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Does Raid Kill Ants? (Yes. It Works)

Does Raid Kill Ants? (Yes. It Works)

Insects can crawl your space if you do not maintain proper hygiene. You should also remember that insects, especially ants, are attracted to locations with food. Fire ants, for example, will match into your kitchen if you leave scattered greasy leftovers on the floor, cupboards, or top surfaces. Hence, you need a permanent solution to deal with them.

You can choose natural repellants like cleaning surfaces or sealing food containers to keep ants and other pesky insects away from your house. Alternatively, you can also use commercial products to kill them.

This article looks at how to use raid insecticide to deal with most insects at home.

Does Raid Work on Ants?

Yes. Raid insecticide works on all types of ants. This insecticide uses chemicals like allethrin, d-trans Piperonyl Butoxide, Tetramethrin, and other ingredients to work on ants upon contact. It offers the best indoor and outdoor solutions.

Using raid to deal with ants is straightforward. Shake the can well and spray 1-2 direct shots of this insecticide to the ants. You can also try to find the ants’ hideout and spray directly to increase the effects of the insecticide. Usually, hideouts are noticeable along the corners of loosely packed ground surfaces.

You can choose different flavors, including odorless Raid insecticides, according to your preferences.

Does Raid Kill Carpenter Ants?

Yes. Raid will kill carpenter ants and other ant species instantly. You should use Raid to manage a carpenter ant invasion because it is among the market’s most effective bug control products without serious health side effects.

Note that carpenter ants are destructive pests that will excavate and destroy wood frames, tree roots, and dry firewood in your house to build their homes. These ½ -inch tiny ant species build nests under the wood and multiply rapidly, causing serious structural damage. Luckily, you can use Raid to eliminate them before the situation worsens.

Thoroughly spray any spots you notice in the carpenter ants’ nest with Raid killer, then seal all entry points with silicone caulking to prevent future infestation. Also, you can eliminate all moisture in the ground or foundation, stack firewood at least 5 inches from the ground, and remove any dry tree stamp to avoid attracting more carpenter ants to your home.

How Does Raid Work?

Raid manufactures ant killer sprays with effective neurotoxins that penetrate the exoskeleton of any insect, causing instant paralysis and death. When an insect inhales the raid odor, the chemicals affect the nervous system instantaneously.

Most Raid products are also scented to leave your indoor space smelling fresh. But you should always use the actual Raid product to deal with specific pests.

Here are the available brands you should take note of.

Raid essential: Usually contains plant-based ingredients to kill several bug species.

Foggers: Uses a cloud of fog to kill all indoor and outdoor hiding bugs.

Gel & Baits: Any targeted pest will feed on the gel and return to the nest to die slowly. Furthermore, other bugs will die if exposed or fed on the carcass.

Aerosol: Spray aerosol in the air or surfaces for any targeted pests to inhale. Aerosols are available in different fragrances.

Perimeter protection: Mix this product with the recommended water and spray the lawn to keep crawling bugs from creeping into your compound or garden.

Raid perimeter protection creates an impenetrable barrier.

What Does Raid do to Ants?

Raid kills ants on contact. If you spray Raid insecticide in the air, the residual action will continue to kill ants. The chemical content in this insecticide acts as a neurotoxin damaging the nervous system of the ants when they inhale the odor.

When ants contact the Raid, the chemicals interfere with the ant’s exoskeleton blocking it from utilizing oxygen intake and, as a result, killing them.

The neurotoxins target all protein channels to impair all normal functioning of the nervous system inside the body. After a few seconds, the ant is paralyzed, then dies moments later.

Does Raid Work on Flies?

Yes. Raid works on all crawling insects, including flies. You must use the Raid aerosol and spray direct shots to the flies for instant effects. Alternatively, you can spray the air with Raid insecticide to deal with airborne flies. Still, close all doors and windows, then spray enough insecticide.

Houseflies are the most common fly species you might notice at home. They will intrude into your indoor space whenever you forget to manage hygiene correctly.

Typically, most flies are attracted inside the home when garbage bins are left open. Also, they will be attracted if there are animal carcasses in the attic or pet feces & manure in the garden. Open drains and unmanaged rotten foods in the kitchen attract these pesky insects.

Flies can transmit dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, food poisoning, anthrax, and about 65 other diseases. Hence, you must deal with them before the situation worsens.

You can also use Raid to deal with flies outside. Though, you must locate the source of the problem to avoid dealing with a handful of flies.

Go to the garbage cans or a heap of manure and spray enough aerosol insecticide to deal with the source of the problem. Afterward, clear the source of the problem to reduce the number of flies in your home to avoid a recurrence of the same situation.

Sweep the dead flies inside the house to avoid attracting other pests like ants.

How to use Raid to Kill Ants?

Using Raid is simple. Shake the can well and point the can directly to the ants. Spray 1-2 burst shots to the ants. Try to be more practical and deal with the ants in their nest. You can spray Raid directly at the nest entrance when the ants are crawling out.

Raid aerosol is an effective insect killer you should purchase. It is manufactured to be used in any household setting. However, you must read the use directions on the can to understand what is required beforehand.

Also, take the necessary precautions as discussed below when using Raid insecticide.

How Long Does it Take Raid to Kill Ants?

Raid works in seconds upon contact with insects. Though, you should use it according to the instructions for effective results. The chemical composition in this insecticide blocks the respiratory system of ants, killing them instantly. The effects of thorough Raid treatment can last about four weeks before reapplying any chemical treatment.

Remember that you must deal with the other big problem after using Raid to kill ants.

Killing a stream of ants with Raid aerosol guarantees effective results. However, look for the source of ants and eliminate it as well. Look for an ant hill nearby or potential hideouts and spray Raid ant killer directly inside it.

If you can eliminate the queen, you will have dealt with the entire ant invasion.

Precautions to Take While Using Raid Ant Killer

All insecticides are bad for your health if inhaled or upon contact. So, you must always take the necessary precautions when using them. Typically, Raid ant killer is no exception and will contaminate food or water, causing serious stomach problems to humans, birds, and other pets.

In a few instances, Raid can lead to death in extreme situations.

Here are the necessary precautions you should take when using Raid ant killer.

Treating a room

Close all the windows and doors and spray the raid insecticide for about 3-4 seconds while the can faces upwards. Leave the room immediately and keep the door closed for approximately 1 hour. However, Raid takes about 15 – 20 minutes to guarantee effective results in a well-ventilated room.

You can open the doors to resume normal operations after an hour when the Raid smell dissolves in the air to avoid inhaling any chemical components.

Also, remember to wear a dust mask, long-sleeved shirt, safety goggles, and gloves if you want to deal with a severe home infestation.

Avoiding contamination

Avoid spraying Raid in the kitchen. Though if you have to, spray Raid after tightly closing all food containers to avoid contamination.

Avoid spraying Raid ant killer directly on plants or garden soil.

Washing hands

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using raid insect killer.

The most common side effects of direct contact with raid ant killer include:

Remember any of the above symptoms will vary from one person to the other.

Keeping Raid

You should always store Raid insect killer away from children and pets. Lock the Raid insecticide in a cupboard.


Raid is an effective and convenient insecticide. You do not need special or technical skills when dealing with stubborn flies and ants at home. Nonetheless, you must follow the manufacturer’s guide for instant results.

This article has looked at how Raid works and how to deal with flies and ants at home.