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Can You Use Pine Sol on Laminate Floors?

Can You Use Pine Sol on Laminate Floors?

We love laminate flooring for many reasons. It’s affordable, durable, easy to maintain, and of course, beautiful! In fact, if you already have one, then chances are you already know not many flooring types beat the shiny hardwood appearance of a laminate floor.

And yes, as usual, maintaining that glow comes at a cost. If you have to keep a laminate floor looking glorious, be ready to invest your time and effort. A few days of skipping the cleaning routine is sometimes all it takes for these floors to pick up stubborn stains.

Now, you’ve just noticed some unsightly stains on your laminate flooring. They are slowly robbing it of its beauty. Even worse, you aren’t sure what product will bring salvation. However, you’ve heard that pine-sol works on various floor types. But is Pine Sol safe for laminate flooring? Let’s find out!

Is Pine Sol Safe for Laminate Floors?

Yes, Pine-sol is safe for laminate floors. This product will help you to effectively get rid of a variety of stains from your laminate surface. It’s a product you can count on to take your laminated floor back to its youthful days. But that depends on how you use it.

You see, pine-sol certainly is one of the most versatile cleaners around the house. Whether it’s grease, dirt, food stains, juice spills, or grime on the surface, pine-sol holds the promise of an excellent outcome. In fact, that’s why it’s one of the sought-after cleaning products.

But again, the high versatility doesn’t mean you can use it on any surface. We have a few areas where pine-sol isn’t applicable. But laminate flooring isn’t one of these areas! This product will safely restore the attractive appearance of your laminate surface.

So yes, if you were contemplating using pine-sol to get back the shine of your laminate floor, then you were on the right track. But before you dive into its use, be mindful of the procedure. We will be examining that shortly. But first, let’s take a quick look at whether pine-sol can work on engineered wood floors. 

Can You Use Pine Sol on Engineered Wood Floors?

Engineered wood floors are an outcome of applying heat and pressure compression on multiple layers of wood. These floors are stronger and more resilient than solid wood.

And much like laminate flooring, you can safely use pine-sol on engineered wood floors. In fact, since pine-sol is water-based, it works better on these floors than ammonia, wax, and oil-based cleaning formulas.

Ammonia and oil-based cleaners take away the shiny appearance of a surface. But that’s not the case with pine-sol. This multi-purpose cleaner enhances the glow of your floor, making hardwood surfaces even more visually appealing.

Also, pine-sol doesn’t remove the sealing on hardwood floors, unlike the ammonia and oil-based products that gradually eat up this layer. So yes, if you are wondering whether pine-sol is safe for your sealed wood floor, then know it’s much better than most cleaners.

How to Clean Laminate Floors Using Pine Sol?

As aforesaid, how you clean your laminate floor using pine-sol matters a lot. To reap the most out of this product, you have to use it appropriately. Here are a few steps on how you can get the job done!

Step 1: Sweep The Floor

Before you use this cleaner, prepare the surface. Get rid of any dirt that’s removable by sweeping. Here, sweep off dust particles, debris, and other dirt. This step will ensure the efficient and effective performance of the cleaner.

The sweeping needs to be thorough. You can even vacuum for a better outcome. The goal is to get rid of even the tiniest particles of dirt. As small as they may appear, these particles are notorious for giving laminate floors permanent scratches.

Again, ensure that you use a gentle broom for the work. Laminate floors are susceptible to scratches. They will develop scratches even from the things you least expect. So yes, always stick to a friendlier broom.

Step 2: Get The Cleaner

You don’t have any loose dirt particles on the floor, well done! Next is to get the cleaner. What to do with the cleaner will depend on the individual product. Some products come pre-diluted, so you don’t need to add water.

For a concentrated formula, you need to mix it with water. The rule of thumb is that ¼ cup of pine sol should go into a gallon of water. But again, first check on what’s written on the label.

Step 3: Mop The Floor

After the solution is ready, clean the floor. A microfiber mop will come in handy. Dip the mop in the solution and wring it just enough not to leave any water on the surface. We advise that you first test the product over a small and inconspicuous part of the floor.

