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Can You Spray Paint an Umbrella? (And Dye it?)

Can You Spray Paint an Umbrella? (And Dye it?)

You’ve lately been putting more effort than ever into boosting the value and look of your outdoor living area. You are already beginning to love the new face your home is taking. Everything else looks up to par except for one – your outdoor umbrella has faded from the sun.

Now, getting a new umbrella is one way to boost the beauty of your outside area. But that’s not in your budget. You have one thing in mind; spray-painting it! But can it work? Well, that’s why we are here. Let’s find out if you can spray paint an umbrella?

Can You Spray Paint an Outdoor Umbrella?

Yes, it’s absolutely fine to spray-paint your outdoor umbrella. Provided that the umbrella doesn’t have holes and everything about it is working fine, spray-painting it is an inexpensive way to reinstate its youthful looks.

The outside space is the face of the home. It’s the first picture your home presents to your guests. And as they say, the first impression is the lasting impression! That’s why it’s always good to keep your outdoor in the best condition possible.

And as we all expect, that’s definitely going to come at a cost – not necessarily monetary. For instance, you have to spend lots of time watering your potted flowers and plants.

You also have to keep your outdoor furniture and deck spruced up. Everything has to be in its tip-top condition, and of course, that includes your outside umbrella!

And yes, one way you can give your outdoor umbrella a more exciting look is by spray-painting it. Painting your outdoor companion is an inexpensive way to step up the beauty of your outside space without having to fork out for a replacement.

Actually, if everything else about the umbrella is in good condition, painting is the best thing to do. We don’t deny that buying a new one will do, – but it just isn’t the best thing to do, especially for outdoor equipment.

You see, outdoor equipment fade with time. That’s the inevitable fate that awaits them all. Sometimes fading will happen every year. Sometimes biennially. And let’s face it – not many of us are willing to keep replacing their outdoor equipment after every year or two. It just isn’t feasible. That’s where spray-painting comes in.

Spray-painting will give a new lifeline to your seemingly lifeless outdoor umbrella without costing you the price for a new one. What’s even more interesting, spray-painting allows you to create custom patterns on your umbrella you otherwise aren’t likely to get from a new umbrella.

Can You Dye a Faded Patio Umbrella?

If you have a faded patio umbrella, it’s likely to wonder whether applying dye would restore its former beauty. Dyeing these outdoor summer companions may seem an exciting idea. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t – and here’s why;

You see, patio umbrellas mostly come with acrylic vinyl fabrics. It’s still possible to get a canvas model, but that will cost you more. Solid vinyl and vinyl mesh are other available materials for patio umbrellas.

No matter the material, all patio umbrellas feature a water-repellent coating. Then, on top of this later is a clear coat. It’s this outermost layer that seals the umbrella’s water-repellent properties. It’s also the same treatment that keeps the umbrella from fading.

Now, the reason why you can’t dye a patio umbrella is because of the water-repellent coating. This treatment keeps the dye from bonding with the material of the umbrella. It resists dye just as it does water.

So yes, a dye is a no-no for your patio umbrella. But how about applying regular paint with a brush or sponge roller? Will it suffice? Well, that’s again a NO! These paints are way too thick and heavy for use on umbrella fabrics.

Actually, using this type of paint on patio umbrellas will make them heavy and dense. In addition, it will weaken the umbrellas’ heat-absorption properties, eventually rendering them useless.

Can You Spray Paint a Fabric Umbrella?

Yes, you can spray paint a fabric umbrella. Actually, spray painting is the way to go when you need to lay a new coat of paint on your fabric umbrella. It’s a reliable way to restore your fabric umbrella’s former glory.

Unlike regular paint, spray paint produces a uniform outcome in your projects without brush strokes. It’s also easy to apply. You can even put several coats until you get the outcome you need. And what’s even more, spray paint is thinner than regular paint, so it won’t weigh down your umbrella after drying up.

