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Does Pine Sol Kill Ants? (Yes. It Will)

Does Pine Sol Kill Ants? (Yes. It Will)

Pine sol is a multipurpose cleaning agent with many household uses. Most homeowners use this product to clean and disinfect surfaces around the house because of its availability in several flavors.

But will pine sol kill ants? This article looks at the many uses of pine sol around the home and its effectiveness in dealing with ants. You need to understand how to handle all commercial disinfectants, including pine sol. Read the instructions on the label to know all the steps to follow.

Will Pine Sol Kill Ants?

Yes. Pine sol will kill ants if used correctly. In fact, soaking ants in pine sol solution will drown them. Alternatively, the chemical solvents in pine sol dehydrates ants, killing them slowly.

For effective results, mix 4 parts pine sol with 2 parts hot water in a spray can. Sprinkle enough solution directly to the ants until they are soaked.

Do not over dilute the pine sol because a diluted solution will not be effective enough.

Do Ants Like Pine Sol?

No. Ants do not like pine sol: many housekeepers clean surfaces and mop floors with this product to repel the ants. Pine sol contains active ingredients that ants do not like. Mix the recommended amount of pine soil with water for effective results.

Although pine sol is not as effective as other products, you need to spray a mixture of pine sol directly on the ants to drown them.

If you clean surfaces thoroughly with pine sol, you will neutralize any scent on the floor, and ants will not communicate. Hence, deal with the infestation. Also, you should note that pine sol has a strong lemon scent which deters ants and other insects.

The main disadvantage of using pine sol to deal with ants is the fading of the smell. Pine soil lemon scent fades quickly, and you must reapply the mixture every 1-2 hours.

To control the infestation at home, you should mix pine sol with hot water and flush it down the ant nest. Plenty of hot water will destroy the eggs, and the surviving ants will automatically relocate elsewhere.

Lastly, you can use pine sol to eliminate ants in the garden. Spray enough pine sol mixed with distilled water on the leaves to deter the ants. Pine soil does not affect the growth of plants; hence an ideal solution.

Does Kerosene Kill Ants?

Yes. Kerosene is an effective ant and insect killer. The chemical properties in kerosene will create itching and burning sensation in the ant’s exoskeleton, killing them instantly. Also, pouring kerosene in ant burrows, ant holes, and potential hideouts will suffocate them.

Kerosene is an effective home remedy you can use to kill ants instantly. Also, kerosene kills all ant species and drives other bugs away from your home.

For effective results, track the ants and deal with them from where they might be emerging from. You should also regularly spray kerosene until all the infestation disappears.

Does Malt o Meal Kill Ants?

Typically, malt o meal killing ants is a discussion without a definite answer. As you might know, the wheat ingredients in this nutritious cereal pack are enough to expand in the ant’s stomach, killing it. However, not all ant species prefer processed foods. Fire ants for instance, consume vegetables and tiny insects.

Malt o contains maltodextrin oats and flour. These ingredients will cause constipation in ants and death to ants within 24 hours. Place enough malt o crumbs on spots you have seen ants activity to attract them. Observe the areas occasionally to see if there is some change. Increase the application amount if there is amplified infestation.

You can also mix the cereal with enough water to create a paste that is easier for the ants to consume.

Malt o is one of the natural ways you can kill ants if you do not prefer toxic chemicals. Moreover, it is safe to use if you have pets around the home, and you can also use it around the garden or orchard.

Note that: Using malt o meal won’t be effective in dealing with certain ant species because they do not eat processed foods.

Does Sevin Kill Ants?

Sevin insect killer is among the most effective insecticides used to kill several insect species, including ants. Sevin is a nonsystemic product and the best choice to use in the garden because plants will not absorb the chemicals. It targets most ant species killing them instantly.

Apart from using home remedies to kill ants, most homeowners will use insecticides to kill ants instantly. Remember that insecticides contain poisonous chemical compounds to the insect’s nervous system.

Sevin is available in synthetic or contact form and needs to be applied on surfaces or directly on the ants’ bodies and cause maximum damage. It is an effective solution that will eliminate over 500 different insect pests.

You can purchase Sevin in several forms, including dust, granular, or liquid.

