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Can You Keep the Garbage Can in the Garage?

Can You Keep the Garbage Can in the Garage?

Most people find the garage a convenient spot to keep their trash cans, especially when trying to stop animals from making messes in the yard. However, it’s going to make your garage smell bad once summer hits and the temperatures begin to rise.

And because most people utilize their garage for various activities, you should employ specific measures to make your time in the garage pleasant.

Some people also choose to put their trash cans a bit further from entrances to prevent garbage smells around the house. The only downside is that you’ll have to walk a long distance to put the garbage bags in their cans.

Even worse, animals may rip open the garbage cans and leave behind a nasty mess for you to clean up. So, would keeping a garbage can in your garage somehow be a good idea? Let’s find out:

Should I Keep the Trash Can in the Garage?

Yes, it’s a good idea to keep the trash can in your garage, especially if the garbage is smelly. Not only will this keep critters away from your dumpster, but it will also prevent pest infestations.

However, you’ll have to deal with smaller rodents, which may eventually find their way into your home once they are done with the garage. Some animals may also knock down the can and drag the trash all around your garage, leaving a huge mess behind.

And because infestations can be difficult to control, you should never put your trash can outside. That way, you’ll be eliminating critters’ food sources, thus keeping them at bay.

Another reason why you shouldn’t keep your garbage can outside is to make sure no one else is dumping their trash in your can. And let’s face it—garbage services can be costly, and neighbors with unsavory characters may take advantage of it to save a dime. 

This is especially true with large families that require extra garbage space. If not, you’ll have to pile up your trash next to your can, which can be unpleasant to look at. Sadly, some garbage trucks won’t accept your overfilled can unless you pay them extra.

Why Should I Keep Garbage Cans in the Garage?

1. Helps Keep Away Animals from Your Garbage

One of the good reasons you should put your garbage can in the garage is that it helps keep animals away from your garbage. More often, animals will try to find food inside the can when put outside. As a result, they’ll tip the trash can and rip open the bags, leaving a nasty mess behind. 

And let’s face it—having a bunch of garbage scattered all over your yard can be unsightly. So to prevent this, avoid putting your trash cans outside and make sure to close the garage doors to fend off these scavengers.

Alternatively, you could opt for high-quality garbage cans with locking lids that animals won’t take off quickly. All the same, it might be effortless to just keep the trash cans in your garage until garbage pickup day.

2. To Prevent Garbage Smells Around Your Garage

Garbage smells around your house can be a significant issue. Some people prefer to put trash cans right outside the house’s entrances, so it wouldn’t be unusual to see garage cans by the patio. The only downside is that you’ll have to smell that garbage every time you use that entrance.

This won’t be a bigger problem if you have a massive yard because you can put the trash cans further from the door. However, this isn’t going to help when you have pungent garbage.

You can put your garbage in the garage if you no longer want to deal with garbage smells around your house. It’s very unlikely that you’ll smell the trash if you rarely use the garage.

3. It’s Easier Putting Garbage Into Cans

Because most garages are positioned close to the house, you won’t have to walk garbage too far to reach the cans. However, if you reside in rural areas, you may have to walk a reasonable distance since you’ll be putting your trash cans in the backyard. 

If you want to move garbage bags to their cans quickly, the garage is suitable for them. In some instances, you may not have to go outside to dispose of the garbage bags since most people have their garages attached to their homes.

4. You Comply With Homeowners Association Rules

Having garbage cans on the patio can be unsightly, especially if they do not have locking lids. For this reason, homeowners have enforced association rules about keeping your trash can in an enclosed area.

If you have a garage, the better—all you need to do is put your garbage can in there until the pickup day has finally arrived. You can as well build a simple structure right outside your house to accommodate your garbage cans.

Simply comply with the rules and transfer the trash cans to the pickup spot when it’s time. That way, you can avoid encountering problems with the local homeowners association and people living in the neighborhood. 

Why Should I Not Keep Garbage Cans in the Garage?

1. It Could Turn Out Smelly

While the garage is the most convenient spot for your trash cans, the garbage will likely make it smell bad. This is something you wouldn’t want if you spend a considerable amount of time in your garage. Of course, no one wants to smell garbage, as this could make your stay in the garage less comfortable.

