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Found a Turtle in My Yard: What to Do?

Found a Turtle in My Yard: What to Do?

Turtles are wonderful and lovely animals that belong to the family of Testudines. They are the type of animals that cause no harm to humans. Those who can maintain and care for them are animals that can be kept as domestic animals.

That said, if you are living near any body of water, the chances are that you may come across a turtle in your yard. If you find a turtle in your yard, the turtle might have just strolled off from the water and found itself in your yard; seeing this, you need not panic as it meant no harm to you or your household.

If you find that you are in such a fix, you need to know what is required of you to do to keep the turtle safe and free of harm. To know the precise steps to take when you find a turtle in your yard, keep reading as this article will cover all that needs to be done and other information that will help you if you find a turtle.

What Should I do if I Find a Turtle in the Yard?

Turtles are animals that people are so naive about their lifestyle and care, unlike cats and dogs they are familiar with. When people encounter one, especially in their yard, they are always helpless about what to do about this creature.

During springtime, turtles are mostly found on roads and yards as this is the season they always relocate from one place to another. If you’ve ever encountered any of these creatures or you leave in a place where you think this creature may likely crawl to one day, you should know what to do if it showed up in your yard.

Here are some of the things you should do:

If you see a turtle in your yard, the best thing to do is to leave it alone as it might be moving from spring to early fall or strolling around if it is a male turtle, and it will likely get out of your yard on its own.

But if it is a female turtle, and you find it around August, it’s probably pregnant and looking for a damp place to dig the ground and lay its eggs for it to hatch. So leave it and let it lay its eggs; they cause no harm.

If you find a turtle in your yard, try to identify its species if you can. If the species is a foreign one, it likely escaped captivity, or the owner let it out, and it might threaten those species in your region. For this, a professional may be called upon to handle it.

Finding a turtle in your yard walking through, you can pay attention to where it’s heading. If you noticed it walking out of your yard and moving towards crossing the road, it is best to pick it up and help it cross the same direction you see it heading. This is to ensure that it is protected from any form of accident or being attacked by a predator.

Do not take the turtle you see in your yard and relocate them to a place you perceive will be okay. Doing this may be hazardous to the turtle. They know what direction to go, but taking them from their living space might be a death sentence for them.

If you find a baby turtle in your yard, to keep it safe, call a professional– Animal Rehabilitator to take care of them and help them survive because they are defenseless and may die before getting into the water.

Seeing a baby turtle, do not leave them alone; help them stay protected. If you can’t do that, contact a vet Doctor or animal rescue on time to come to their aid.

What Does it Mean if You Find a Turtle in Your Yard?

Finding a turtle, some people don’t give any recognition or attribute any meaning to it. They see it as a normal phenomenon of an animal walking by and passing through their yard.

In contrast, some have a firm belief and give interpretation and meaning to things of such. As a result, if you belong to the school of thought that finding a turtle in your yard has meaning attached or want to know its implication, you will get to know that here.

Many mythologies concerning turtles exist, and it varies from one culture and belief to the other. However, from all, there is some similitude.

In the far east, the turtle’s shell is seen as a symbol of heaven, and the square underside is a symbol of earth. It is believed that turtle can help one unite heaven and earth in one’s life and invite heavenly and earthly blessings.

For the Native Americans, a turtle is associated with the lunar cycle, menstruation, and the power of female energies. It is seen as a symbol of mother earth and indicates that all our needs are provided by mother earth.

If you see a turtle in your yard, whether it’s your totem or not, it means that you should make use of your head and knowledge to put yourself right when you are being faced with a turbulence situation.

For those having it as their totem, this is the message it passes across to them, and it always shows up when they are being faced with confusion to encourage them. It can also be interpreted as a reminder not to miss opportunities.

It also symbolizes peace when seen or told to walk through life on a peaceful path, have peace of mind, and become one with your environment as it is with its shell.

In all, when you find a turtle in your yard and your belief aligns with it, it is about grounding, having balance, a slower pace, emotional understanding, and ancient wisdom.

How to Get Rid of Turtles in My Yard?

Getting rid of turtles in your yard shouldn’t be concerned as they are animals that cause no harm except for the snapping turtle with a pointed wicked beak and jaw that can cut. They are the species that do bite as well.

This is the only turtle that you should worry about getting rid of in your yard. It is best to let them be for snapping turtles and walk past your yard on their own. But if you have kids that can serve as a threat to them, you can call on animal control to help get rid of it.

If it is not a snapping turtle, it’s best to leave it alone than get rid of it. If it’s a female turtle, it may be looking for a damp place where it can dung up and lay its eggs.

If it is a baby turtle that has just been hatched, ensure its protection from predators than getting rid of it. If you can not adequately protect the baby turtles, calling on an expert to help handle them will be a great move.

Can I Keep a Turtle I Found Outside?

If you love animals and are fascinated by the nature of turtles being harmless animals, you might be tempted to want to keep them. But can you keep the turtle found outside?

The answer is a probable no. This is because they are reptile and require lots of preparation, care, commitment, and adaptation to survive in an environment in which it does not belong.

But if you are committed to keeping the turtle and to do everything to adapt it to a new environment and survive, you need to identify its species if it’s the type that can be kept as a pet or not.

You also need to contact the animal care authority to know if it is legal to keep it as a pet. Check if it does not have a disease from a vet Doctor before thinking of keeping it. Having done all mentioned, get the right knowledge on how you can keep it and take care of it for feeding and sheltering.

Do Turtles Dig Holes in the Yard?

Digging a hole by a turtle in the yard depends on your yard’s type of soil. If the turtle is a female turtle and finds your yard to be damp soil that can be used for nesting and safe, it will dig a hole there to lay its eggs. In a nutshell, turtles dig holes in yards if it is safe and the soil is right for it.

What Can I Feed the Turtle Found in the Yard?

Turtles are lovely animals that can be kept as pets, though their care requires time and effort. Turtles have varied diets that they can feed on, and you need to understand how often they should be fed.

You can feed the turtle found in your yard with vegetables and fruits such as kale, green beans, cabbage,  spinach, broccoli, roses, hibiscus, apples, banana, melon, among others.

They can also be fed with live food as they also eat meats. Live worm and cricket are good for them as live food. You can also feed them with pellets and balanced foods and vitamins.

Conclusion: Can I Keep the Turtle Found in the Yard?

If you find a turtle in your yard, you don’t need to get scared as it means no harm to you. All you ought to do is to ensure that the species is not a snapping turtle that can harm you or any other members of your household.

In helping a turtle cross the road, if it is a big one, do not use your hand to carry it for safety purposes. A shovel can be used to transport it. Peradventure, you find a female turtle that has laid her eggs in your yard, try to shelter it, or contact those that can do that for the egg not to be affected by predators.