmill on the Carpet? (Not Recommended)

Can You Put a Treadmill on the Carpet? (Not Recommended)

If you’re wondering whether placing your brand new treadmill on a carpet is a wise decision, you’re not alone. A lot of people have similar questions running through their minds. 

But remember this; wherever you place your treadmill matters a great deal. It is crucial for the safety and lifespan of the machine and the floor itself.  

In this post, we shall be looking at the possibility of placing a treadmill on a carpet. Is it possible? Keep reading to make an informed decision!  

Is it Safe to Put a Treadmill on a Carpet?

No, it is not safe to have a treadmill mounted on a carpet. If you do, it would dent the carpet and make it look unattractive. A little dent on any part of the carpet can spread to other areas over time. And before you know it, you are already thinking of getting a new carpet to replace the old one. 

Another reason to avoid placing a treadmill on a carpet is that it traps dust and fibers. The dust and fibers can get into the machine’s moving parts, such as the motor, belt, and damage it. 

Besides the dent on the carpet, placing a treadmill on a carpet isn’t a great decision because of the regular maintenance the exercise machine would need. You won’t be able to keep dust and fibers away from entering into the moving parts such as the motor and belt. The best you can do is to have it cleaned or maintained regularly. 

The only way you can place a treadmill on a carpet is by, first and foremost, laying a mat on the floor before you place the machine on the carpet. The mat should be a bit longer than the treadmill’s base and thicker too. With the mat on the carpet, your treadmill won’t leave any dent on the carpet.

The treadmill mat would protect your machine and carpet, and let you have a memorable experience, exercising.  

What is Better: Hardwood Floor or Carpet?

The hardwood floor is a much better option, given the weight of a typical treadmill. But even if the floor is covered with carpet, that shouldn’t prevent you from mounting a treadmill in your preferred spot in the house. 

However, the location you would like to place the treadmill should come first before the choice of floor. But if you have to choose, hardwood floors are a much better option.

Most treadmills weigh over 250 pounds, which is quite a lot of weight. Having a sturdier base gives hardwood floors an advantage. 

A Handy Tip: Treadmill mats are important. So, have one placed under your workout machine regardless of the type of floor you have in your home. The treadmill isn’t stable when in use. It’s consistent sliding and gliding can leave unattractive scratches on your wooden floor or carpet. 

So, use a mat, irrespective of the type of floor your home has. You will also be preventing your hardwood floor from getting damaged by so doing. 

Where Should I Put my Treadmill in my House?

There are many places around the house to mount a treadmill. You have to be a little bit more creative and maximum the available space in your apartment. 

Let’s go over the various places you can mount a treadmill in your apartment. 

1. A spare bedroom/office

If your home has a spare bedroom, and you think no one would ever make use of it, considering your family size, then mount your treadmill there. 

However, ensure the room has adequate ventilation. Proper ventilation is needed to solve overheating issues and to make the machine last longer.

If you have an office space, you can have it cleaned up properly and transformed into your workout space. Have your machine mounted in your spare office space and kick-start your workout sessions right away. 

2. Living room

If your living room is a bit spacious, you can have your treadmill placed there. A foldable treadmill would be a much better option. You can store such a treadmill neatly, without the kids tampering with the machine in your absence. 

You can fold the treadmill and place it beneath your furniture or décor. But if you like to show-off, keep the folded treadmill beside a décor where the guests can see it. 

3. Garage

You can place your treadmill in the garage. Just make sure the garage is a bit spacious and neat. If your kids don’t frequent your garage that much, placing your workout machine there would be a good decision. 

Because garages are usually well-ventilated, placing your treadmill there would be a good option. Proper ventilation means you won’t be dealing with overheating issues with your treadmill. You will also feel cooler before and after every workout session. 

Another reason the garage is a great place to mount a treadmill is noise reduction. In your bedroom or living room, you won’t be able to use your treadmill when others are resting. The noise from the machine can wake the neighbors or your family up. And you surely don’t want that. 

But if the treadmill is in the garage, noise won’t be an issue. The issue would be for you to find the time to work out consistently. 

4. Bedroom

Yes, you can place your treadmill in your bedroom, the one you pass the night week-in, week-out. Move your bed to one side of the wall and place your treadmill on the other side. 

