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LG Dishwasher Keeps Turning Off [This is Easy FIX]

LG Dishwasher Keeps Turning Off [This is Easy FIX]

There’s no doubt that LG appliances bring out the goodness in life by simplifying daily chores. But, you may wonder how true the LG slogan is when their dishwasher keeps turning off.

Well, you have to understand why your LG dishwasher turns off repeatedly and how to fix it to see that life with LG is truly good.

If your LG dishwasher keeps turning off, it’s due to a bad door latch, fuse issues, damaged control board, panel, motor, or pump. Other causes include a defective fan assembly, vent, and timer. Luckily, you can replace most of these parts to get your dishwasher running again.

Having skimmed through the reasons and fixes, let’s discuss the details in full. The first part of this article contains coherent information on the cause of the issue, while the second deals with solutions.

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Reasons Why LG Dishwasher Keeps Turning Off and Fixes for it

I guess you keep trying to turn on your dishwasher when it goes off. However, that isn’t very helpful, especially when the problem is recurring.

Rectifying the issue involves more than just flipping the switch, as it most likely arises from an internal fault.

The component(s) responsible for the inability of your dishwasher to stay on may not readily cross your mind. Thus, it’s highly important that you carefully study and ingest the reasons below.

This act will give you valuable insight into how to tackle the fault(s). Let’s delve into the factors likely responsible for your LG dishwasher going off repeatedly.


Unstable Door Latch

If your LG dishwasher shuts off in the wash process, the first place you should check is the door latch. For a dishwasher to complete its washing cycle, the door latch must close properly as a safety measure.

An unstable or spoilt door latch resulting from a manual or electronic failure will hang loose, causing your LG dishwasher to turn off repeatedly. Though the door may be closed, the latch may not be engaged.

So, please inspect your dishwasher’s door latch to check for breakage. If there are none, below are other things to check.

  • Improperly arranged dishes.
  • Installation mishap.
  • Misaligned latch or strike plate.
  • Loose or missing screws.
  • Worn out latch or door seal.

If you notice any of the situations listed above, you can be certain that you’ve found the reason your dishwasher turns off repeatedly.

Blown Fuse

There is no way your LG dishwasher will function with a blown fuse. Though it may start, it’ll halt mid-cycle, leaving you with a pile of dirty or half-washed dishes.

Identifying a blown fuse is easy since the dishwasher won’t receive power supply. Thus, the control panel lights will be off.

If this is the case, you can check the fuse box to confirm if any fuse has exploded. Upon opening the fuse box, you will perceive a burning smell if there is a blown fuse.

Damaged Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse in your LG dishwasher provides protection against heat to all important components. It’s a safety measure against heat damage.

So, if the thermal fuse detects extreme heat, it automatically cuts off power causing your dishwasher to go off. However, aside from overheating, there is almost always another factor responsible for a blown thermal fuse. Some of these factors are:

  • Water leakage on electrical components results in a short circuit.
  • Faulty wiring resulting from worn-out or frayed wires.
  • Spoilage of an internal component.
  • Blockage.
  • An Insecure connection between wires and plug sockets.
  • Overloading.

Fuse Trip

A blown fuse is different from a tripped fuse. In the case of a fuse trip, the dishwasher’s circuit breaker will shut down if it consumes excess power/ electricity.

Thus, your LG dishwasher will repeatedly go off or stop mid-cycle. Unlit indicator lights often hint at a fuse trip, so you can check the lights to confirm your suspicion.

Similarly, you can check to see if your other kitchen appliances are on. If they are, your circuit breaker has most likely tripped.

If this is the case, I’m sure you’d prefer a fuse trip to a fire outbreak. Luckily, it’s easy to fix.

Faulty Control Board/ Panel

The control board is like the brain of the dishwasher as it’s responsible for sending signals to other components and controlling their activities. Since the control board regulates the functional parts of your LG dishwasher, any damage to it can cause the dishwasher to turn off.

On the other hand, a faulty control panel will blink fervently and turn your dishwasher off. Problems with the control panel often lead to a short circuit.

Malfunctioning Motor/ Pump

Your dishwasher will run unhindered if there is enough water supply to complete the cycle. If the water is short, it’ll turn off.

Water shortage could result from a spoiled motor that cannot produce adequate water pressure. More often than not, a faulty circulation pump or soap build-up is responsible for damaging the motor.

Therefore, you should examine your dishwasher’s motor and pump if it suddenly turns off. If you don’t, the problem will deteriorate and affect the seal, causing a leakage.

Defective Vent and Fan Assembly

If your LG dishwasher’s fan or vent is bad, it restricts drying causing the appliance to go off. If this is the case, your plates will be wet and cold when the dishwasher goes off.

