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10 Smart Ways To Keep Spiders Away From The Mailbox

10 Smart Ways To Keep Spiders Away From The Mailbox

Spiders are tiny organisms that prefer to lurk in dark cracks and corners. You’re likely to find them in corners of your room or in areas that have been kept untidy for an extended period.

Most spiders spin sophisticated webs and generally lie in wait for victims. In most cases, small insects become entangled in their web, allowing the spiders to feast on them.

You probably don’t want to eliminate a few spiders in your apartment because they help capture and kill other pests like cockroaches and flies.

However, you must be aware that spiders breed fast, and you don’t want an invasion in your mailbox. The postal carrier will often just leave your letter in the mailbox, oblivious of the spiders nesting in there.

They are unlikely to stretch their hand in if they spot a spider, and instead, some might leave the mail out. Most importantly, you risk not receiving your mail at all since you don’t know how someone else would react interacting with spiders in the mailbox.

What Attracts Spiders To Mailboxes?

The problem with spiders is that they’re there for a reason. It’s safe to assume they’ll be challenging to get rid of unless you figure out why they’re there in the first place, and they’ll keep coming back again after time until you do.

Below are several factors that attract spiders to your home in the first place:

  • Weather conditions – When it’s too hot, cold, or wet, spiders will seek cover to defend themselves from the weather
  • Searching for food – If spiders can find a food supply in your house, they will take advantage of it, typically in the shape of other pests
  • Inside circumstances – Because spiders love dark and quiet areas, you may discover that sections in your house such as the basement, crawl spaces, attics, and garages provide ideal settings for them, as does the mailbox
  • Spiders will seek out protected areas such as wood heaps or leaves, sheds, and garages and then find their way inside your home
  • Damaged places – Spiders may quickly enter your house through cracks, gaps, holes, exposed window frames, and so on. Some spiders, such as wolf spiders, use existing holes made by other pests to access low-traffic areas such as basements and crawl spaces

With their capacity to hide in the tiniest of spaces, spiders may be tough to keep out of your house. Spiders are rarely known to go out of their way to get inside your home, but if they discover an easy route in, they will most likely use it.

Finding one in the first place might take more effort than it’s worth if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Here are some pointers to help keep spiders outside your house.

What Household Product Kills Spiders Instantly?

Windex is a standard household cleaner that is highly safe for humans but highly deadly to bugs. If you notice a pest inside your home, spraying it with Windex usually results in a quick death. Windex may be particularly successful in killing spiders and ants.

However, keep in mind that ants multiply fast and do not carry Windex back to their nest. Thus Windex is more of a preventative measure than a mode of eradication.

10 Easy Ways To Keep Spiders Away From The Mailbox

1. Peppermint Oil

Natural peppermint oil is quite potent, which not only do spiders despise, but several other pests do as well. Because the fragrance is repulsive to tiny insects, peppermint is a fantastic spider repellent for keeping these creepy crawlers out of your house. It also works effectively to repel wasps and yellow jackets.

Fill a plastic sprayer halfway with a peppermint oil and water solution to make it potent and dilute the oil. Spray anywhere you spot spiders to repel them.

One of the numerous natural ways to keep spiders away is to soak cotton balls in peppermint essential oil and sprinkle them strategically throughout your home, anywhere you suspect they have an entryway.

2. Use Vinegar

In addition to being a vital kitchen pantry ingredient, vinegar is an effective spider repellant. It works similarly to peppermint oil in eliminating spiders and other insects from your house.

Fill a sprayer halfway with a water and vinegar solution and sprinkle cracks and gaps in walls, windowsills, and entrances. When it’s hot and muggy outside, you’ll want to use this anti-spider spray daily.

Spray a solution of vinegar and water mixture over your home’s entryway, window frames, and other access points. Shake the items in a spray bottle thoroughly. Use the spray once a week for optimal results.

White vinegar repels the insects that spiders devour, so apply it in areas of your home where you are likely to spot scorpions, dragonflies, and other insects congregating.