5. Basement

The basement is another cool spot to place a treadmill. It offers a reasonable amount of space to stretch your bones, run on the machine, and perform some free weights. 

Another reason the basement is a great spot to mount a treadmill is the level of privacy you could enjoy. But that doesn’t mean other members of your household can’t stop by to check up on you. They can.  

A Handy Tip: You need to consider the ventilation and space wherever you decide to place your treadmill. If the machine is going to obstruct the flow of movement, find a more convenient space to mount it. There should also a reasonable amount of space around the machine. 

How Much Space do You Need Around a Treadmill?

Some decisions could have a massive impact on the treadmill’s lifespan and your motivation to use the machine. One of such is the space around and above the machine, the clearance.

So, how much space should your treadmill have?

For safety reasons, give a space of 6 feet behind your treadmill. For easy access to your treadmill, ensure the space on both sides of the machine is 2 feet. 

The 2 feet space on both sides of the machine would make you feel comfortable and motivated to run on the machine. You can run on the machine freely, without fear of getting hurt or bumping into a wall or other obstacles around the machine.  

Again, allow 2 feet of space in front of the machine to ensure proper ventilation. When in use, treadmills dissipate heat. And with 2 feet of space in front of the machine, you won’t have problems with overheating. The heat generated by the machine would go out as expected.   

Finally, you need to be aware of the amount of clearance space you need for your treadmill. Clearance means the vertical space that’s between the ceiling and the floor of a house. An 8-feet clearance should be enough for many treadmills and users out there.  

You need to ensure your treadmill has the right space before you start using it. Having the right clearance would ensure your safety. It will prevent you from sustaining a nasty head injury.  

A Handy Tip: If you’re a tall person, stand on the machine to see how close your head is to the ceiling. If you feel your head might bump into the ceiling, move the treadmill to another location with more clearance. 

Ways to Prevent Treadmill From Damaging the Carpet

Treadmills come in varied weights, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are super heavy. On top of that, they slide and glide when in use. And these actions alone could cause your treadmill to leave an unattractive dent on your carpet. 

If the spot you have chosen to mount your treadmill is covered with a carpet, don’t fret. You can still mount your treadmill there without damaging the carpet. 

Here’s how you can mount and use your treadmill on your carpet without damaging it. 

1. Invest in a treadmill mat

Even brand new treadmills don’t come with a mat. And it doesn’t matter how expensive the treadmill is. Therefore, you may have to buy one separately. Most people may claim buying a mat is another expense. But if you consider its cost and importance, you would have more reasons to get one.

The mat protects your carpet and the treadmill. It extends the lifespan of the machine. Even if you regularly vacuum-clean your carpet, it won’t prevent fibers and dust from building up. 

With a mat, your treadmill will have a platform to trap dust and other fibers. Even when dust gets on the carpet, it would only land on the mat instead of going straight into the machine. 

2. Choose a thicker treadmill mat

Your choice of mat matters a great deal. It would determine how long your carpet would stay protected. If the mat is not thick enough, your treadmill may pierce through the mat and leave a slight dent on the carpet. 

To prevent your treadmill from damaging your carpet, choose a mat that is thicker and boasts the right grip to hold your treadmill firmly in place. 

A thicker mat does a much better job, as it acts as a shock absorber to the treadmill. It would bear the entire weight of the machine and the user. 

3. Choose a much bigger mat

Thickness and grip are not the only two features to look out for when choosing a treadmill mat. The size also matters a great deal. Treadmills can slide or slip when in use. 

So, get a bigger treadmill mat for proper protection of your carpet and the workout machine itself. Make sure the mat is covering the base of the machine and goes slightly beyond. 

A Handy Tip: Be on the lookout for a treadmill mat with a non-slip design. Such a textured and non-slip surface holds the treadmill firmly in place. It stops it from slipping. And with such a great mat, you can prevent any accident and damage to your carpet or floor.   


You cannot just place a treadmill on a carpet like that. The machine could dent your carpet, making it unattractive. No one is saying you can’t place a treadmill on a carpet. But before you do so, place a mat on the carpet. With a good quality mat, with the right thickness and non-slip surface, your treadmill and carpet will be protected from any form of damage. 

We hope you found this article helpful. Thanks for stopping by.