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Does Raid Kill Carpet Beetles? (Answered)

Does Raid Kill Carpet Beetles? (Answered)

Carpet beetles can destroy your carpet fabrics if you do not take action immediately. Using Raid is one solution most homeowners use to eradicate these pesky insects from the carpet.

But is it effective enough in killing the adult beetles plus their eggs? This guide looks at how to use different Raid insecticide products to deal with carpet beetles.

Apart from that, you should understand all the other effective ways to kill carpet beetles. Carefully follow this guide to know if Raid will help you deal with carpet beetles completely.

Does Raid Ant and Roach Kill Carpet Beetles?

Yes. Raid ants and roach killer will kill carpet beetles on contact. This insecticide contains effective active ingredients like Cypermethrin and Imiprothrin, which are lethal and poisonous to carpet beetles. Though, you should use Raid roach killer regularly because the toxicity effects of this product decrease over time, causing weakened effects.

Nonetheless, Raid ant and roach killer is not the most effective product you should use to kill carpet beetles hiding under the baseboard or carpet crevices. Raid ant and roach killers do not have residual toxicity, as mentioned above.

So, it will not eliminate an entire carpet beetle infestation at home. Instead, you should use professional carpet beetle killers to deal with the situation completely.

Also, remember that Raid insecticide can cause irritation to human skin. You should be extra careful when using it to deal with carpet beetles. Follow the instructions on the can, and take all safety precautions like wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a mask when using Raid ant and roach killer.

Tip: Use Raid ant and roach killer when the carpet beetles are in their dormant stage to guarantee effective results.

Will Raid Flea Spray Kill Carpet Beetles?

Yes. Raid flea killer spray kills carpet beetles. This product contains active ingredients affecting the nervous system of most insects, including carpet beetles. Note that carpet beetles have the same structure as fleas.

Raid flea killer eliminates hatching insect eggs and young beetles.

As a homeowner, you should always purchase insecticides with the following active ingredients. These ingredients effectively kill carpet beetles (either alone or mixed).

  1. Bifenthrin
  2. Cyfluthrin
  3. Cypermethrin
  4. Deltamethrin
  5. Imidacloprid
  6. Lambda-cyhalothrin
  7. Pyriproxyfen

Spray enough Raid flea killer on the carpet, furniture upholstery, or any spots you might have noticed carpet beetle damage.

How Does Raid Kill Carpet Beetles?

Raid is a synthetic insecticide using active ingredients that are the same as other natural pesticides. The pyrethroids elements in Raid affect the reproductive system of carpet beetles and reduce their population growth. Spray this product on the carpet, sofa upholstery, and crevices to kill any exposed beetles.

Raid insecticide contains imiprotrin, pyrethroids, and pyrethrin. These are effective ingredients that repel carpet beetles and kill them upon contact.

The pyrethrin ingredient in most synthetic insecticides usually attacks the central nervous system of insects (including carpet beetles), paralyzing them and killing them slowly. Thus, when carpet beetles ingest Raid’s active formula, the result is a slow death.

How to Use Raid to Kill Carpet Beetles?

Raid is an effective product in killing carpet beetles in your home. Spray Raid on the carpet crevice and under baseboards at least once weekly to repel these stubborn insects damaging your carpet fabric. Purchase an odorless fragrance insecticide to keep your room fresh while acting on the carpet beetles.

Here are the steps to follow when using Raid insecticide.

  1. Shake the Raid can well to ensure an even mix inside the can
  2. Wear protective gear like nose & mouth cover and latex gloves – especially if you are using odor Raid fragrances
  3. Close windows and doors before spraying Raid
  4. Spray short bursts of Raid repeatedly on the carpet and upholstery. You can spray Raid for two or three seconds at regular intervals for effective results. You can also check window corners and doorways for carpet beetle clusters because they like congregating in such spots.
  5. DO NOT LIMIT the use of Raid insecticide close to your bed because the toxicity of this product does not last for extended periods.
  6. Remove all pet foods, dishes, and your kid’s toys before using Raid insecticide.
  7. Leave the room and keep the windows and doors shut for another 45 minutes or 1 hour.
  8. You can open the windows in the treated area after an hour to ventilate it and resume normal functioning.