You must mix equal parts of water and vinegar for optimal efficacy. The acid in the vinegar destroys any spiders that have been in your house and leaves a distinct odor that functions as a natural deterrent.

If you’re concerned about your home smelling like vinegar after using this natural treatment, don’t be. The vinegar’s unpleasant scent will fade as the solution dries.

3. Keep Things Clean

Spiders enjoy clutter and like to hide under unkept boxes and other items. Keeping your house tidy and clutter-free is a natural way to repel spiders.

To avoid spiders from constructing their web, dust at least once or twice a week and swiftly store all boxes and parcels neatly. Also, ensure to dust off cobwebs when you come across them.

It’s more important to tidy up your compound as this is also one way of eliminating spiders outside of your house. You can achieve this by removing vegetation along the perimeter of your property to assist in establishing a spider-free zone and minimize hiding spots for insects and spiders. Spiders are attracted to plants in your garden or around your home, which provides ideal conditions for spiders to weave webs.

4. Get a Pet

Many pets, particularly dogs, will hunt anything that moves, including spiders. Cats and other pets are excellent spider repellents, too, because they chase everything that moves.

Although they will never be able to eradicate them all, they may be able to capture it for you if one is running across the carpet. If you have toxic spiders in your house, exercise caution since they may also hurt animals.

5. Clean Around the Perimeter

If you want to keep spiders away from your house, make sure there are no wood piles, trash, or rubbish around the perimeter.

Spiders will congregate in these areas, and if they can locate a tiny opening, such as a crack in the wall or an unprotected windowsill, they will enter your home. If you have a fireplace and require a woodpile, make sure it is a reasonable distance away from your house.

6. Use Cedar

Spiders dislike the scent of cedarwood; therefore, placing cedar around the boundary of your home helps keep spiders at bay. Just be sure to use high-quality cedarwood and keep it in good condition.

If you have financial constraints and can’t afford cedar mulch, spray the outside of your home with a simple solution of cedar essential oil and water regularly. You may also use cedar to keep spiders away from your home. The fragrance of cedar is a great spider repellant and may be utilized as a natural deterrent around your house.

7. Citrus Peels

Citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits, are repulsive to spiders. Citrus, like mint, contains high levels of acetic acid, which spiders despise. You may find essential oils with citrus smells, or you can save money by using the peels from a piece of citrus fruit.

Rub citrus peels on entrances, window sills, baseboards, bookshelves, and other areas to get rid of spiders. If you’re going to use essential oil, combine a few drops with some water in a spray bottle and spritz all-around your home.

If you use citrus peels, ensure they are replaced at an interval of one to two days to ensure that the fragrance is strong enough to keep spiders away.

Chestnuts are also excellent in repelling spiders.

8. Tobacco

Spiders aren’t great lovers of tobacco, which you may find in smoke shops and even certain grocery stores. Spread the tobacco leaves in areas where spiders are likely to assemble or combine them with water and spray the mixture throughout the home.

To repel spiders, you may also construct tobacco balls by combining the leaves with flour and water and putting them around your home. If you have children or pets, you may make a spray out of tobacco and water to keep them from getting a hold of the leaves.

The smell, however, is not for everyone!

9. Hedge Apples

Hedge apples are fruits of the Osage orange tree, and you can use them to get rid of spiders naturally. Hedge apples are one of the most ancient and practical techniques to keep spiders out of your home.

However, because they are hazardous, it is vital to keep them out of reach of children and dogs. Wear gloves when installing them, and wash your hands afterward.

10. Check Your House for Cracks

A spider has to find a way into your home to be there. If your home is aging, they might be finding a way in through various cracks and openings. Grab your caulking gun and proceed down to the basement to check for and seal cracks.

You need to repeat this around your home’s base and any windows and openings. Filling any holes you discover makes a significant difference.


One of the biggest problems with mailboxes is spiders. These insects have eight legs and can inject venom if they are disturbed. The black widow, which is one of the most dangerous species of spiders, will make webs anywhere they can find a place to live.

The mailbox is an ideal location for spiders to build their webs. The above tips should help you get rid of spiders in your mailbox.