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7 Surprising Ways to Get Rid of Lizards in the Garage (And What Attracts Them)

7 Surprising Ways to Get Rid of Lizards in the Garage (And What Attracts Them)

Lizards always look for means of entering your garage because these are the dark areas they most likely want to hide and do their worst.

Most people can’t stand the sight of a lizard, and that is why most will scream when they see this reptile in their house. This makes it even more challenging to kill a lizard because the process itself can get messy.

Besides that, you need to understand that lizards are fast reptiles and can quickly disappear when you see them. Worst of all, some can change their colors, making it even more difficult to spot them once they undergo this change.

Lizards can also sometimes be referred to as pests because they can lay eggs in darker areas, hatching them and multiplying in the infested area.

The whole point is that lizards are not the kind of creatures you need in your home. They are not just scary but could also embarrass you amidst your guests. That said, this post will walk you through how to keep lizards out of garage.

Let’s get right into it.

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What Attracts Lizards to Your House?

Of all the animals you could think of, lizards are the most harmless creatures you could ever find on earth. However, their presence in the garage irritates many, and this is why you need to find possible ways to get rid of them fast. But before we get into the ways to get rid of these reptiles, what attracts lizards in your house?

1. Crawling Insects

The most common type of lizard is insectivorous, meaning that they feed on insects, such as snails, caterpillars, spiders, and any other kinds of insects you might think of. If any of these insects infest your house, rest assured that lizards will invade your home looking for food. 

However, you need to note that lizards don’t just eat any kind of insect. The insect lizards will eat in or around your garage, depending on their size. In other words, lizards will only feed on smaller insects than they are—anything more prominent is a no-go zone for them.

2. Flying Insects

Apart from crawling insects, lizards also find their meals on flying insects, such as crickets, mosquitoes, winged termites, among other flying insects you know. And because lizards have the capability of clinging on walls, they can trap flying insects and feed on them instantly.

While lizards can also act as a natural remedy to control insects in your house by directly feeding on them and preventing them from breeding, they can be a nuisance, especially when they fall unexpectedly from the ceilings. Plus, they tend to drop their poop everywhere.

3. Fruits and Plants

Apart from feeding on insects, lizards also feed on fruits and plants. Most lizards enjoy vegetables and bearded dragons so much that they would invade an area with those.

As mentioned earlier, lizards aren’t harmful, but they can be problematic to you, especially when you have a garden near you. They’ll destroy your growing vegetables and, instead, force you to buy them at the grocery.

Lizards can also nibble on fruits, which could be dangerous, especially when humans feed on them. Because lizards carry some bacteria on their body, eating nibbled fruits can lead to salmonella or even food poisoning.

4. Water

Like humans and other animals, lizards need water for survival. In fact, water is about 75 percent of a lizard’s body weight, which is why they must get water for their well-being. In other words, leaving water sources means you’ll be inviting lizards into your garage.

Ensure that you don’t have water leaking or no water source isn’t appropriately covered. Otherwise, lizards will find your home the best place to live. Various lizard types need different amounts of water, but the most important thing is that they all need water to survive. So any water source will attract these reptiles into your garage.

Why Are Lizards So Commonly Found in Garages?

Garages usually have some darker areas, and lizards are fans of darker places. And since the garage is a place where people don’t usually move around except the cars, the chances are that lizards will have these areas as their habitat.

Most homeowners don’t bother to clean their garages regularly because it’s usually empty throughout the day. And because of this, lizards will find it suitable to live because they don’t want busy areas that will distract them every time.

When a lizard finally gets access to your garage, it won’t be long enough before they can find a quiet place where they can hide and breed. After some time, they will have multiplied, and they’ll now be a family instead of just one lizard.

Since lizards don’t need a lot of food to survive, they’ll be comfortable living in the garage as long as they can find something little to keep them going. If you even have a trash can, that’s just enough to let them live as they can find some food remains inside the can.

Knowing all these should give you an idea of what brings lizards into your garage. If you take care of any of these, you’ll have controlled or prevented lizards in your garage. Preventing them from reaching your garage is better than getting rid of them.

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Are Lizards Dangerous?

No, most lizards are harmless and will not hurt humans in any way. However, when lizards that eat fruits invade your garage, the chances are that they will get into your house and finally into your kitchen to look for any fruits.

Lizards nibble fruits, and because they carry some bacteria on their body, feeding on the same fruit could be dangerous. Apart from that, there’s nothing serious you need to worry about lizards. Most probably, you should only get concerned if you’re scared of them.

While most people think that lizards can be as dangerous as snakes because they are all reptiles, that’s not the case. Lizards, even reptiles, aren’t as dangerous as snakes. The only danger they might pose to human beings is when they nibble fruits.