As much as pine-sol is generally safe for a laminate floor, you still want to play it as safe as possible. Applying this product over a tiny area will allow you to first examine the reaction. If all is well after a while, clean the rest of the surface.

Ensure that you don’t leave puddles of this solution on the floor. Even the smallest pools of water can damage laminate flooring. So yes, keep water levels in the mop minimal.

Also, some stubborn areas may need greater attention than others. That’s especially true for stained spots. In this case, spray a bit of the pine-sol cleaner and scrub using a gentle toothbrush or sponge.

Step 4: Do The Finishing

Much of the work ends with the third step. But again, you can’t afford to leave it at that point. You want the surface shining once it dries up. That’s why you can’t avoid rinsing it.

You see, the previous stage will leave an unsightly film of residue on the surface after it dries up. To avoid that, rinse the laminate floor. For this step, use the same mop but now with clean water.

Again, work with a damp mop to avoid irreversible damage to the laminate floor. And as usual, begin with the farthest corner moving towards the door to avoid repeat work.

Benefits of Mopping with Pine Sol

So yes, you can safely use pine-sol for mopping your laminate flooring- and that comes with a plethora of benefits. They include;

Pine-sol does the work

The first benefit of using pine-sol is that it will do just what you expect from any cleaner; restore the glory of your laminate floor. This product will get rid of even the most stubborn stains with minimal effort.

It’s tough but gentle

Tough and gentle on the same point sound contradictory. But that’s not a mistake. It’s the case with pine-sol. While it’s super tough on stains and grease, this cleaner interacts well with the laminate flooring.

It acts as a disinfectant

Pine-sol is an effective cleaner. However, it does more than just that. Other than removing stains, this product will disinfect surfaces from disease-causing pathogens. So yes, it gets rid of more than just what you can see with your eyes.

Pine-sol works as a deodorizer

Other than dirt and microbes, this cleaner will also eliminate odors. Actually, the ability of this multi-purpose cleaner is one of the areas the product stands out from the majority of the competing models.

It goes in small amounts

Unlike some cleaners, pine-sol remains effective in tiny quantities. In fact, most of the formulas retain their effectiveness even in diluted form. As such, a single bottle will serve you multiple times, ensuring that you get the best bang for your buck.

What Floors Can You Use Pine Sol On?

Pine-sol is safe and effective for cleaning engineered wood and laminate flooring. However, as one of the versatile household cleaners, the usefulness of this product doesn’t end there.

We have lots of other surfaces where you can expect the same magic. They include;

No matter where you are using it, ensure that you follow the safety precautions on the product label. As much as it’s a vital cleaning agent, pine-sol can be hazardous to your respiratory health.

Some of the side effects of pine-sol poisoning include;

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Allergic reaction
  • Headaches
  • Burning sensation around the eyes and nose

Whether or not to seek medical attention will depend on the severity of the side effects. However, these signs are more often nothing serious. In fact, getting to a well-ventilated place and taking deep breaths of fresh air will most of the time get things back to normal.

What Should You Not Put on Laminate Floors?

As seen, your laminate floor won’t react with pine-sol. But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to use any other product. No, not at all! Laminate flooring has high susceptibility to damage. As such, always use the products known to work safely for it.

Some of the options to avoid include;

  • Bleach
  • Ammonium-based cleaners
  • Lysol
  • Vinegar
  • Lemon juice
  • Steam cleaner

Bleach, ammonium-based cleaners, and Lysol are way too harsh for use on laminate flooring. As for vinegar and lemon juice, the reason they don’t make good friends with laminate floors lies in their acidity.

On the other hand, a steam cleaner will affect the floor in much the same way as puddles of water. I mean, the steam from the cleaner will penetrate the floor layers, making the floor swell and become uneven.

Final Verdict

Pine-sol is a versatile cleaner that you can use on laminate flooring and engineered hardwood floors. With proper use, pine-sol will remove stains, microbes, odors, and other unwanted elements on your laminate flooring without damaging it. Only ensure that you follow the correct procedure and safety precautions to avoid trouble.