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Does Windex or Fabuloso Kill Roaches? (Quick Answer)

Does Windex or Fabuloso Kill Roaches? (Quick Answer)

You’re cleaning your house when you see a few roaches running across the floor in an attempt to hide. Instead of buying insecticides, you wonder if you can kill the roaches using cleaning supplies. You’re holding a bottle of Windex, and you wonder, does Windex kills roaches?

If it works, as discussed in this article, it will be less expensive and make your job easier. After all, you will have done cleaning and pest control at once.  We’ll also inform you whether you can kill roaches using Fabuloso, hairspray, triazicide, and bed bug killer. Along with other natural ways to keep roaches out of your home, we also share with you the best ways to kill roaches instantly. 

Can Windex Kill Roaches?

You can kill roaches using Windex, although it will take some time. Various compounds in Windex are lethal to roaches and other bugs. Since it consists of several compounds, you discover that each can successfully eliminate roaches. The water component of Windex will drown the roaches.

Ammonium hydroxide, isopropanolamine, and 2-hexoxyethanol are the other three compounds and are all corrosive. Additionally, the blue dye is harmful.

But Windex does not work against a heavy infestation. You can only use Windex when you are dealing with a few roaches. 

Does Fabuloso Kill Roaches?

Fabuloso is an all-multipurpose household cleaner that kills roaches. Roaches can’t stand the smell of Fabuloso since they have a high sense of smell. The cleanser has lingering fragrances of citrus, lavender, and mist. When roaches come in contact with Fabuloso, they will instantly die.

The roaches won’t be able to escape when you spray or wipe surfaces with the cleaner.

Since Fabuloso is non-toxic, most people prefer it to fight roaches. Hence, you can use it around your children and pets without worry. In comparison to most insecticides, the cleaner leaves a better scent. When you frequently spray Fabuloso in your home, you won’t need an insecticide because most bugs are repelled.

Here is how you can use Fabuloso to kill roaches:

  1. Clear all the shelves, countertops, and other surfaces and areas that you want to spray, then do so.
  2. Spray underneath bulky furniture, behind appliances, and in dark areas.
  3. Until you no longer see roaches in your home, spray every day simultaneously.

Does Hairspray Kill Roaches?

Roaches have vulvar openings in their respiratory system known as spiracles, which they use to breathe instead of the mouth. They have spiracles on every part of their body.

Hairspray is very effective on cockroaches. When you apply hairspray on roaches, their wings and legs adhere to the body. The roaches’ spiracles are blocked by the wings and legs, rendering them immobile. The roaches will eventually die within the next few hours.

The roaches’ spiracles can also be directly blocked with hairspray, killing them. You must apply the hairspray directly to the roaches to be effective. It may take the roaches you sprayed 6 to 12 hours to die. Once the roaches become immobile, some people prefer to crush them to death.

Hairspray does a good job killing roaches, but you shouldn’t use it on an infestation. Do you want to spray hairspray all over your home, considering that it only works when it comes in contact? Consider how sticky everything will be and how challenging it will be to clean.

Does Triazicide Kill Roaches?

Triazicide kills roaches. It is a well-liked pesticide for lawns and has a 100-species insect-killing capacity. Triazicide often kills roaches instantly, but if one survives, it will die in a matter of hours. The roaches’ nervous system is disturbed by the insecticide.

However, you shouldn’t use it indoors because of its toxicity. Instead, spray it all around your home’s entrances.

You can mix three tablespoons in 1 gallon of water. Spray it on the ground next to the wall all around your house. Apply around vents, windows, doors, and other areas where roaches could enter your house. Make sure there is no debris or leaf litter around your home’s foundation. Push back rocks and trim any vegetation.  

Spray the mixture generously until the area is wet for the best results. All of this is done to ensure the insecticide gets to the soil, which is home to the roaches.

You should repeat the process every eight weeks until you no longer see roaches in your house. Any roach, whether above ground or underground, is promptly killed by triazicide due to its extreme toxicity. 

Here is how to spray using Triazicide:

Does Bed Bug Killer Kill Roaches?

It will depend on the particular bed bug killer’s active ingredients. A typical bed bug killer has pyrethrins, pyrethroids, desiccants, and pyrroles. For a bedbug killer to effectively kill roaches, it must have desiccants. Boric acid and diatomaceous earth are good examples of desiccants. Now, roaches will die if the bed bug killer you use has one or both desiccants. 

