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How to Get a Car Towed From Your Driveway Legally?

How to Get a Car Towed From Your Driveway Legally?

Whether it involves pulling back into an empty parking space or finding someone else’s car blocking your driveway, everyone has to deal with the towing process at some point.

Having a car towed is a colossal headache. In addition to the mishap of being without the car in the middle of the street, the owner will have to regularize the entire situation of the vehicle to get it back. This means not only paying the fine for the infraction that led to the seizure of the car but also previous fines and debts.

Suppose someone believes his vehicle was towed improperly, that the towing service or property owner violated state law, or their vehicle was damaged in transit or storage. The towing service refuses to accept responsibility. In that case, they can take it up legally, which becomes a problem.

Having known this,  it is reasonable that you know how to tow a vehicle from your driveway legally to avoid the crises it can bring if done improperly.

This article will find out the dos and don’ts when towing a vehicle from your driveway.

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Can You Get a Car Towed For Blocking Your Driveway?

If someone else’s car is blocking your entry into the driveway, you should find a free parking space nearby unless there are exceptional circumstances such as mobility problems.

If the vehicle is on the street, you can call the police; they can have it towed. However, if the car is behind the driveway, i.e. already on private property, you can and you have to call the towing company to have the car towed.

In case you call the police, it’s possible they probably ask if you have to drive away now. If you only want to get some things down the street which won’t take long, you can do that on foot or by bike.

However, you might also decide to stand in front of the illegal parker and park him. In any case, you must not restrict anyone’s freedom of movement, even if they wrongly use the parking space. Otherwise, this constitutes a criminal offense of coercion.

How to Get a Car Towed From Your Driveway Legally?

In recent years, there have been increasing convictions in the case law against traffic offenders who parked in other vehicles or driveways.

Are you unable to drive your vehicle out of the garage because the garage entrance is blocked by a parked car?

“What can I do?” is the first question after the initial anger has subsided, and what you know what you should do must be legal, else you are most likely going to get fined. Parking in front of property entrances and exits will result in a fine so, what to do depends on the individual case.

In general, you have to wait and see. You should give the illegal parker at least five minutes. Maybe he just parked for a short time to get bread rolls and quickly clear the space again.

If you are still restricted after a reasonable waiting time, you can call the public order office for support. In addition to issuing a ticket, they can arrange for the illegally parked vehicle to be moved or towed away.

The illegal parker has to bear the costs – but please note that you usually have to make an advance payment for these costs, which you should claim again later.

How Much Does it Typically Cost to Get a Car Towed?

Parking illegally is a punishable offense and can lead to a warning fine. The cost of having a car towed varies depending on how far the towing service company is to your place. Towing a trailer typically costs around $109. Also, the cost of a towing also varies depending on your vehicle, towing your car can range from $75 to $125.

The following are common prices based on distance:

  • 5 miles or less: $35–$125
  • 40 miles: $125 – $275

On a general note, you might also need to tow your car. When this happens, you also need the towing company service for your vehicle, not necessarily for illegal parking. You should also know the cost and how they vary according to conditions.

For example, if you need your car transported late at night, on a regular weekend or holiday, the price may increase. The same is true if the terrain is rugged, such as driving through the mountains, on winding, narrow roads, etc.

Also, if the car gets stuck in a ditch or mud, the cost of a which can range from $50 to $250 an hour. You should note that routine towing is cheaper than transporting a car involved in an accident.

Towing a car away from the accident scene is usually more expensive. However, you can avoid this hassle by joining an insurance company which can cost around $52 to $144 a year, and taking your vehicle up to 100 miles.

Subscriptions are also available from other roadside assistance companies. In addition, most companies will also include extra services like flat tire repair, refueling, and starting gasoline under this membership.

Some key factors that cause this variation in towing cost are listed below:

  • The distance a tow truck must cover.
  • The size of your vehicle.
  • The difficulty level of hoisting your car onto the tow truck.
  • Time of day e.g 9 am in the morning, or 3 pm in the afternoon.
  • Additional roadside assistance requirement.

How To Report a Car Blocking Your Driveway?

Suppose you need to get in or out, and you don’t know whose vehicle it is blocking your entrance for some time. In that case, it is recommended that you take the following steps:

1. You take a photo of the offending car, clearly demonstrating the situation, and then call the citizen security number of your commune.

If your commune does not have a citizen security telephone number, you can call the police quadrant plan number corresponding to your address. Do not use 911 unless it is a vital emergency.

2. Indicate what is happening, and if possible, they will send an inspector or police officer to file a report. Unless the vehicle is also blocking a faucet or other critical location, it will hardly be moved with the tow truck.

3. In case the car is still there the next day, call back. If they come more than once, or more than one person reports, it is more likely to be towed away.

If you need to leave urgently for an important reason, such as going to a health facility, indicate it in the call. They will likely send a tow truck in those cases.

Can Someone Tow My Car Without Permission?

This depends totally on the situation. For example, if your car is claimed to have obstructed another vehicle, there won’t be a need for permission before it is towed away like a cart at the back of a horse.


It’s causing a delay to other drivers, and just like you, the driver has the liberty to take the steps discussed earlier in this post, such as calling the police to have it towed.

How Do I Prevent Neighbors From Parking on My Driveway?

Instead of looking for solutions, the ideal thing to do would be to prevent other vehicles from obstructing the gate of our home. Although there are no magic solutions, we can lower the likelihood using the following methods:

1. Place No Parking Driveway sign: You should put a “No Parking Driveway” sign on the gate, as it will serve as a deterrent. These signs are sold commercially and are not expensive.

2. Place a wooden trestle: Another option is to place a kind of wooden trestle covering the space where the vehicles that cover your entrance are parked.

Although they can move it, since it obstructs the public road a certain way, it will indicate to the vehicles that park on your street that this place is closed. The cones won’t do you any good, so don’t waste money on them.

3. Ask Municipality for help: If homemade solutions do not work, you should ask the Municipality for help. The Directorate of Transit or Community Development can prepare an “official” No Parking sign indicating a registered party. Although it has a cost, it is low.

Some municipalities go further, and if you find a willing person, they might mark the pavement in front of your front door to make it clear that parking is prohibited there.

4. Unity is strength: If the obstruction of driveways is a recurring problem in your neighborhood, get organized with your neighbors to seek a solution with the authorities.

It is vital to seek peaceful solutions and follow the rules because if you try to move the car that obstructs your gate, you could damage it and pay those costs, the same with “revenge” that could even generate violent episodes.


Parking where it shouldn’t be is a violation and a lack of respect towards those who will be harmed by the presence of your car in the wrong place, so consider the rules and avoid bad times.