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Does Pine Sol Keep Mosquitoes Away? (Answered)

Does Pine Sol Keep Mosquitoes Away? (Answered)

Pine sol is a cleaning agent that kills bacteria, cleans, and removes unwanted particles from surfaces around the house. Regardless, homeowners use it as a secondary resort to repel pests, bugs, and pesky insects at home. The pungent smell will repel mosquitoes and ants, for example.

Note that mosquitoes repel the smell of lemon, pine, and lavender. Thus, using concentrated pine sol should deter them. Spray this solution in mosquito-prone areas or around entryways to deter them. However, pine sol cannot kill mosquitoes (even if they contact it or spray them).

This article explores how to use pine sol at home to eradicate mosquitoes. You will also understand the active ingredients in pine sol that repel mosquitoes and roaches.

Does Pine Sol Repel Mosquitoes?

Yes. Pine sol will kill mosquitoes. This cleaning agent will not only kill bacteria on surfaces and leave your home smelling fresh, but the strong citrus smell also repels mosquitoes and can kill them if used correctly. You can find several scented pine sol products in the market. However, all of them will repel mosquitoes.

Using pine sol to kill mosquitoes is effective and budget-friendly.

Mosquitoes have sensitive receptors, vision, and a sharp sense of smell to the carbon dioxide humans emit. So, they will always be attracted to your house. Cleaning countertops and other kitchen surfaces with pine sol should deter them because mosquitoes do not like the pungent smell of pine sol.

Also, remember that you can use different techniques to repel or kill mosquitoes at home. Clean the floor and surfaces with Pine-Sol, spray pine sol solution in specific areas, or use a diffuser with pine sol.

Nonetheless, you must have precise ingredients for each technique.

Mix equal amounts of pine sol with water (but you can also add other ingredients like lemon slices) to make a stronger repellant – especially if you use a diffuser or spray bottle. Although the scent will only last a few hours, thus you should regularly spray for severe mosquito infestation.

What is Pine Sol Made of?

Pine Sol is made of ordinary cleaning agents and detergents that eliminate bacteria, clean surfaces, and freshens the atmosphere. The most common ingredients include PEG/PPG propylheptyleter (C10-12 alcohol ethoxylates), hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium carbonate, sodium lauryl sulfate, colorants, fragrance, and water. 

Pine-Sol began manufacture in the 1950s. Originally, the product was made from pine oil due to the refreshing forest scent it released. Though, it became challenging to produce pine oil because of the shortage of pine trees; hence synthetic production of pine oil began.

To date, pine sol is manufactured using synthetic techniques. The scent and the effects are still the same to date. Moreover, pine soil is available in several fragrances like lemon, lavender, and sparkling wave.

Today, the original Pine Sol Multi Surface Cleaner is synthetically manufactured. This particular cleaning agent contains poisonous chemicals like phosphorus. Fortunately, manufactured phosphorous is safe to use around kids and pets. You can use pine sol as a detergent and an air freshener to keep your home smelling fresh.

How Long Does Pine Sol Smell Last?

The smell of Pine Sol in the atmosphere depends on several factors. For instance, the room’s size or the solution’s dilute level determines how long it will smell. However, pine sol should last more than an hour, no matter how you use it. Concentrated pine sol solution should last up to 24 hours.

The pine sol’s fresh fragrance is the other reason most homeowners prefer to use it as a cleaning agent on surfaces and floors. Ordinarily, this product has a natural-refreshing forest scent that gives your home a good smell. Apart from lemon, lavender, and sparkling wave, you can also find other appealing fragrances in shopping malls or supermarkets.

Try using a diffuser indoors if you like the scent of Pine Sol cleaning products. A diffuser reed releases the scent, leaving your home smelling fresh constantly.

Why Does Pine Sol Smell Like Urine?

Pine sol can occasionally smell like urine, probably because of a compound called terpenes which contain Hydrogen (H) and Carbon (C). Though, it rarely happens. Perhaps pine sol can smell like urine if you do not store it correctly.

Pine sol has a piney or citrusy odor and is not made from any ammonia products or urine-like compounds. Still, it is effective in eliminating pet urine from different surfaces.

On the contrary, pine has a clean and refreshing smell. The Original Pine Sol Multi Surface Cleaner leaves a forest-like pine tree smell. Other Pine Sol cleaner products secrete the fragrance indicated on the bottle. Lemon Pine Sol and Lavender Pine Sol are two popular choices.