Pro Tip: Always ensure your kids and pets are not within the recommended radius (treated area) when using Raid insecticide.


Can You Spray Raid on the Carpet?

Yes. You can spray Raid on the carpet. However, you must take the necessary safety precautions, like keeping pet dishes and kids’ toys away from the carpet. Also, you can remove the rug outside for airing or washing after using Raid insect killer to prevent any staining.

Fortunately, most Raid products do not stain fabrics. Nonetheless, you must check the Raid ingredients to confirm it does not stain carpets or fabrics or affect the carpet’s look. If it does, you should not use it on the mat. Instead, use other less effective Raid products.

Do not let the name carpet beetles deceive you into believing that carpet beetles can only be found on carpet fibers. These unwanted invaders prefer dark spots. Hence, apart from the carpet, you can spray the dresser, baseboard, closet, upholstered furniture, pantries, and other areas where you might store wool clothing or fur.


  1. DO NOT spray more than you intended to
  2. DO NOT spray on unwanted surfaces
  3. ALWAYS check the label to understand how to use Raid products

Does Vinegar Kill Carpet Beetles?

Yes. Concentrated vinegar is effective in killing carpet beetles. Mix equal part vinegar with hot water in a spray bottle and carefully spray enough concoction on the affected area.

Concentrated vinegar is effective in killing adult and carpet beetle larvae. Do not over-dilute this mixture if you want effective results.

After using vinegar, you should vacuum the carpet to collect dead adult carpet beetles and dried carpet beetle eggs to prevent them from hatching again.

Using vinegar at home will repel stubborn adult carpet beetles and penetrate the soft exoskeleton of larvae beetles, killing them.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles at Home

Besides using insecticides containing bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, or deltamethrin, frequently vacuuming the carpet and cleaning the floor will help eliminate carpet beetles. Ensuring that dust does not accumulate in baseboards, and upholstery fabric will also drive these insects away from your home.

Remember that carpet beetles multiply fast. An adult beetle can lay approximately 100 eggs. So, you must deal with the situation early.

Follow these practical approaches to deal with carpet beetles at home.

Boric Acid: Boric acid is toxic to an insect’s metabolism. So, sprinkle enough boric acid (in powder) on the carpet, then wait a few hours before vacuuming.

Alternatively, mix the boric acid powder with hot water and spray the carpet, furniture upholstery, and baseboards. This solution will kill carpet beetle larvae, leaving your carpet clean.

Diatomaceous Earth: Diatomaceous earth is a natural product available in powder form and used to eliminate all unwanted material from water. You can use diatomaceous earth in small quantities to dehydrate carpet beetle larvae at home.

Sprinkle enough diatomaceous earth on the carpet and allow enough time for the carpet beetles to contact the powder.

Steam cleaning and vacuuming: Regular steam cleaning the carpet and vacuuming ensures a clean rug free from carpet beetles.

Use the correct upholstery vacuum cleaner with steam-cleaning properties to guarantee effective results.

Use commercial foggers: Fogger formulas guarantee carpet beetle elimination from your home, including severe invasion. These formulas kill carpet beetles on contact. So, purchase the recommended fogger from the supermarket or pesticide control store and follow all how-to-use guides.

As it might be impossible to completely keep bugs away from your home, the above techniques will ensure 99% of bugs and carpet beetle reduction.


Carpet beetles can cause skin rash and allergies if not treated early. Not to mention, severe carpet beetles in your home can damage the carpet fabric and upholstery. Consequently, you must repel or use effective remedies to kill these pesky insects at home.

This guide has looked at how to use Raid products to deal with carpet beetles. Follow all the steps discussed to guarantee effective results.

Remember: You can contact professional exterminators in case the infestation worsens. Also, only use trusted Raid brands to protect your family and pets from carpet beetles and other uninvited bugs.