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High Voltage Power Lines in the Backyard: What to Do?

High Voltage Power Lines in the Backyard: What to Do?

When we want to buy a home, the joy that fills our hearts may not let us carry out a thorough inspection about how close the voltage power is to our backyard. In some cases, we buy because of designs we tend not to control because the homes are premade. When this happens, we often wonder how safe are we when we buy homes closer to power lines.

While too many pieces of evidence do not show high danger connected to living close to power lines, nothing also assures one is free from dangers living close to them.

This remains one of the reasons certain people will never develop an interest in buying homes with power lines in the backyard, regardless of the cheapness. This is why it is very important to compare and contrast and find out if it’s safe before you occupy or buy a home with power lines in the backyard from this article.

Different findings have revealed that living close to high voltage power lines comes with no risk, and at the same time, homeowners should understand that it is not all safe to live close. High voltage power lines in the backyard may not have any specific solution.

However, it is best to watch out before building or renting a home. Alternatively, you can reduce shock exposure by shielding with T98 shielding paint and GPA mesh by grounding it.

Is it Dangerous to Have Power Lines in Your Backyard?

Lots of problems and challenges are encountered when scouting for homes. However, choosing a specific one can be difficult as there can be signals despite the building’s aesthetics and the cost. Everyone will always want to ve smarter in the aspect of properties since it is an investment. They will always want the value to keep increasing.

On the other hand, properties may lose value if you do not care or are smart enough when choosing them.

A couple of reasons will make people not want to reside closer to power lines or even in a home with power lines in the backyard due to different personal reasons. While these reasons can be narrowed to individuals, the widely accepted notion is that people living closer to power lines or the backyard are exposed to dangers. Are these assumptions true?

Most Americans believe that exposure to power lines can result in cancer. As a result, this brought the American Physical Society into action in 1995 to make findings of these cloaks and beliefs. It puts that nonsignificant connection between power lines field and cancer.

Four years later, a publication from the National Academy of Sciences centered on the electromagnetic fields or EMF within the power lines close to homes. The conclusion from these findings came out as weak evidence, suggesting no relationship between cancer and power lines. It also displaced the belief that power lines can be hazardous to human wellness.

While the findings concluded that no relationship between power lines and cancer, it also stated that it shouldn’t be taken for granted that living closer to power lines is safe. However, weak evidence does not guarantee maximum safety and doesn’t mean power lines are not harmful to health.  

The slight chances are that power lines could affect human health, making it one of the reasons people do not want to live closer to power lines in their backyards or any house close to it. It is also important to think about government laws before living close to power lines.

Is it Bad to Have Power Lines in Your Backyard?

Having power lines in your backyard isn’t bad. However, this depends on individual choices. Many people, especially scientists, think it is safe to be exposed to low-level EMF close to power lines.

However, certain scientists also further the findings to see if certain health hazards are connected with the EMF. These findings suggested that if the exposure to EMF has any risk, such as cancer, then such risks are at a minimal rate.

Is it Safe to Buy a House Near High Voltage Power Lines?

The truth about having your house near high voltage power lines is that you may be exposed to higher radiation risk. The good thing is that most of the power lines in residential areas are low voltage.

As a result, the radiation isn’t high. However, it is not safe to buy a house near high voltage power lines. The recommended distance from high voltage lines is 200 meters.

How Far Away From Power Lines Should You Live?

You can not just doubt the benefits of power lines regarding their uses and proximity to homes. They serve the neighborhood greatly when it comes to distributing power to homes. However, an important to consider despite the benefits is the distance of power lines to your home.

As stated earlier, not enough evidence suggested dangers are associated with living close to power lines; it is still important to consider safety by living some distance away. This also comes with many advantages, such as retaining home values and preventing any likely hazard to life and properties.

Therefore, knowing the right distance to live away from power lines should come with EMF assurance. This quick guide will help you know the right distance to stay away from power lines once you check the EMF.

Homeowners should leave the following feet:

  • For 133kv, leave a minimum of 100 ft away
  • 230kv: 150 ft away
  • 345kv: 250 ft away
  • 550kv: 350 ft away

How Far Should a House be From High Voltage Power Lines?

It is recommended that your house be far from high voltage power lines for about 200 meters. Houses distant from high voltage power lines for these meters or more will not be affected by radiation from the power lines regardless of the radiation levels.

You can be safe from harmful radiation if you live within 50 meters limit for low voltage limit. High voltage transmission lines are used to emit the strongest magnetic fields. For certainty of exposure level reductions to 0.5 milligauss (mG) or less, it is better to have about 700 ft safe distance.

Can You Build a House Under High Voltage Power Lines?

If you are building a house, it is advisable to be far from high voltage power lines. High voltage power lines emit very strong radiation, which can sometimes affect human health, especially continually. For the safety of lives, it is, however, not only risky to live closer to it but can affect your health.

Can You Build a Pond Under Power Lines?

Generally, every government would not want its citizens closer to anything that can endanger their lives, making it why people are restricted from power lines. That being said, there is a need to leave certain spaces as easements far from the power lines when building a home.

Even if your property is situated under the power lines close to your home, you may be wrong in building anything that can obstruct the power lines.

Building a pond under the power lines is wrong, and this is why the government stipulated that no property should be sited under the power lines. The government strictly compels you to leave space for easement and keep off and not build anything under power lines.

How Much Do Power Lines Affect Property Value?

Properties closer to power lines tend to lose value, making it one of the reasons you should stay away from properties with power lines in the backyard. While they may seem to not pose any risk, it is worth staying away from.

While some people may not find power lines in the backyard unsafe, others may see it as a mess up to the building’s aesthetics.

With this, there is no doubt that not many people will want to occupy this kind of property, and when this happens, such property will continue to lose its value continually. Summarily, houses constructed closer to power lines will affect their overall value.

Should I buy a house next to power lines?

Answering this question can be narrowed down to an individual’s perception. However, it generally is difficult to answer at times. The first thing to be aware of is that proprieties closer to power lines tend to lose value should there be a need for resale.

Therefore, you may feel secure and safe seeing power lines in your backyard every day. If you are not considering a resale, I’m the nearest future; buying a home with power lines in the backyard may be the right choice for you.

However, you may not get the expected value if it’s for resale purposes. Another thing to consider is a health risk. These two important factors should distant you from buying homes with power lines in the backyard.


High voltage power lines are risky plain and simple. It is illegal to build a house near a high voltage line in most states. However, if you choose to buy a house near such a risky structure, you should be aware of the resale value and all the medical bills that might come from direct or indirect close contact with it.