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9 Smart Ways To Get Rid of an Old Bed Frame

9 Smart Ways To Get Rid of an Old Bed Frame

Whether you’re downsizing for a move or simply improving your home, figuring what to do with your old bed frame can be a daunting prospect. Selling or donating your old furniture will go a long way to keep it from the landfill. However, hiring a dumpster will save you time if you’re running on a tight schedule and have a lot to dispose of at once.

Eventually, your choice of disposal will depend on your bed frame’s condition and local disposal regulations. So, before settling for one, make sure to do in-depth research to get your facts right. That said, this post will walk you through some of the best ways to get rid of an old bed frame. Further, I will tell you whether or not it’s a good idea to throw away a bed frame.

Is It Okay To Throw Away a Bed Frame?

If the bed frame is beyond repair and you can’t reuse it, throwing it away is the ultimate option. However, if it is still in good shape, selling or donating the bed frame to someone fortunate will go a long way.

The multiple options available lead to further concerns that one should address before deciding to go forward. It depends on the shelf life remaining on it, the materials it is made up of, and so on.

If it still has some life in it, you can dispose of some of it by selling it. Go online and check out the numerous marketplaces to get an idea of how similar products are being sold. If the search is worth the struggle, take realistic photos of the bed frame and post them online.

eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist Marketplace are excellent destinations. However, you’ll have to arrange for proper shipping if you’re selling on eBay, which is unlike Facebook and Craigslist, where the buyer has the option of picking up the product themselves.

Can a Bed Frame Be Recycled?

Yes, you can recycle your old bed frame if you feel like selling or throwing it away. Craigslist is an excellent option for this, along with Freecycle. Most scrap metal recycling centers will take bed frames and recycle them depending on the type of metal.

If the metal frames are beyond repair, you can recycle them at your local landfill. Similarly, wooden structures will go in the landfill—whether painted or unpainted.

9 Smart Ways To Get Rid of an Old Bed Frame

1. Selling the Frame

Selling is just one way to eliminate your old bed frames, but the whole process of dealing with strangers and settling for shipping and pickup times can be exhausting. But that’s not all; finding a buyer through these marketplaces can be time-consuming.

Of course, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before putting that frame up for sale online. Such include offering the frame below its original price, taking authentic photos of the frame, and getting ready to negotiate the final price. Above all, you should put yourself in the buyer’s shoes to leverage the best way to sell the product.

If your budget allows, try to refurbish that old bed frame to breathe new life into it. You may then post the frame as an ad on websites such as eBay and Craigslist. There are plenty of online stores where people sell used items, so don’t limit yourself to these two.      

2. Donating the Frame

If you don’t feel like selling your old bed frame or you’re just feeling charitable, you can always try and donate it to the less fortunate. A robust and decent bed frame will go a long way for someone who can’t afford to buy a bed. It’s also the best way to eliminate an old piece of furniture without hauling it to the landfill.

Organizations such as Goodwill and Salvation Army will gladly accept your old bed frames. So, when you donate your bed frame, make sure to get a receipt so that you may be able to deduct your donations from your taxes at the end of the year.

Keep in mind that donation requirements vary from different states—not every thrift shop will take your old piece of furniture. Most organizations will accept furniture that’s in good condition and may not even take certain pieces of furniture at all. So, make sure to do your research well before donating something. 

3. Recycling the Frame

If the two options don’t work for you, you can always repurpose the frame into a new piece of furniture. Think of it as a coffee table, wooden shelf, or as a bedside bench and get your hands a little dirty. You can repurpose metal bed frames into a small fence, flower bed, or garden chair.

There are so many DIY decors you could make out of this old piece of furniture. For instance, you could detach the old frame and use the wood for new shelves or even customize a coffee table that can be placed on the back porch or turned into a bedside bench. It’s high time you realize that not everything old is unusable.

4. Post a Free Ad For the Frame

If marketing your old furniture isn’t worth the hassle, consider posting a free ad for it on Facebook or Craigslist Marketplace. Make sure to include a caption on the picture of the furniture you want to take off your hands.

Most importantly, you should be honest about the furniture’s condition and perhaps share why you want to get rid of it. This helps people believe in whatever you’re trying to offer. Let them know that the furniture is available to whoever picks it up or shows interest in the post first.

However, because you’re dealing with strangers, you should meet them somewhere public or at the ground level of your apartment for safety purposes. Not every one that shows interest in your product has good intentions. After all, social media is full of people with uncharacterized behaviors.

5. Have a Junk Removal Service Pick It Up

Having a junk removal service pick up your old piece of furniture is another way of getting rid of that bed frame. This option is more time-saving and cost-effective than having to hire a hauling truck or donating something yourself.

Furthermore, junk removal services are conscious of what they do and will do their best to repurpose or recycle the furniture they pick up. This prevents your old bed frame from ending up in a landfill and helps other people in the community access beautiful pieces they need for their homes.

You may not have a creative DIY streak in you, but professionals do. They know how to maneuver around with an old structure and repurpose it into new furniture. You can count on them to take care of your old pieces of furniture anytime you want to revamp your house.  

6. Hire a Dumpster

This is a quick and affordable way to dispose of furniture and other junk during a home cleanout. They are available in different sizes, ranging from 10-40 yards. So, all you need to do is pick a size that fits your project, and a container is dropped at your doorstep. Then, you can quickly load your old furniture and everything else into the bin.

When you’re done, just schedule your pickup online, and you’re good. This option is perfect for home cleanouts and significant clutter disposal, as it allows you to work at your speed as you sort through your items.

7. Leave the Frame at the Curb Side

This is often the go-to option. It will be accessible to anyone who wants it and can be picked up by trash collectors. Of course, every state has its rules and regulations, and asking the homeowners association about it will make a huge difference.

Some states have packaging rules and will even ask you to pay extra fees for the pickup service. So, knowing this beforehand will go a long way to help in your pursuit. Above all, you should keep in touch with your service provider because some trash collection services will charge extra fees to dispose of your old furniture.

Also, you may be limited to a specific number of items or times when you can dispose of your furniture. For instance, some cities will only accept bulk pickups once a month or a few times throughout the year.

Further, you may be required to secure upholstered furniture in plastic bags before the municipality takes it away. It’s also worth noting that some states will not allow you to leave your furniture at the curb at all.

8. Take the Frame to a Scrap Dealer

Fortunately, you may be able to recycle your old bed frame at a local scrap dealer. Some will even accept spring mattresses as long as you remove the cloth ahead of time. However, before recycling a metal frame, you’ll want to ascertain whether or not the metal is ferrous.

Usually, non-ferrous metal will cost more to recycle than ferrous metal. But how do you tell the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous metal? Simply hold a magnet against your furniture. If the magnet repels, it’s non-ferrous, and vice versa is true.

9. Send It to the Landfill

Unsurprisingly, you can dispose of your old furniture by yourself at a local landfill without the help of a professional or local service provider. Again, you need to ask your local homeowners association if they accept such disposal as different states have different regulations.

If they do, wait until it’s waste disposal day so you can get rid of your old bed frame. Also, before dragging your items to the landfill, try and ask your service provider if they accept junk disposal as some states may not be eligible for public dumping.