Don’t ever catch lizards with your hands, especially their tails. This is because their tails can easily detach on your hands, causing many issues to both you and the lizard. If you touch a lizard mistakenly, please wash your hands with clean water and soap before eating anything.

And like any other animal, lizards will also bite to defend themselves, especially when you’re causing a disturbance. Avoid disturbing lizards directly that could lead to them biting you in the process. Instead, use the methods outlined in this post to get rid of them.


7 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Lizards in the Garage

1. Tobacco and Coffee Balls

There are many ways to get rid of lizards in your garage. But before turning to chemical methods, you should try this home remedy. Try mixing tobacco and coffee into balls and put them in every cranny of the garage to keep lizards at bay.

And because lizards are fond of dark places, you’ll want to place the balls in dark corners, such as the top shelves or behind them. Putting them on the floor will be a waste of time and, of course, resources.

This method is toxic to lizards, so you’ll want to keep the balls out of reach of children and pets. Also, it’s effective in killing the lizard population. Simply leave the balls undisturbed for several days and let them work the magic on these annoying insects.

2. Naphthalene Balls

Another excellent way to eliminate lizards in your garage is to use naphthalene balls. These balls are widely available, and you can keep them in drawers that are rarely opened. If you have these drawers in your garage, putting the naphthalene balls in there can be a good idea.

The smell of naphthalene is often a turn-off to lizards and will keep them away from your garage. Alternatively, you can make a solution from ground pepper and spray it all around your garage or places where lizards have congregated.

Lizards are always sensitive to pepper, and just the smell of it will steer them far from the garage. They will want to keep away because of the irritation the pepper brings about. This is a simple method that won’t require a trip to the store, so please introduce it anytime.

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3. Use Eggshells

The pungent smell of eggshells often nauseates lizards, including other insects. Simply break the eggs into halves and place the broken eggshells around your garage, so the smell spreads all over it. This is an effective home remedy and will keep lizards away from your garage.

There is also the fact that lizards are scared by the sight of eggshells—they appear to them as predators, forcing them to avoid such areas. By placing eggshells around your garage, you’ll be deterring these annoying insects from crawling into your garage.

4. Make Good Use of Onions

Another simple remedy is to use onions. Lizards are sensitive to sulfur and cannot withstand the smell of an onion. Simply cut the onion and put a few slices around the garage. More importantly, you should emphasize the shelves or crannies because lizards love dark areas.

A more straightforward solution is to dilute onion juice with water and then spray the solution throughout your garage. This method is quite effective, and it’s going to dispel the lizards from your garage. You can also use garlic if you don’t mind the stinky smell of it.

Lizards don’t like the smell of garlic cloves and will want to keep off areas that have been used. Mixing garlic juice with water is also a great idea, as it will have the same effect as onions. You’ll also want to leave it for a few days for complete effectiveness.

5. Try Pest Sprays

If you’re looking to kill the lizard population in your garage, this option might be your cup of tea. There are plenty of pest sprays in the market that you can use to eliminate lizards, and they are more effective than commercial repellents.

What’s more impressive is that they are designed to kill all types of insects and pests, so all you need is to spray them directly on the lizards or in areas where they are commonly found in your garage. It will also help to read a few reviews about the product to know what you’re expecting.

6. Use Organic Granules

Organic granules are available in the market, and you can use them in the dark areas of your garage. You’ll also want to keep your children and pets out of the garage because these organic granules are incredibly toxic and could cause severe problems if ingested.

However, you’re going to love its hassle-free mechanism of eliminating lizards in your garage. The smell easily lures lizards, and if they happen to eat or lick it, they automatically die. What’s more, they are incredibly cheap and readily available around the globe. 

7. Electronic Pest Repelling Devices

Our last hack to control or eliminate lizards in the garage is using electronic pest repelling devices. Once you have purchased these devices, you can activate them to release some waves that will repel the lizards away from the garage.

The best place to put these repellants is in the attic, as these are the most common places where lizards will hide. It’s just that simple—purchase the electronic pest repelling device, place it around your garage, activate it, and you’re good to go.


There are many straightforward measures you can take to prevent lizards from entering your garage. It all starts with prevention. Ensure that your compound has no many water sources left open or trash cans left open. Try to make sure that there’s nothing that will attract lizards into your garage.

If these reptiles already invaded your garage, use the methods outlined in this post to get rid of them. Just make sure to take precautions when getting rid of these harmless reptiles. Don’t get so closer to them that it gives them room to bite you. Likewise, don’t touch them as this could be dangerous.