Desiccants strip bedbugs of their protective wax covering, causing dehydration and death.

What Kills Roaches Instantly?

Roaches can make your home uncomfortable. Most people look for ways to eliminate them instantly. You can use boric acid and Diatomaceous Earth, instantly killing roaches. 

Diatomaceous Earth 

Although it may not be as well-known as boric acid, diatomaceous earth (DE) will quickly kill roaches. The ideal kind is food grade, which is finer and regulated by the EPA. The roach is dehydrated and killed after the waxy covering of its exoskeleton is broken down by DE powder.

Diatomaceous earth, which will have stuck to the little hairs on the roaches’ legs, will be carried to their hiding spots. The roaches will die in time. The DE will kill even more roaches because roaches are known to engage in cannibalism and consume dead roaches.

You can also combine sugar and DE in an equal ratio. Roaches attracted to the sugar will eat the mixture without realizing it contains DE. The fact that food-grade DE is safe to sprinkle behind appliances, on shelves, and within cabinets is its finest feature.

Boric acid

The most common form of boric acid is powder. You can quickly dust the areas where roaches are plentiful. Apply boric acid to the cracks and holes of the walls. The powder sticks to their bodies when the roaches crawl on the areas where you’ve sprinkled boric acid.

The boric acid attacks the nervous system of the roach’s body, killing them. Roaches have been known to eat other dead roaches. If a roach happens to eat a dead roach that has boric acid, it will also die. Even without eating the dead roach, bodily contact with an affected roach is enough to kill it. 

Make careful to apply the boric acid equally to the areas where you have observed roaches to be active. To stop new roaches from entering your home, don’t forget to fill in the spaces surrounding the house where they often enter.

You should be aware that boric acid shouldn’t come into contact with your foodstuff. Avoid letting your children or pets near where you have applied boric acid.

Natural Ways To Keep Roaches Out of Home

We have additional approaches you might try if the ones above make you uncomfortable. Other methods are safer, more natural, and readily available in your home. Let’s examine a few.

1. Baking soda and sugar

You can use sugar and baking soda mixture. The roaches will be attracted to the sugar and consume baking powder too.  Their stomachs swelling from the baking soda kills them.

Combine water, baking soda, and peppermint if your main goal is to repel roaches rather than kill them. Spray the mixture in all cracks, crevices, and windows and doors.

2. Keep food sources away

Roaches are drawn to places where they can find food quickly. They will probably find food, water, and moist places to hide in your dirty home. To prevent roaches from entering your home, you must take the following steps:

  1. Avoid leaving unwashed dishes in the sink overnight.
  2. Keep your trash cans shut and regularly take away the trash.
  3. Keep your pet’s feeding bowls covered while not in use.
  4. Ensure there is no excess moisture in your home, such as from leaky faucets or damaged showers.
  5. Remove any food crumbs from your floors and counters.
  6. Any containers for food should be properly sealed.
  7. Remove any grease from the stovetop. 

3. Use Mint 

Roaches dislike the scent of mint, while humans love it. You can use Corn mint Essential Oil, which is available on Amazon. The oil has menthone and menthol, which repels roaches. Because corn mint oil is typically concentrated, you can dilute it with some water to make it last longer. 

Use 6-12 drops of corn mint essential oils for every cup of water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on those areas you have seen the roaches frequently. Purpose of repeating this process every 3-5 days. Ensure to spray all the areas the roaches can hide, such as holes, cracks, openings, and crevices. 

4. Thyme Herbs and essential oil

Another smell that roaches seem to dislike is thyme. It has a chemical called carvacrol which repels roaches. You can use thyme essential oil to make a spray. 6-12 drops of thyme essential oil per cup of water will be enough to make a good spray. Spray the area where you usually observe roaches with the mixture after putting it in a spray bottle.

Think about putting the herb in little pots or throughout your property. Thyme will mostly keep roaches out of your house once it is planted. If you already have an infestation, it won’t work.

To keep roaches away, you can also use crushed thyme and sprinkle it on areas where they are most frequent.

In Conclusion

When you notice roaches in your home, you no longer need to become worried. We’ve provided several solutions to get rid of them. You won’t have to be anxious about roach infestation in your home if you apply them properly.