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7 Effective Ways To Kill a Spider on The Ceiling

7 Effective Ways To Kill a Spider on The Ceiling

Have you noticed spiders making themselves at home on your ceiling? Well, spiders seem to love our homes for reasons well known to them, but the idea of having them around us is never an appealing one. So, how can you get rid of spiders on the ceiling?

To remove spiders from the ceiling of your house, here are a few ways;

  1. Vacuum up the spider
  2. Spray vinegar solution
  3. Capture the spider using cup or towel paper
  4. Spray lemon juice & water solution
  5. Use borax or boric acid

Of course, these are only a few of the many methods you can adopt to keep the eight-legged arachnids off your ceiling. 

In this blog post, I will provide a detailed version of the methods you can use to get rid of spiders on your ceiling or any other part of your home. Whether you just want to kill them or remove them from your home without causing them any harm, I’ve tried to incorporate something for everyone!

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5 Reasons Spiders Love Your Ceiling

If there’s one battle that as a homeowner you have to keep on fighting for years, it has to be against spiders. No matter how fiercely you fight these critters off your home, they always seem to find their way back.

But have you ever wondered why they keep coming back? Is it because they love something about your home or just want to be a nuisance to you?

Well, it’s because your home has everything they need to remain happy and healthy! Here are 5 things that keep luring them back to your home!


Colder months are usually unbearable to spiders. So, during the chilly seasons, most spiders sneak into our homes and find their way into warmer places on the ceiling. 

During their stay, they will lay hundreds or even thousands of eggs which, when they hatch, become a massive spider infestation.


Did you know that spiders help control the pest population in your home? That’s right, and the presence of other pests in your home could be one of the reasons these eight-legged creatures keep coming back to your home.

Spiders feed on other pests. So, if your home is a favorite for mosquitoes, moths, cockroaches, or other pests, they’re likely the reason behind the endless battle you’ve had with spiders. Spiders will show up because your home is a rich source of their favorite delicacy.


Spiders need water just as much as you do. In fact, they could even have a greater need for it since it also allows them to lay eggs.

Hence, if your home has standing water, leaking pipes, or high humidity levels, that’s another reason you’re finding it hard to keep them off your home.


If fighting heavy infestations of different bugs in your home, chances are you’re failing on sanitation. 

Improperly managed food leftovers and general garbage are a welcome ticket for flies, roaches, and other bugs that love poorly sanitized places. When that happens, they’ll, in turn, attract spiders to come and feed on them.

Cracks & Gaps in the Ceiling

If spiders repeatedly appear on your ceiling, inspect the area very carefully. It could be that the ceiling has cracks or gaps serving as entry points for the pesky intruders. Spiders will fit through the tiniest gaps and cracks, so check for them and do any necessary repairs.

7 Effective Ways To Kill Spiders on the Ceiling

Now that you know what’s attracting spiders in your home, the next thing you should know is how to get rid of them without risking your life. Here are 7 simple but effective ways to deal with spiders on your ceiling.

Vacuum Them Up

A vacuum cleaner is definitely one of the versatile appliances around the home. Whether you want to clean dirt and dust from upholstery or suck up the excess hair that fell off from your Fido, this appliance works perfectly to keep your home meticulously clean.

But have you ever known that you can use your trusty appliance as a powerful tool for pest control?

That’s right, and the spiders on your ceiling are no exception!

If you currently have a spider infestation on your ceiling, just vacuum them up using your handheld vac cleaner. It’s a safe way to remove spiders from your space without coming into contact with them.

Once you’ve vacuumed the crawly creature, take the vacuum and empty it outside your home. You can release the spider to the wild or kill it if you don’t want to risk any chances of it finding its way back into your home.

Spray Vinegar Solution

If you’re anything like the average homeowner, chances are you have a bottle of vinegar in your kitchen.

Vinegar plays multiple roles around the home, from serving as an ingredient in the culinary world to acting as a powerful disinfectant when keeping surfaces free from bacteria.

But that’s not where the usefulness of this acidic product ends – you can still use it as a powerful spider repellent.

