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Does Denorex Kill Lice? (And How To Use it?)

Does Denorex Kill Lice? (And How To Use it?)

Sleepless nights are common due to head lice, especially for parents of school-age children. If not treated immediately, the lice can swiftly spread and become an outbreak. Most parents are unsure how to get rid of lice from themselves or their children’s hair. Denorex has been suggested by some, but does Denorex kill lice?

Unfortunately, human blood is the only life source for lice. Since you might get them regardless of how frequently you wash your hair, it is not a subject of personal hygiene. Lice are typically transmitted when you are in close, head-to-head contact with another person. Because so many games encourage such contacts, children are more likely to spread lice.

While lice may not spread diseases, they are still a nuisance. This article focuses on the question of whether Denorex can kill lice. We also address whether different shampoos can eliminate lice, how to keep lice off your hair, and other home remedies.

Does Denorex Kill Head Lice?

One of the best lice-killing medications on the market is Denorex. Denorex can kill lice, even though you should mainly use it to treat dandruff and other scaly skin conditions. Most recommend Denorex since it has a powerful smell that quickly suffocates lice.

After application, Denorex takes about three hours to suffocate any lice in your hair. Cover your hair with a soft shower cap for Denorex to function more quickly and efficiently.

Repeat the procedure a minimum of three times, each a week apart. Denorex does not ultimately kill the eggs, only the living lice bugs. Repeating the process ensures that any newly hatched lice are also killed quickly.

Each day, adult lice will lay about eight eggs or “nits” if they land on your hair. The nits will mainly stick to the hair near the scalp. The empty shells of the nits continue to stick to the hair once they hatch (seven to ten days later). After 6–10 days from hatching, the lice will mature into adults. You should repeat the procedure weekly to eliminate the new lice.

Does Denorex Repel Lice?

Denorex works well to repel lice since it kills them quickly within a few hours. No matter how frequently you apply Denorex, it does not affect your scalp. Using the product at least once weekly is advisable until the infestation is cleared. Once you apply the shampoo, the strong scent ensures that no lice can live in your hair for an extended period.

When you discover lice on your hair or your child’s hair, you should use Denorex immediately. You risk painful scalp infestations if this parasite is not swiftly identified and removed.

How Does Denorex Affect Lice?

Because of its overpowering smell, Denorex suffocates lice when applied to hair. Cover your hair with a gentle shower cap after application to ensure that all lice are suffocated.

Denorex will have killed roughly 50% of the live lice within three hours, and you can now physically remove them by washing and combing. The new lice adults won’t have time to lay eggs if the procedure is repeated thrice.

Salicylic acid, present in Denorex in amounts of roughly 3%, suffocates lice. However, you should stop using Denorex and consult a doctor immediately if you experience any side effects. Nevertheless, the majority of users don’t experience any adverse effects.

How To Use Denorex To Kill Lice?

Now that you know that you can use Denorex to kill lice, how do you go about using it? Although the procedure is straightforward, you must follow it precisely to ensure that you can eliminate all lice from your hair. Because adult lice can lay eggs daily, getting rid of them is challenging.

Here is a process for killing lice that you should carefully follow:

  1. The first step is to purchase a jar of Denorex from your neighborhood store or Amazon. Buy enough so you can use it on your hair several times.
  2. For Denorex to penetrate the scalp, just brush your hair in one direction at a time.
  3. Apply the product starting at the top of your head and moving slowly to the sides, making sure to cover your entire head. Don’t overlook the neck’s base.
  4. Before tying your hair, give Denorex some time to absorb into your skin. Don, a shower cap, then wait three hours.
  5. After three hours, comb through the hair with a brush to eliminate the dead lice. To get rid of any lingering lice and Denorex, shampoo your hair.

What Keeps Lice Away From Hair?

Keeping lice out of hair after an outbreak could be challenging. There are several steps you can take to stop the spread, though. To prevent recurring infestations, you should frequently remind your children about some of these precautions.

  1. Mixing tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary, or eucalyptus with your spray live-in conditioner is one of the best ways to keep lice away from hair. Additionally, you can mist your hair lightly without adding anything to it.
  2. Encourage your children to wear their long hair up in a braid or a ponytail and stay away from games that demand head-to-head contact. To keep stray hairs in check, use hair spray.
  3. Backpacks, jackets, and caps are items that you should frequently put through the clothes dryer. Any lice and their eggs will die in the heat.
  4. Keep a lint brush in your purse to clean public chairs, such as those in the waiting area at the doctor’s office or theater seats.
  5. Don’t share combs, hairpieces, brushes, and caps with other people.

