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How To Clean Sawdust Out of the Garage? (Steps to Follow)

How To Clean Sawdust Out of the Garage? (Steps to Follow)

If there’s one versatile place in the home, it has to be the garage. Whether you are looking for a place to serve as a workshop, home gym, entertainment area, guest room, or even firewood storage area, you can always count on your garage to suffice. It’s more of a jack-of-all-trades kind of place within the home.

So yes, you have been carrying out several tasks from the garage. The space is serving you just fine. However, you have one big problem – you produce too much sawdust in what you do that leaves everything in the garage soaked in the dirt. Is there something you can do?

Definitely! It’s possible to get rid of sawdust in your garage and maintain it clean. We will be telling you how that’s possible and much more in this article. So keep reading to the end! Let’s delve right into it!

Steps on How To Get Rid of Sawdust in the Garage

Before we get into the steps of cleaning your garage, it’s worth mentioning that the sawdust issue is a common problem in garages. Lots of people are facing the same issue. So yes, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your garage or how you conduct your things therein.

So, how can you get rid of that dirt that magically appears in your garage space almost instantaneously after you begin your tasks? It’s probably easier than you think! Here are the steps!

Step 1: Mask Up

Before you begin the cleaning, do what you are supposed to do whenever working in a dusty environment – put on your mask! You see, if not careful, it’s very likely for those super fine particles of sawdust to find their way into your lungs. That could cause you severe respiratory issues.

When speaking of sawdust, not every mask is okay. Pick one that will provide you with maximum protection from the dust. Our advice – buy woodworking masks. This kind usually comes with air filters and will keep you from inhaling any of those fine particles flying in the air.

Step 2: Tackle The Problem From the Source

If you’ve been to a business class, you probably have heard about root cause analysis. It’s a problem-solving technique that involves identifying the primary source of a problem. It helps tackle the issue right from where it’s emanating.

Now, this technique isn’t only applicable when solving business-related problems. You can as well use it in solving sawdust problems in your garage. It’s a surefire way to tackle the sawdust issue effectively.

So, how do you go about it here?

In this case, look at the thing producing the sawdust. That’s most likely to be the tools you use. Now, attach a vacuum cleaner to the dust port of your tool (if any). That way, any sawdust coming from there will go directly into the collection bin.

This method won’t capture everything, but it will take care of at least 80% of the dust particles you produce. Mathematically, that’s to say that it will reduce the work by the same percentage.

But again, there’s one limitation to that; different tools can have varying port sizes! That makes it impossible for all to work with the same hose. To maximize compatibility, get universal adapters. They will allow you to attach your vacuum cleaner to any tool that comes with a dust port.

Step 3: Sweep The Floor

Before you vacuum, a few things should come first. One is to sweep the floor. In this case, you need a brush with soft bristles. Alternatively, you can get a soft broom for the work.

Sweeping will help remove the large wood chips that a vacuum cleaner can’t handle. That way, you will find the work easier later on. In addition, removing the large pieces of wood will help avoid damage to your cleaner.

Consider removing the sawdust on the walls and near the roof. Getting rid of these dust particles will ensure that they don’t fall to the floor once you vacuum. So yes, take your time and remove them as well.


Step 4: Vacuum from Up – Down

You have removed all large wood chips. Everything else left can be worked out with a vacuum. Go ahead and vacuum the whole garage. Here, begin with the roof moving down slowly to the floor.

Ensure that you do the vacuuming thoroughly. And when we say you do it thoroughly, that’s what you really need to do – ensure that everything pickable by the vacuum ends up in the bin. Don’t scatter the dirt to hidden areas in your garage. That will only postpone the problem and make the work even harder for you.

This step will take time. That’s especially true if you have a large garage or there’s a lot of sawdust. But again, keep in mind that every moment you spend brings you closer to that clean garage you want.

Step 5: Use a Wet Cloth

No matter how hard you vacuum, you can never get rid of all the fine particles of sawdust. That’s where the issue of using damp cloth comes in. Use this piece to wipe all the surfaces.