Spiders hate anything acidic and will do anything to avoid it. Hence, the acetic acid in vinegar is a powerful deterrent for these bugs and may even kill them in the long run.

Just combine equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Then, shake the mixture very well to mix before spraying the solution directly onto the spider. The solution will drive the spiders away and keep them from coming back.

You can even spray your whole house with this solution to keep every area spider-free. Consider adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you want to leave your home smelling nicer.

Use a Cup To Capture It

If you’re unafraid of spiders and don’t want to kill them, you can consider capturing and releasing them outside your home. You can do that with the help of a paper towel or even a cup.

Most spiders you see around the home are harmless. In fact, as already mentioned, these critters are more beneficial to the ecosystem than they’re a nuisance. As such, it’s really unfair to be cruel to them.

Just ensure that you’re careful enough when capturing the spider. If you aren’t sure whether the spiders in your home are venomous, it’s best for you to play it safe by using other “safer methods” of dealing with the infestation.

Spray Lemon Juice & Water

Another clever way to deal with spiders is to use lemon juice and water. This method involves the use of natural products, so it’s generally safer than using chemical sprays whose side effects can be severe.

The acidic component in lemon juice will drive the spiders away from your ceiling and keep them from returning . You can even spray your entire house if you’ve been noticing spiders in different areas of your home.

Plus, using lemon juice and water spray will leave your home smelling like citrus fruits, which is generally better than some of the smells that come with commercial insecticides. Even more, it’s a generally cheaper method than using chemicals.

If you don’t have lemon fruit, use lemon essential oil instead. Ensure to work with the natural version and not the synthetic one. Just fill one quartz of spray water and add a tablespoon of lemon essential oil. Then, spray the mixture on the affected area. It should do the trick!

Use Boric Acid

If the spiders are using cracks and crevices in your home, one effective way to stop their intrusion is by using boric acid. Just spray this powder in these cracks and gaps, and the product will eventually kill them and keep them away from your home.

Boric acid is an effective insecticide. The product works by sticking to the wings and legs of insects as they walk through the powder. Later when it’s time for the bugs to groom themselves, they ingest this product and die a few days later from the poison.

But spiders don’t come into as much contact with the surface, unlike other insects. That’s why we recommend applying it in cracks and crevices, as it maximizes the chances of exposure to the product.

Sure, spiders are less sensitive to insect pesticides since they’re arachnids and not insects, meaning they come with a different body system. But still, if they ingest some good amount of boric acid, they can die.

Use Bug Spray

If you’re looking for a quick way to kill spiders, it’s unfortunate that neither of the methods discussed earlier fit into that category. But here comes one of the ways you can opt for if you want instant results.

Bug sprays are generally designed to kill spiders – and other bugs – on the spot. These commercial killers possess a thoughtful combination of ingredients that make up a highly potent product that can eliminate pests quickly.

Just ensure to read the manufacturer’s directions on proper usage of the product. Also, check for warning labels and follow safety precautions when using this method. We recommend it if dealing with a minor infestation that doesn’t need the call for professional exterminators.

Use Professional Extermination Services

If you’re dealing with a massive infestation on your ceiling, using a pest control technician is the best way to go. The same applies when dealing with any venomous spider species like black widow or the brown recluse.

Pest exterminators have the necessary skillset and equipment to effectively eliminate pests like spiders without risking your life, that of your pet, or theirs. So, get a reputable pest control expert to help remove the unwanted crawly invaders.

But then, be prepared to spend a good amount here, as professional extermination services are generally more expensive than DIY methods. But again, if it’s for your peace of mind or that of your beloved, that’s a small price to pay.

Plus, the expert may even help get rid of other pests around your home and even offer tips on what you can do to keep your home less attractive for pests.


Spiders invade our homes for many reasons, from warmth and humidity to seeking for food and a place to lay their eggs. Unfortunately, not many of us are willing to share a roof with these pests. In fact, most of us wish it were possible to keep them away from our space for good. 

And while that’s usually not possible, we’ve shared with you some several ways you can use to eliminate spiders from your ceiling if you don’t want them there. Choose the method that works best for you to save your home from the hands of spiders!