Pro Tip: Always remember to apply Sevin in areas where your children or pets won’t get into contact with it. Sevin is poisonous to the human body when ingested, knowing or unknowingly.

What Cleaning Products Kill Ants?

Several household cleaning products which contain bleach will kill ants. These products could either be natural or commercial. You should mix the concentrated cleaning products you want to use with enough water and sprinkle the ants to kill them instantly.

There are hundreds of cleaning products that will kill all ant species. Nonetheless, here are the most common products you should use.

These household products are natural and easily accessible.

Boric acid: Boric acid is poisonous to ants if consumed. Mix enough boric acid with food crumbs to attract the ants. The ants will smell and consume the food, carrying the excess back to the nest. Boric acid is an effective remedy that slowly kills the entire colony of any ant species.

Wipe any boric acid leftovers to prevent your children or pets from accidentally consuming them.

Dishwashing detergent: This is a cheap and safe solution for dealing with ants at home. Soapy water blocks the ants’ antennas and suffocates them.

Pine Sol: As discussed above, you have seen that pine sol kills stubborn ants at home if sprayed directly.

Lysol disinfectant: This is a short-term remedy to eliminate stubborn ants at home. The scent will repel them, and the chemical composition in this cleaning detergent will block the ants’ noses, killing them instantly.

Clorox bleach: Ants breathe through their exoskeletons. So, spraying them with Clorox bleach will block their pores and suffocate them.

Windex glass cleaner: This cleaner works like other disinfectants. Apart from deterring the antt, it will kill them by suffocation and drowning. 

How to Naturally Get Rid of Ants From Home?

You can naturally eliminate ants and kill their activity around the home by clearing or sealing all food sources. Additionally, blocking any entry points along the walls or floor is another effective solution you can use. These are the two most common methods that help to deal with all ant species.

Ants’ primary concern is collecting food to feed the queen, ensure growth, and protect the colony. So, these tiny insects will congregate at spots with scattered food crumbs. They use their highly-sensitive and effective antennas to detect food (video below) and release chemical trails (pheromones) to alert other ants. Hence, cleaning surfaces will remove the crumbs, and the ants will no longer have any scent to follow into your home.

Sugar ants, for example, are attracted to spilled sugar around your home. So, wiping off any spilled sugar on the table and cupboards with warm water mixed with vinegar is a sure way of dealing with the invasion.

Vinegar: Mix enough white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and sprinkle all ant entry points. Ants do not like the strong scent of white vinegar; hence this nontoxic mixture will deter them from gaining access to your home.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice is a substitute for white vinegar at home. The pungent smell of lemon will keep ants away from your home. Though, lemon juice is not effective enough to deal with an entire colony of ants in a nest.

Diatomaceous Earth: This safe, nontoxic food-grade product dries the ant’s exoskeleton, killing it instantly. Spray diatomaceous earth mixed with water directly on the ants for effective results.

Cream of Tartar: This is an acidic salt and an ant repellant. Place enough cream on entry points to block them from crossing over.

Cornmeal and cornstarch: These cereals are effective if you need a safe, slow-acting solution. The cornmeal will dry in the ant’s stomach and assume an indigested cement-like solid, which kills them.

Cedar chips: Ants and several insect species do not like the pungent smell of cedar chips. So, they will keep a safe distance.

Epsom salt: This is the best product if you are dealing with black ants. It will not kill them but drive them away.

What do Ants Hate the Most?

Ants don’t like several things around the home. Among them include citrus and spice scents. However, these insects hate kerosene and abrasive solutions like bleach because the smell causes respiratory complications. Kerosene is among the most effective ant killer, no matter the species.

Here are a few scents that ants hate the most:

Vinegar, coffee grounds, peppermint oil, citrus peels, baby powder, cayenne powder & black pepper, lemongrass essential oil, Tea Tree Oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, and cinnamon leaf essential oil.


Ants are essential to the ecosystem. However, an invasion at home will irritate you. So, you need a solution to deal with this scenario permanently.

The best way to eliminate ants is to deal with them at their early stage. So, the above guide has looked at all the practical measures you can use to deal with ant infestation at home using natural and artificial supplies.

Use any remedy from the list based on your home product.