Does Dandruff Shampoo Kill Lice?

No, dandruff shampoos won’t work if you want to kill lice. That is because dandruff shampoos are designed to deal with the effects of Malassezia globosa, the fungi that cause dandruff. The shampoo primarily helps to get rid of dandruff problems and aids in washing and soothing itchy scalp symptoms. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals mix up lice and dandruff. 

However, because of their differences, each needs a different solution. Lice are tiny, living organisms that lay eggs in addition to feeding on your blood to stay alive. Typically, the tear-shaped eggs cling to the hair fibers. When lice bite you, their saliva will cause itching and sores. 

The fungus (Malassezia globosa) that lives on the scalp produces oleic acid causing the development of dandruff.  Most people report having itchy skin, an irritated scalp, or white flakes in their hair when they have dandruff.

These two conditions respond differently to a treatment. You can resolve your dandruff problem by washing your scalp with a dandruff shampoo. However, shampoos made expressly for dealing with lice are required.

Does Head And Shoulders Kill Lice?

The answer is no; head and shoulders shampoo won’t kill lice. The primary explanation is that head and shoulders is a shampoo for dandruff. The active ingredient in dandruff shampoos is zinc pyrithione. However, not all lice are affected by the agent. The shampoo needs to contain pediculicide, a substance that paralyzes and kills lice if you want to get rid of them.

Permethrin and pyrethrin-containing shampoos are typically recommended because they can effectively kill lice. The majority of lice-killing shampoos are usually medicated and available over the counter. Using shampoo for dandruff might require you to remove the lice eggs manually.

Does Menthol Shampoo Kill Lice?

Yes, menthol shampoo works well to get rid of lice. The strong scent of menthol swiftly suffocates lice in your hair. Don’t comb your hair after using the menthol shampoo; wash it off and condition it.

If the menthol shampoo is unavailable, you can add some menthol essential oil with your regular shampoo. Menthol shampoo gives your scalp a reviving wash.

Menthol shampoos are safe for children’s hair because they contain natural ingredients. Compared to shampoos with chemical components, the shampoo is gentler. As a result, shampooing will need to be done frequently, if not every day. You might still need to use a comb to get rid of the nits.

What Home Remedies Will Kill Lice

When eliminating lice, most people find it uncomfortable to use chemical remedies. Mainly when there are kids involved, they prefer to use natural ingredients. Making home remedies to eliminate lice is straightforward when using natural ingredients.

Some home remedies might not be practical or safe to use. Because of this, we have highlighted below the ones that are reliable and safe to use;

1. Olive oil or coconut oil treatment

Give your hair and scalp a gentle massage with a generous treatment. After shampooing and combing your hair, reapply the treatment and leave it on for 12 hours. Use dawn dish detergent to shampoo and comb your hair three to four more times. Once or twice a week, you should perform the treatment again. 

2. Mayonnaise

The mayonnaise will deeply condition your hair while suffocating live lice. You should apply in a thick layer and massage into the scalp. For the mayonnaise to work well, wear a shower cap for 8 to 12 hours. After that, rinse your hair three to four times with Dawn dish detergent. Ensure to properly comb the hair to eliminate any lice eggs, and do this once a week.

3. Vinegar

When using vinegar, add lemon, garlic paste, and rubbing alcohol for optimal results. After combining all the ingredients, massage your scalp and hair with the mixture. 

Cover your head with a shower cap for one hour. You then remove lice by combing your hair with a nit comb.  Repeat the same home remedy procedure after two weeks.

4. Petroleum jelly

The most popular at-home remedy for people who could be allergic to lice treatment shampoos is petroleum jelly. The jelly suffocates the lice, killing them. You may need to wash your hair numerous times to eliminate the jelly from your hair completely.


When trying to kill lice, it is a good idea to know what works and what doesn’t. Denorax and menthol shampoos work, while dandruff and head and shoulder shampoos don’t work. It is also essential to learn what you should do to keep lice away from your hair and a few home remedies you can use.