Can You Flush Baby Wipes? (And Can They Clog the Toilet?)


Baby wipes would always be crucial to moms and their babies. You need them to wipe your baby’s tender skin now and then.  Apart from that, people use wipes for several other purposes. These include cleaning houseplants, household dust, grubby light switches, and removing stains from surfaces. Wipes are easy to work with and make … Read more

Can You Flush Pads Down The Toilet? (And Can It Clog the Toilet?)


Menstruation is a natural thing for every woman who has attained puberty and hasn’t reached menopause. It’s a way to know that a woman can still get pregnant. If a woman gets to menopause, monthly bleeding or menstruation stops. It then means that the woman can’t get pregnant. On the flip side, you’ll no longer … Read more

Can You Flush A Frog Down The Toilet?


Finding a frog in the bathroom isn’t a new thing. However, these creatures can get into your toilet via the sewer, bathroom door, or main vent pipe.  When you encounter a frog in your bathroom, the reasonable thing to do is to take it outside or to your garden. But most people don’t do this. … Read more

Can You Flush Bleach Down the Toilet? (And Ways to Dispose of)


Let’s face it—no one likes to clean the toilet. Even so, this chore shouldn’t be ignored. Toilets should be cleaned and sanitized weekly. But how do you safely clean and sanitize the toilet without causing damages? Well, there are plenty of ways to sanitize toilets. However, because we’re trying to cut on cost, you can … Read more

Can You Flush Cat Poop Down the Toilet? (And Alternatives to Dispose of Poop)


A lot has changed ever since. So many revolutions are changing the world—if it’s not the advent of refrigerators, it’s the air conditioners or even the vaccines. However, one that’s surprising is the toilet. How the heck would your waste disappear with just a flush? If you’re too curious, you’ve probably wondered where your waste … Read more

Can You Flush Dog Poop Down the Toilet? (And Ways to Dispose of)


It’s no longer news to the ears that America’s 89.7 million canines generate poop, amounting to over 10.6 million tons each year. The only surprising thing here is that only approximately 60 percent of the country’s dog owners care to dispose of their pet’s poop, particularly when their dog defecates outdoor.  There’re several methods of … Read more

Can You Flush Bed Bugs Down the Toilet? (And Can it Clog the Toilet)


The sight of bed bugs in a home is irritating. These tiny insects get into homes undetected, reproduce quickly, spread and wreak havoc in homes.   Bed bugs can reside in unimaginable places beside one’s bed. They can live in cracks and crevices in wood or wall, within beddings, pillow buttons, behind a baseboard, and more.  … Read more

Can You Flush Condoms Down the Toilet? (And Ways to Dispose of)


How do you dispose of your condoms after use? Do you throw them in the trash or flush them down the toilet?  Men and women are advised to wear condoms when having unprotected intimacy for pleasure (with to interest of getting pregnant). Using condoms can also protect one from having STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). However, abstinence … Read more

Can You Flush Tissues Down the Toilet? (And Alternatives To Tissue Paper)


On every extensive shopping list, hardly will you not find tissues. They are extremely popular items which people use in the household, workplace, and beyond. Well, you shouldn’t be surprised. This is because they have come to be of great benefit to almost anyone that cares enough about hygiene. Its multipurpose nature makes it an … Read more

Can You Flush Fingernails? (And Can They Clog the Toilet?)


Maintaining proper hygiene is no longer a faraway concept. We now hear of it from time to time. It has come to be a part of living a healthy lifestyle. Hygiene does not just cover the bathing and washing of clothes. It encompasses taking care of different parts of the body. As such, your fingernails … Read more

Can You Paint a Toilet? (And Steps to Paint it)


You might be looking to spruce up your bathroom or you just might want to cover up some old stains, either way, the situation has got you asking if you can paint a toilet? The simple answer is Yes. You can paint a toilet, but you will need to follow a few steps. First and … Read more

How to Fix a Toilet Seat That Keeps Falling?


A bathroom in which the toilet seat will just not stay up can be very annoying. You might have encountered this infuriating situation in a public place, a friend’s bathroom, or if this is a problem in your own bathroom then it’s more likely that you are almost certainly deliberating on how to get the … Read more

Will a Toilet Eventually Unclog Itself? (And Reasons For Clogging)


Have you ever been in a bathroom that has a clogged toilet and there you are with no plunger? Most likely you’ve probably asked yourself whether the toilet will eventually unclog itself? The answer is most times, Yes. A clogged toilet will eventually clean out itself over time. This is due to the fact that … Read more

Can You Flush Dental Floss Down the Toilet? (And Alternative Uses)


Flossing is an essential oral hygiene practice; it removes and cleans any food that is stuck in between your teeth, thus reducing bacteria in your mouth. Meanwhile, plaque flossing also limits the chances of plaque building up, which can result in gum diseases or even worse, gingivitis.  Many people indeed brush their teeth every day, … Read more

Can You Flush Milk Down the Toilet? (And Safe Ways to Dispose of)


If you’ve been to public restroom toilets, then you must have come across the following instruction, “Please Do Not Flush Anything But Toilet Paper.” But do you consider this? Well, a single paper towel may not harm the toilet.  But picture this:  Someone flushing debris down your toilet, potentially damaging your drainage pipes. Of course, … Read more