But your fan may rotate without releasing hot air due to a bad thermostat. So, ensure to analyze the vent and fan assembly.

Apart from the major reasons above, there are other reasons why your LG dishwasher turns off. These include a bad timer, faulty inlet valve, and dirty chopper blade.

Fixes to Apply When LG Dishwasher Keeps Turning Off

Here is the part you’ve been waiting to see, how to fix your LG dishwasher. However, before I proceed, you must note that these fixes are problem specific.

Therefore, you must pair each problem-solving measure with its respective issue for it to work. Having said that, let’s begin to analyze fixes for the problems mentioned above.

How to Fix a Door Latch

If there’s a problem with your door latch, you’ll have to replace it. Luckily, the process is an easy one that requires only a screwdriver. However, please ensure to buy a compatible latch assembly for the task.

But not all door lock issues call for a replacement. So, you should try restarting your dishwasher before considering replacement if it doesn’t work. Below are other door latch fixes to try.

  • Ensure that dishes are properly arranged, so they don’t stick out.
  • If the installation and positioning of your LG dishwasher isn’t level, please reposition it on a flat surface.
  • Reposition any misaligned latch or remove and reinstall the strike plate.
  • Tighten all loose screws and replace missing ones.
  • Replace a spoiled door seal.

How to Fix a Blown Fuse

A fuse may blow because the wiring is faulty or the switch has gone defective. You can use a multimeter or voltmeter to check the readings of a fuse so you can determine if it’s blown.

To fix a blown fuse, search for damaged wires and repair or replace the metal ribbons on the fuse. However, disconnect your dishwasher from its power source before you begin fixing it to be on the safe side.

How to Fix a Thermal Fuse

Before fixing a blown thermal fuse, you should note that it’s suitable for usage once. Thus, this strikes out repair leaving you with the option of replacement.

However, you should check for the cause of the blowout before attempting to replace it; otherwise, it may just blow again. So, you must discover and resolve the problem that triggers the thermal fuse damage before conducting a replacement.

The thermal fuse is behind the control board, so you must disassemble your dishwasher to replace it. Here is how to replace the thermal fuse.

  • Unplug your dishwasher and remove the control panel by loosening the screws.
  • Take off the cover of the control board.
  • Locate the spoiled thermal fuse, extract it, and fix the replacement.
  • Close the board cover, reposition the control panel and close it by securing the screws.

How to Fix a Tripped Fuse

If your fuse trips and causes your LG dishwasher to turn off, reset the circuit breaker. This simple act will get your appliance running again.

However, you must note that if the fuse keeps tripping continuously, a larger problem may be at stake. Hence, you’ll have to call an electrician to examine your home’s electrical wiring as soon as possible.

How to Fix a Faulty Control Board/ Panel

Repairing a defective control board is almost impossible because only skilled technicians can do it. So, if you’re looking to rectify the problem yourself, you should be looking at replacing the control board.

However, if your dishwasher’s control panel is faulty, try resetting it to get it back in action.

How to Fix a Spoiled Motor or Pump

Apart from supplying inadequate water, a spoiled motor may leak and make abnormal noises. It could also lead to the dishwasher collapsing entirely, as the pump is a highly functional part.

It’s often easier to change a bad motor or pump. Here are steps for replacing a faulty motor.

  • Drain out all the water from your dishwasher and ensure it’s dry.
  • Unplug it from its source of electrical power.
  • Lie the dishwasher backward and open the base cover.
  • Disconnect all the drain pump’s wiring and flood switch and remove the pump.
  • Detach the motor’s connection hoses and clips and attach them the same way onto the new motor.
  • Fix the pump back in place, reconnect all wirings, and couple your dishwasher.

How to Fix a Defective Fan Assembly

The most effective fix for a bad fan is a replacement. You can learn how to replace it by watching this video.

The above are major fixes for all prominent faults that could cause your LG dishwasher to turn off. But resetting your dishwasher is the best solution for other minute problems.

Warranty and Support

LG is a branded company that offers a wide range of support across its product line. If your dishwasher is till having some issues, please contact LG customer care.

If all these steps didn’t solve your problem, it is time to contact LG customer support.




(Mon. to Sun. 8AM – 9PM EST)

The guys in customer support may help you to troubleshoot the problem online. If all that doesn’t help, you can also chat or email them about your problem and they will send an engineer to your home to fix the problem.

Here is how you can check the warranty of your product. I highly recommend you to check the warranty before calling them up.


If your LG dishwasher goes off repeatedly, even after turning it back on, remember that it’s due to an internal fault. So, to tackle the issue from its roots, you can:

  • Replace faulty components.
  • Reset your circuit breaker.
  • Regularly check and fix loose screws.

However, remember to always disconnect your dishwasher from electricity before conducting any repairs.