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17+ Clever Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Curtain Rod

17+ Clever Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Curtain Rod

Gone are the days when people hang curtains by nailing the walls and securing them with ropes.

Many households are now employing creative ideas to enhance their space with curtains that add an aesthetic feeling to the room.

This guide will walk you through some of the fantastic ways to hang curtains without a rod that draws attention to your space.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

17+ Clever Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Curtain Rod

It’s always fun to move into a new space and start dreaming up ways to decorate. But, if you’re renting, you might need to be mindful of the walls.

A nail hole here and there is easy to patch up, but if you want to frame your windows with curtains and avoid drilling, you’ll need to consider alternative ways to hang curtains.

Believe it or not, there are a handful of ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment that don’t involve drilling. Between magnets, Command hooks, and curtain tiebacks, you can have the decor you want while also keeping the walls safe.

1. Stick On

Wondering how to hang curtains without nails or screws while still having them look like traditional drapes? Look for a stick-on curtain rod.

A stick-on curtain rod allows you to hang curtains without damaging the walls without having to sacrifice the look you’re trying to achieve.

Unlike a lot of other temporary curtain rods, this alternative lets you hang the rod as high as you want and have it sticking out on either side of the window as far as you want.

2. Command Hooks

There are many different styles and sizes of the easy-to-use Command Hooks. These hooks were created so you can hang any size picture or decorative items on your wall without making a single mark. The instructions are on each package, and they are easy to use.

Once you want to remove the item from your wall, it comes off without a hitch (or a hole!). These will work if you’re going to hang your curtains and don’t want to use a traditional curtain rod.

You can use a number of them to hold curtains that are lightweight or a little heavier.

Like stick-on curtain rods, Command hooks are another answer to hanging curtains without drilling into the wall. They even make some specifically for this purpose.

All you need to do is hang a hook on either side of the window and pop a rod it, and you’re done! If you want to open and clothes the curtains frequently, you will probably want to secure the rod to the hooks somehow (even some string could work) so that it doesn’t slip around.

3. Upholstery Tacks

Upholstery tacks can come in handy to help you hang curtains directly on the wall without drilling holes. This option is mainly preferred by those renting a space and don’t want to damage the walls.

The only drawback is that you won’t pull the curtain open as they are firmly secured on the wall. Even so, you can still use tiebacks to hold the curtains and use tacks to attach them to the walls.  

You can find these materials at local dollar stores at affordable prices. So if you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive method to hang curtains, upholstery tracks might be your cup of tea.

4. Wire

Another inexpensive method to hang your curtains is to use wires. These are an excellent replacement for curtain rods that are easy to install.

To use this, you will need brackets or anything similar on the sides of the wall to enclose the excess wire. Again, tiebacks are requisite if you want to pull the curtains to allow some natural light into the room.

5. Go With a Shade Instead

If your primary concern is to obstruct the light instead of enhancing your decor, you should go with the shade option. There are varieties of shades you can attach at the top of the window without drilling holes in the wall. Simply pull the shade down to obstruct the light and push it back up to let in light. 

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6. Nails And Tiebacks

As for this method, you will need to put some holes on the wall to hang curtains. Don’t worry about damaging the walls because you won’t have to use a drill – a hammer and nails will get the job done. 

Carefully hang the curtains by nailing them into the wall. You can make your curtains even more functional by fixing them at the top of the window and use tiebacks on the sides to hold them during the day.

7. Plastic Animals

Plastic animals? How the heck is this even possible? These items are available at local dollar stores. All you need is to get creative with them.

For example, a creative crafter bought a couple of plastic elephants and transformed them into curtain holders. Further, she sprayed them gold, split them into halves, and attached them to the wall. 

She then used the elevated elephant trunks to create a drape effect on the windows. It’s that simple! Why not give it a try?

8. Sports Equipment

Consider replacing your traditional curtain rods with the many exhibits out there if you’re a sports enthusiast. These could be anything from hockey sticks, baseball bats to golf clubs. More importantly, this equipment should allow the curtain to slide over easily. 

You can tip the ends to prevent the curtains from sliding when pulling them open or closing them shut. Some excellent ideas include adding pucks when using hockey sticks and baseballs when using bats. You could also add golf balls when using golf clubs. You can also choose from the many ocean-related options.