As usual, begin with worksurfaces or any other raised surfaces that might have any particles of sawdust left. Wipe them thoroughly without leaving anything behind. This step is usually easy since the dampness will capture and retain most of these fine particles.

Step 6: Use Air Purifier

All your surfaces are clean. But that’s still not the end of the process. You now need to remove the dust particles flying in your space. That will ensure that they eventually won’t settle on the already cleaned surfaces.  

And yes, that’s where an air purifier comes in handy. Run your air purifier until everything is clean. The time this will take depends on the Air Change per Hour (ACH) rating of the machine.

ACH tells us the volume of air the purifier filters per hour. A higher rating translates to a higher work rate. As such, a purifier with a high ACH rating will take less time than one coming with a lower rating to purify the same room.

What is The Best Way To Clean Up Sawdust in the House?

The best way to clean sawdust in the house is much the same as cleaning it from your garage. Have your protective gear on before anything else. Then, remove large chips of wood (if any) or any other larger debris before you vacuum the room.

Then, wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and run the air purifier – and that’s it! Actually, the only thing you won’t do here is to connect a vacuum to your tools. All other steps apply to both house and garage.

Can I Vacuum My Garage?

Definitely! You can vacuum your garage. In fact, that’s why it comes as one of the steps when cleaning the garage. But again, as you already know, running a vacuum cleaner alone isn’t enough to get the job done.

You still need to invest in a gentle brush or soft broom. These accessories will remove dirt from places the vacuum can’t reach. That’s most of the time in the areas around the roof.

Also, you will need to pass a wet cloth or a mop over the surface after the vacuum has done its work. That’s the only surefire way to capture those tiny particles of sawdust that vacuum leaves behind.

Is Wood Dust Hazardous?

Yes, wood dust is hazardous to your health. In fact, that’s why we recommend that you wear a woodworking mask before you begin cleaning. A woodworking mask will go a long way to keep you safe from potential health risks.

And with that said, what are the repercussions of not wearing a mask? Well, those tiny particles coming from wood will irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. You may also develop congestion in the chest, making it generally uncomfortable for you to breathe.

Most health experts will also tell you that sawdust is considered carcinogenic! Yes, you read it correctly. Dust from wood can be carcinogenic! It doesn’t look like it, but believe it or not, extended exposure to sawdust can cause some cancers. As such, don’t take the precaution of putting on a mask lightly.

But wood is natural… why cause all these health effects? Well, it’s simple – though natural, wood can still contain toxins! Let me explain.

You see, trees have their upside. There’s no debate about that. In fact, we most of the time concentrate on their positive side. But that doesn’t mean everything is commendable about them. No, trees still have their other side of the coin. And yes, one downside of trees is they can have some harmful components in them.

Not all trees have toxins. Nevertheless, most of them have them. It could be in one of the parts, for instance, the stem, bark, leaves, or any other part. That’s now where the danger comes in.

Therefore, when dealing with wood dust, always take safety precautions seriously. That won’t just help you avoid medication expenses, it will also keep you happy. It’s possible to have a clean garage without compromising your health and happiness!

Various Ways To Keep the Garage From Being Dirty

Let’s face it – we all don’t love the cleaning work. Garage cleaning and organization is demanding in terms of time and effort. It can also get tedious, especially where you have to keep cleaning the same thing over and over again, for instance, sawdust.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep your garage clean. But that doesn’t mean you will never have to clean the garage again. You still have to do cleaning from time to time, but it won’t be as demanding.

So, how can you keep your garage space clean?

Well, these four tips should help;

  • Only buy tools with a dust port
  • Always dispose of cleaned sawdust properly to keep it from coming back
  • Switch to bench-top tools
  • Always tackle the dirt before it spreads
  • Use an arrangement that minimizes movements inside the garage


Getting rid of sawdust is easy with the ideal supply of tools and knowledge on how to go about it. It may take time and effort depending on the size of the space and how much sawdust you have to clean.

But more importantly, have in place the mechanisms to keep your garage clean. That will reduce the amount of time and effort you spend cleaning your space in the future.