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Does Pine Sol Kill Spiders? (Answered)

Does Pine Sol Kill Spiders? (Answered)

Spiders are natural pest control arthropods preying on crawling pests in your garden and lawn. However, they can be a nuisance in your home, especially if you do not control their increasing population around the home. Some species can be venomous and cause severe damage to the skin if they bite you, while others are non-poisonous, like the common house spiders.

Spider webs in the kitchen or around the home look unsanitary. So, you must get rid of them with some household cleaners before the situation worsens. This article looks at the effects of pine sol when dealing with spiders.

Does Pine Sol Kill Spiders?

Pine sol is an effective house-cleaning detergent that can also be used as an insecticide to deter spiders and other pesky bugs. Pine sol is a natural spider killer that kills spiders instantly. However, the effectiveness will depend on how you use the product.

Spray pine sol directly on the spider(s) to kill them. Spraying pine sol on surfaces that spiders frequent will deter them and not kill them. You might find spiders on wall corners, inside switches, between doors & windows, along cracks, or under the bed.

Spray pine sol directly on the spiders, then vacuum them to remove the carcass.

Does Pine Sol Keep Spiders Away?

Yes. Pine sol is a cleaning agent that gets rid of dirt and dust that spiders like to build their homes. This product has Clorox (a disinfectant that cleans surfaces). It is a natural insect repellent to keep spiders away.

Pine sol has phenol, pine oil, and other oil scents spiders do not like.

To deter spiders, mix 2 parts water and 1 part pine sol in a spray can. Spray the mixture in small amounts where you have seen spider activity. Remember, the more you dilute this mixture, the less its effectiveness.

Pine sol is not safe for pets. Hence, you should spray it in areas that pets cannot access. Also, pine sol should be stored away from children. Do not spray this cleaning product directly on food or close to food containers.

Always use gloves and wash your hands after handling pine sol.

Which Smell do Spiders Hate the Most?

Spiders have an acute sense of smell. So, they will hate anything with a pungent smell. They have millions of specialized sensory organs on their pedipalps and legs to sniff out anything along their path. They can also differentiate between food and non-food items.

So, using scents is the most effective way to keep spiders away. Remember that spiders will even use scent to find mates. Always use their sensitive smell to create a barrier they cannot cross.

Note that the following household products need reapplication to keep spiders away.

Eucalyptus or mint – These two scents are similar. Place eucalyptus or mint oil close to windows to prevent spiders from crawling into your home.

Cayenne pepper flakes – These hot pepper flakes irritates the spider’s senses, leaving them with a tingly feeling.

Crush the pepper and sprinkles on entryways to deter them from entering your home.

Citrus – fruits like lime and lemon produce natural citrus oils that smell acid. The pungent smell will keep spiders away.

Peppermint – The strong peppermint fragrance in a home can deter spiders because they find it unpalatable.

Cinnamon – Spiders find cinnamon irritating. So, you can either use cinnamon oil, powder, or candles to repel household spiders.

White vinegar – The acidic smell of vinegar repels spiders. Mix 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water in a spray bottle and spray it on the corners, windows, and potential spider hideouts.

Garlic – This is also another remedy to keep spiders away. You can either sprinkle garlic powder on food, crush the cloves, mix with water, and then spray.

Does Brake Cleaner Kill Spiders?

Yes! Brake cleaner is an insecticide that kills many insects, including spiders, instantly. It clogs the spider’s breathing pores on the exoskeleton. However, brake cleaner evaporates fast. So, you should reapply the brake cleaner after an hour or so. Use aerosol, liquid brake cleaner, and spray the spiders for effective results.

Brake cleaner can be dangerous when you inhale it. Hence, you must be cautious when using it to kill spiders. Wear a mask and gloves when spraying brake cleaner on spiders to avoid corroding your skin.

Also, you should always use brake cleaner outside to avoid contaminating surfaces. You should be careful when using brake cleaner if you have children and pets. But if you use it inside the house, ensure the room is well-ventilated.

Does Raid Wasp Spray Kill Spiders?

Yes! Raid wasp spray kills spiders instantly. Raid wasp spray contains cypermethrin, imiprothrin, and pyrethroids that paralyze insects, including spiders. However, it is only effective if sprayed directly on the spiders. If you spray the spider’s nest alone, you might still have spider problems. These chemicals will penetrate the spider’s nervous system and suffocate them.

Since spiders cannot hold their breath for long, their respiratory system will transport the Raid wasp gases into their organs, killing them instantly.

Using raid wasp spray to kill spiders is a cruel approach. However, it is among the most effective remedies for spider invasion. You should use wasp spray in spider-prone areas like the attic or basement.

Does Wondercide Kill Spiders?

Yes! Wondercide kills spiders, wasps, and other crawling insects. But you can also use it to repel spiders and not kill them. Wondercide will also be effective in killing spider eggs. It is a safe way to deal with spider infestations around the home.

Wondercide has a powerful and long-lasting effect on several insects in your home. It has organic plant-based compounds and essential oils, which are not harmful to humans but will repel spiders. Wondercide has electronic zappers that kill spiders upon direct contact.

Wondercide is safe if you want to protect your home from crawling insects. It eliminates larvae and adult spiders without staining the walls, floor, or other surfaces. Not to mention, this product is also child and pet safe. So, you can use it without worrying about any risks involved.

Does Perfume Kill Spiders?

Yes! Perfumes can kill a spider. Note that perfumes are contained under high pressure and have alcohol content. The alcohol will penetrate the spider’s exoskeleton and dehydrate them. But you must ensure the perfume contains high alcohol levels for an effective result.

You can use floral or sweet-smelling colognes to deal with spiders. However, you should note that the fragrance will not kill spiders instantly. It takes a few minutes for the alcohol content to break through the exoskeleton to suffocate the spider. You should also try to keep any water source away to prevent the spiders from hydrating again.

Using perfume is a pet and child-friendly technique. Also, the perfume smell leaves your home smelling fresh. But always ensure to avoid using perfume in the kitchen or close to utensils and food sources.

Natural Ways to Keep Spiders Away From Home

Even though garden spiders are natural pest-control agents that feast on leafhoppers, armyworms, leaf miners, and other plant pests in the garden, they can be dangerous to humans and pets. Some species, like the brown recluse spider or the yellow sac spider, are venomous.  So you need to keep them away from your home using natural methods.

Here are the most effective methods you should use.

Use repellents

As discussed earlier, there are specific scents that spiders find irritating and unbearable. These include essential oil and plant herbs like lavender, mint, eucalyptus, peppermint, and citrus.

So, you can grow plants along your home’s driveway to repel the spiders. You can also spray repellant oil in spider-prone areas to keep them away.

Block all openings or hideouts

Remove any visible spider hideouts and nests. Also, you can make sure to close any cracks and crawl spaces with a sponge or cardboard. Clean the corner walls to prevent them from nesting.

Sweep all spider webs

Remove any visible spider webs in your home to drive the spiders away. If you keep the ceiling board or corners clean, spiders will not find a comfortable place to build a nest.

Turn off porch lights

Outdoor lights usually attract bugs and insects like mosquitoes and flies; surprisingly, most bugs are spider delicacy. So, several spiders will be drawn near your house to find food.


Spiders can be a sign of pest control problems in your home. But if you find that some of the products mentioned above are inhumane for killing spiders, you can always choose any natural way to keep spiders away from your home.

Use any above techniques to deal with spiders along entry points or inside their nesting grounds. You can even take more precautions in the kitchen counters, underneath furniture, pantries, entryways like windows & doors, storage areas like attic & basement, and other infrequently used rooms in your home.