9. Magnetic Curtain Rod

Magnetic curtain rods work perfectly with metal doors, and as such, you can temporarily use them to secure your curtains directly to the door.

This option allows for easy opening and closing of the curtains without worrying about them falling off. In a case where you want to relocate, simply pull the rod off the door, and you’re good to go.

10. Tension Rod

Another simple solution to prevent wall damage is using a tension rod. Like shower rods, tension rods will stretch to your preferred width and stay intact. These rod tucks go well with the windows and are easy to use.  

Unfortunately, they won’t cover the window entirely. Therefore, it’s best only to hang one curtain or secure them with tiebacks to push them out a little bit.

11. Twist and Fit

Twist and fit are another excellent way to hang curtains without drilling holes on the wall. This removable curtain rod uses the same technique as the tension rod.

The only difference is that decorative ends project out from the window to enable you to fix the curtain rod in front of the window instead of inside.

12. Get Insights from a Wedding Planner

For a modern DIY approach, create a curtain frame that sticks in front of the window. This could be anything similar to a photo booth backdrop. If you’re creative enough, you could incorporate PVC pipes then spray-paint them to create a unique draping effect.

13. Copper Pipes

You can use copper pipes to add a simple charm to your quirky decor. You can find these pipes in a home decor store, but you will need to combine them with brackets to secure the pipes in place. You will also want to match it up with something like a vintage doorknob or drawer pull at the tips to complete the design and hold the curtains in place. 

14. Tree Branches

Using tree branches to hang your curtains is a great way to add a touch of nature to your furnishings. While a perfect shape isn’t necessary when using a tree branch, ensure that it is strong enough to secure the curtains. If the curtains are made from a heavy fabric, consider using a sturdy branch.

Most importantly, the branch should have a smooth surface to avoid pulling out the threads. It should also be free of any additional growth like twigs. You can enhance its smoothness by running sandpaper over it.

Again, you will need a bracket on each side of the wall to hold the branches for complete effectiveness. Alternatively, cut two pieces of the tree branch and use them to secure both sides so that the branch can rest on these pieces.

15. Rope

This option can come in handy for people who want to hang curtains using the country pattern. In other words, ropes are a perfect fit for country decor. Before settling for any rope, be sure to measure the curtains’ width you plan to hang, then double it. The width of the rope should be twice that of the curtain.

Choose a rope that’s sturdy enough to accommodate your curtains’ weight, and more importantly, one that will easily do through the top seam of the curtain. Whether you’re buying your rope in a craft store, fabric store, hardware, ensure that you’re getting the correct width. You also don’t want the rope too long, so buy the right length too.

Make sure to add some extra inches on both sides for efficiency. You will also need hooks to offer additional support to the rope. Wrap the rope around the hooks to hold it and let it drape down.

If you’re covering a significant area, consider placing the hook at the center of the wall to prevent the curtains from dropping off. Do this using a tiny, sturdy nail or tacks to secure the middle up.

16. Drawer Pulls

Several antique-looking drawers pull in the kitchen compartment of the hardware store that can function just like a hook. Choose a drawer pull that’s of similar size with the eyelet hole in the curtain so that it can slide easily.

You can pick assorted designs – modern, country to abstract, as well as a variety of colors. Screw the drawer pulls directly into the wall just like you would on a cabinet or desk drawers.

17. Hooks

There are different types of hooks you can use to hang your curtains. The most common type is the self-adhesive hooks, which you can find in any curtain rod store. Meanwhile, you should know the distance between eyelets on the curtain for the hooks to fit well. Once the hooks are in the correct position, all you need to do is put each grommet ring on the curtains directly on the hooks. 

18. Yardstick

Yardsticks would come in handy to add a simple touch of decoration to your modern decor. They are simple to install and are a perfect replacement for curtain rods. With this option, you don’t have to use tiebacks to hold your curtains in place. They would instead go well with measuring tapes. 

Bottom Line

Whether you want to hang your curtains the old-fashioned way or without curtain rods, you can easily do it without damaging the walls. Tension rods, stick-on curtains, you name it, are all creative ways to hang curtains without drilling holes into your walls.

With all these ideas, you don’t have to compromise your modern decor’s style at the expense of curtain rods. Just make sure to get your facts right before opting for any of them.