But again, that has much to do with the spray paint you use. Not all spray paints work best for fabric umbrellas. As such, only get spray paint that works best for the material of your umbrella.

With the right spray paint, reviving the look of your fabric umbrella is easy. Only ensure that you first clean the umbrella and let it dry before applying the paint. That will ensure the paint sticks better to the fabric.

Can You Spray Paint the Patio Umbrella?

Definitely, you can spray paint the patio umbrella. Provided that the patio umbrella is fully functional, spray painting will remove those unsightly stains and turn the old-looking outdoor equipment to new all again.

But even before you get into the painting part, the first thing to ensure is that you get the right product for the job. And as we’ve already said, the spray paint you should buy will depend on the material of your patio umbrella.

Again, ensure that you choose a color that best matches your project requirements. By that, I mean that you should pick the color of paint that matches the color of the umbrella. If you can’t get the exact color, get the one closest to it.

And to remind you, spray paint will work best on a clean surface. So yes, ensure that your umbrella is dust-free. A power sprayer set at the lowest setting should make the job even easier for you! But if you don’t have this tool, you can still find an alternative way of cleaning the umbrella using water with soap.

Some umbrellas will need more prep work before painting. Canvas umbrellas are a case in point. For such umbrellas, you need to apply gesso, which basically is a type of primer before you spray-paint it. This product will ensure that the umbrella doesn’t appear blotchy or uneven after the paint dries up.

And as a basic principle, shake the spray paint before you apply it. That will ensure that you get a uniform thickness and shade across your entire coverage. But again, it needs to be gentle as most spray paints foam when you shake them vigorously.

What Paint Do You Use on Umbrellas?

As much as spray painting will improve the look of your umbrella and the beauty of your outdoor space at large, the paint you use matters a lot. As such, always ensure that you use the ideal type of paint for your projects.

Actually, using the wrong paint for umbrellas will do more harm than good. And having that said, what kind of paint should one use for painting umbrellas? Well, follow closely to find out!

Speaking of outdoor umbrellas, the majority of them use fabric like canvas. For such umbrellas, textile paints are the way to go. Here, you can use a brush. However, getting applicator-tipped products will keep the work cleaner and give you a three-dimensional look in your projects.

That’s for outdoor umbrellas. For the handheld umbrellas, you will need a different type of paint. In this case, you will have to work with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint works best with materials used in handheld umbrellas.

Unlike the outdoor variety, most handheld umbrellas use synthetic fabrics such as nylon. As such, you will need to opt for a type of paint that works best with that material. That’s where acrylic paint comes in. This type of paint sticks very well on synthetic fabrics.

What To Do With a Faded Patio Umbrella?

No matter how much you fork out for a patio umbrella, it will eventually fade. True, some will take more time than others before they lose their color. Nevertheless, they all share the same fate. Now, the painting will restore the lost beauty of your umbrella. 

You could still buy a new one. However, we only advocate for that when your existing umbrella has other issues other than just fading. If not, then it doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of dollars when you could revive the look of your existing one for a much less amount.

Spray paint will make your umbrella look brand new again. It’s the surefire way to restore its initial beauty without spending lots of money. Only ensure that you don’t use regular paint on the umbrella. That can make things worse.

Again, after painting, keep the umbrella away from outdoor elements before drying up. For that paint to hold up well, it has to dry first before it’s good to face the elements. So yes, keep the umbrella away from rain and other conditions that could compromise the durability of the paint.


An outdoor umbrella will keep you safe from sun, rain, falling leaves, bird poop, and lots of other outdoor elements Mother Nature may throw your way. And with all these adversaries teaming up against your outdoor companion, it’s justifiable for umbrellas to fade with time.

Now, spray painting your outdoor umbrella is a way to return the favor. A layer of paint on your outdoor umbrella will give it a lifeline and step up its looks. And the most important part; you will have even a more beautiful space!