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Is It Illegal To Poop in Your Yard? (Or Someone’s Property?)

Is It Illegal To Poop in Your Yard? (Or Someone’s Property?)

Nature can call anytime, especially when it comes to bowel movements. The bowel movement is the last stage of digestion, which makes you uncomfortable. All you need to do at this time is to get an appropriate place to defecate.

However, if you find yourself in public or even in your backyard, you might find yourself considering whether to wait to get a proper place or to go ahead anyway.

The question is this: is it illegal to poop in your yard? Follow through as we delve deeper into this post.

Can I Poop in My Backyard, and Is It Illegal?

First of all, pooping is necessary because no living being can retain everything, getting rid of the remnants then becomes a must for us. You might feel that your backyard is yours and you can do anything in it. Yes, absolutely. It is yours; you are right until it reaches the verge of you pooping in your yard.

This can be legal if your backyard is closed and nobody will see you, but in a case of an open backyard, then you should know you are in for punishment.

A neighbor who sees you pooping in your backyard can report you for public defecation. Also, think of it; you will know that it is not hygienic to poop in your yard. Therefore, apart from it being illegal, it is also against the rule of hygiene.

Is it Illegal to Poop on Someone’s Property?

Yes. It is illegal for you to poop on someone’s property. You will be sued for trespassing if you are caught in the act. This can cause you a lot of trouble with the attraction of a fine or even short-term imprisonment.

However, as soon as you are not at home, traveling, or moving, the simple idea of ​​having a bowel movement in a toilet that is not yours or near other people worries you?

Perhaps you suffer from paruresis, which means being embarrassed or ashamed of having a bowel movement in a public toilet. You assume you can poop on someone else’s property instead of using a public restroom.

Moreover, using a public toilet will save you a lot of trouble. We also always have this fear of contracting diseases from public toilets, but there is something you can do to curb this. Keep reading as we will discuss the simple tips for using public restrooms to avoid contracting diseases.

Does Human Poop Attract Animals?

Many animals partially feed on the droppings of other animals, for example, certain insects. You can often see swarms of flies on horse droppings. Some animals even eat part of their feces because of their vitamins. This also applies to human poop; they attract animals like flies, dogs, etc.

Are You Allowed to Poop in the Woods?

Yes, you can poop in the woods. That also sounds like a public detection, right? No, it is not in some situations.

Okay, put yourself in a situation, it’s a great day, so you have decided to go for a walk in the countryside. After choosing where you are going, you arrive at the place. You load the backpack on your back with food, water, and toilet paper (you never know), and you start the route that will take you to a beautiful, safe place.

After walking for a while, your stomach rumbles! You feel the call of nature; the dog is sticking its nose out, the turtle sticks its head out of the shell, and you want to poop.

Will you go back home? Of course not. All you have to do is tell everyone that you will excuse yourself for a bit, take the role of paper and find a suitable place for these tasks. However, there is a way you poop in the woods that won’t cause pollution. Here are some simple tips to follow.

1. Look for a hidden place that does not have effortless access so that no one can find “the poop”. If it is a better-wooded site, primarily to safeguard our privacy.

Try not to be on the banks of a river. The water can rise, and the poop may float down the river with everything it can carry.

2. Make a hole, enough so that the poops are buried. This is a great way to speed up the decomposition process. In addition, we will prevent animals from transmitting diseases, stepping on it or bathing in it, or contaminating rivers and others. We always carry a folding shovel in the van, which is great for these things. However, the hole can be made with a stick, stone, or even with the heel.

It is buried, and if we also place a stone on top better. If you are beginning to become aware and want to take it to the letter, if you stir the stool with a stick, you collaborate to make it decompose much sooner.

What Happens if You Defecate in Public?

Anyone caught defecating in public or peeing on the streets can be fined. A law that deals with the disposal of solid waste on the city’s streets exists.

In addition to payment of the respective fine, you can be asked to remove the waste from the public places within the period stipulated by the inspection, counting from the drawing up of the notification of the assessment, and the violator may pay double the amount of the fine, if not collected. That sounds funny. That’s precisely what can happen if you defecate in public.

How Long Does it Take For Human Poop to Dissolve?

Human feces is made up of organic matter. Its presence is not favorable for the environment, especially in crowded areas where many visitors are forced to defecate in the open air.

This material can take up to a year to degrade. So, if you have ever wondered how long human feces takes to dissolve, the answer is that it can take up to a year to break down.

How To Report Public Defecation?

To report public defecation is not a difficult thing to do; all you need to do is call the police and inform them about it. They will respond and handle the situation appropriately. You can also file the case using some proof, e.g. a picture of the violator.

As we discussed earlier, let’s see how you can use the public toilet to avoid germs instead of using someone’s property.

To use a bathroom without contracting diseases, it is essential to take simple precautions, such as flushing the toilet with the toilet lid closed or washing your hands well afterward.

These precautions help avoid serious illnesses such as intestinal infections, urinary infections, or hepatitis A, especially in public restrooms such as those in restaurants, shopping malls, gyms, clubs, schools, or universities, which many people use:

1. Please do not sit on the toilet: The ideal thing is not to sit on the toilet, as it is common to have urine or feces residues. However, if sitting is unavoidable, you must first clean the restroom with toilet paper and an alcohol-based hand rub or disinfectant gel. Even then, cover it with toilet paper to avoid contact of the toilet with the intimate regions of the body.

2. Use a funnel to pee standing up: This funnel was specially developed to help women pee standing up, reducing the risk of catching diseases in a public restroom. This way, you can urinate without lowering your pants, staying even further away from the toilet.

3. Flush with the lid closed: When flushing, the toilet lid must be lowered before activating the flushing mechanism, as flushing causes microorganisms present in urine or feces to be spread in the air, which can be inhaled or swallowed, increasing the risk of infections.

4. Please do not touch anything: The areas most contaminated with microorganisms in public restrooms are the toilet and its lid, the flush button, and the door handle, as these are places where everyone touches them while they are in the bathroom, and that is why it is so important. Wash your hands whenever using public restrooms.

5. Wash your hands with liquid soap: You can only use soap in the public restroom if it is fluid, as bar soaps accumulate a lot of bacteria on their surface, posing a danger for those who wash their hands.

6. Always dry your hands properly: The most hygienic way to dry your hands is using a paper towel, as the fabric towel accumulates dirt and favors the proliferation of microorganisms. In addition, hand dryers, present in many public restrooms, are not the best options because they can spread particles of dirt, including feces, through the air, making your hands dirty again.

Having a packet of tissues in your bag can be an excellent strategy to use to dry your hands in public restrooms if you don’t have toilet paper or paper to dry your hands.


Human poop is dangerous when exposed to the environment. It spreads diseases; this is why public defecation is illegal.