What Smells Keep Roaches Away?

Roaches are persistent, resistant to a few insecticides, and have a strong sense of smell. Nonetheless, you can use a few household scents to repel them. Pine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint, and garlic are some home remedies that repel roaches. Remember that these household critters are unsanitary and might cause food contamination.

So, you must try to keep them away. One effective technique for keeping cockroaches away is using scents they hate.

Roaches have a strong sense of smell. So, here are the most common scents roaches hate. Fortunately, these scents come from items available at home.

Pine -The refreshing pine-like forest smell repels roaches. Use pine oil or pine-scented products to keep them away from your home.

Eucalyptus – Mix eucalyptus oil with enough water and spray it around your home to keep cockroaches away. But you should focus on specific areas like under the furniture, behind cupboards, in the basement, and other dark hideouts.

You can also use eucalyptus tree branches to create a barrier and prevent roaches from crawling inside your house.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is safe to use in the kitchen or close to food sources.

Sprinkle enough cinnamon powder around your kitchen or along areas you have spotted cockroach activity to repel them.

Peppermint – Roaches find peppermint oil revolting. The scent affects their eyes and pores on their exoskeleton.

Garlic – The smell of garlic is overwhelming to roaches. You can use garlic powder or mix it with other ingredients like pepper and onion and sprinkle it on areas you have spotted cockroach activity.

Citrus – lemon, lime, and other citrus products emit a pungent smell that burns a roach’s exoskeleton. Use citrus in roaches’ hideouts.

Citronella – Mix citronella oil with water and spray around roach-prone areas. But you should use citronella oil and not candles.

Thyme – Roaches hate the smell of Thyme. You can use thyme leaves or plant the leaves on entry points that the roaches might use to crawl into your home.

Basil – This product contains linalool that roaches find deterring.

What Does Pine Sol Repel?

Pine Sol contains chemicals and fragrances that repel insects, bugs, and pests. However, pine soil reacts differently to each pest. Insects and bugs have a strong sense of smell. So, lemon and lavender Pine sol are the most common repellent to deter most household pests.

Though lemon and lavender do not last long, reapplication is necessary. Mix four parts pine sol and one part water in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well and spray in pest-prone areas.

Pine soil mixture is irritating to flies. Mixing pine sol with water creates a sticky product, which flies find uncomfortable. Rats also dislike the pine oil smell, and roaches avoid areas sprayed with Pine Sol.

You can also use pine sol to repel insects like bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Mix pine sol with repelling home ingredients like lemon slices and peppermint to create a more effective repellent.

How to Keep Roaches Away From Home Naturally?

First, deal with the infestation, then maintain proper hygiene around your home to keep roaches away and prevent them from reappearing. Fortunately, there are several other ways to keep roaches away. You can try using baits or scents (as discussed above) to repel roaches.

But here are four techniques you can use to keep roaches away from your home.


Untidy spots around your home and moisture in the kitchen or basement attract roaches. Spilled drinks or foods also attract these household critters. Roaches will crawl into your home if you leave food containers open or forget to wash dishes for a long time.

You should always maintain proper hygiene and dispose of leftovers to avoid attracting roaches. Use the recommended detergents like pine sol to clean surfaces in your home and keep the roaches away.

Repelling scents

The best areas to use scents that repel roaches are along entry points you might have observed roaches creeping through.

Place scented products along cracks, holes, and openings. Scented items could be liquid, oil, powder, or plant-based.

You can mix the products with water, sprinkle, or spray along roaches’ hideouts.


Many homeowners use natural roach-killing bait traps to deal with a roach infestation. You can place the baits on specific areas to attract and trap them.

A few basic bait traps include roach sticky traps, insect glue traps, pheromone traps, roach motel traps, homemade roach traps with duct tape & bait, gel bait, and boric acid & peanut butter.

But always remember to sweep dead roaches on the floor or under furniture and replace the baits.

Cover food containers and all entry points

Roaches will crawl into your home through cracks and holes. Therefore, you must seal all visible openings along the walls, garbage cans, and crevices with silicone caulk or adhesive.

Cover all food cans to keep them from crawling inside, and close garbage cans to avoid other pests in your home.


Roaches are wily creatures that can cause damage to property if not dealt with early. Using commercial products guarantees effective results. However, pine sol is one effective and budget-friendly product that guarantees effective results at home.

This article has explored how to use pine sol and other home remedies to repel roaches. Follow all the steps provided for a safe and roach-free environment.