Garages can come in handy in many ways—not only for storing garbage cans but also for woodwork and other car-related activities. So, if you constantly use the garage, this can be a significant downside.

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can employ to counterbalance garbage smells in the garage. For example, you could try putting scented oil diffusers around the garage or spraying the entire garage with commercial odor-neutralizing sprays.  

Your preferences come down to how often you use the garage and what you want to do. Do you want to put the trash cans elsewhere, or would you instead try to neutralize the garbage odors in the garage? Just make sure that the decision you make has a significant impact on the environment.

2. Can Attract Pests into Your Garage

Another disadvantage of keeping garbage cans in the garage is the likelihood of attracting pests. Garbage will at times act as a food source to scavengers, thus attracting them to your garage.

You might also have raccoons breaking into your garage to find food from the garbage you put in there. As a result, they’ll rip open the trash bags, leaving a nasty mess for you to clean up.  Opossums may also find their way into your garage through cracks and open vents. So, if you walk into your garage and find garbage lying on the floor, there could be a good chance of infestation.  

You can prevent this by sealing up any cracks, securing your garage, and eliminating any infestation. Good hygiene will also go a long way to keep bugs at bay. Just make sure to clean your garage more often to protect yourself against these annoying creatures.

Also, make sure to take the trash for garbage collection on time and clean the trash cans every week. This will do away with pests and prevent air pollution, which causes adverse health effects.

3. It Could Take Up More Space than Thought

Lastly, putting garbage cans in your garage may consume a lot of space. This is especially true for people who like to utilize their garage for various activities but have a small garage. You’ll want to use every bit of it for your proposed activities.  

If that’s the case, then you’ll have to keep your garbage cans elsewhere. Again, it all comes down to what you want to do and how often you use your garage to make an honest opinion of your choice. 

More importantly, you should consider how much space you have left in the garage and whether or not placing the garbage cans will be an inconvenience. With a good assessment, rest assured to make the best decision for your situation.

5 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Garbage Smell

1. Use Bleach

One of the best ways to eliminate garbage smell from your garage is to use bleach. However, you need to use it on mild products under running water. Simply pour a small amount of bleach down the disposal as the water runs, and let it do the magic. You’ll notice that the smell starts to dissipate slowly as the bleach gets rid of any food particles stuck in your pipes.

2. Try Citrus

This is an old remedy but seems to be working perfectly fine when eliminating garbage smell. Lemons are a popular option, but you can still opt for oranges. All you need to do is cut your lemon or orange into slices and toss them into garbage disposal as cold water runs. The citrus fruit will eliminate the garbage odor, and the resulting juices will replace it with a pleasant scent. 

3. Leverage Ice

Ice can come in handy in two ways when it comes to eliminating garbage smell. One, it will help you get rid of that nasty smell. And two, it will make your garbage disposal blades sharper.

Simply fill your disposal with ice cubes and allow enough time for it to melt or until the smell dissipates. This is a simple remedy worth mentioning since it requires no trip to the store.

4. Have You Tried Vinegar and Baking Soda?

Vinegar and baking soda could also come in handy. Just switch on your garbage disposal and pour a cup of baking soda down the drain. Then, flush the baking soda using a cup of distilled white vinegar.

This will go a long way to eliminate any foul smell, as well as clean your garbage disposal. The best part? All these are household items and can be easily acquired.

5. Try Commercial Cleaners

There are plenty of commercial garbage disposal cleaners in the market. However, we’ve narrowed the list to two of our favorite options—the BioWonder and the Plink Freshener. Both effectively eliminate foul smells, but the first one aims to rejuvenate your garbage disposal by dislodging clogs and removing odor.

Plink Freshener, on the other hand, helps fight bad smells in your garbage disposal. They dislodge food particles and fatty deposits to eliminate the root cause of the foul odor. But that’s not all; these commercial cleaners are friendly to the pocket, as well as the environment.

Wrap Up

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to keep that trash can in your garage. While there are good reasons for doing this, there are also some potential drawbacks.

In this case, the pros must outweigh the cons to find a practical solution. Some people will see the garage as a convenient spot for storing their garbage, but others might find it a turnoff.

Keep in mind that your decision comes down to how often you use your garage. As long as you take your trash for garbage pickup on time and maintain high hygiene standards, you won’t have to deal with the downsides anymore.