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Maytag Washer Error Code E01 F09 (Do This to FIX)

Maytag Washer Error Code E01 F09 (Do This to FIX)

In recent times, electronic appliances such as washers have been designed with features enabling them to send signals when they encounter various issues. For instance, Maytag washers give out error codes when faced with different issues. One of them is the error code E01 F09. That said, why does this code appear on your washer?

The error code E01 F09 appears on your Maytag washer when there is a problem with your washer’s drainage system, preventing it from properly draining. Also, a faulty pressure switch and a damaged central control unit trigger this error code. You can quickly deal with this error code by finding and fixing the exact issue causing it to set off. 

This article discusses the causes of the E01 F09 error code on your Maytag washer. It also provides complete ways to solve these problems and defuse the code.

Error E01 F09 on Maytag Washer and Fixes to it

E01 F09 is one of the most common error codes on Maytag washers. However, there are several issues that trigger this code. Maytag washer’s drainage system comprises several components. So, any of those components could develop a fault, which triggers the code. 

The first step to fixing your washer is running the diagnostic test mode to determine the cause of the issue. From there, you should be able to point out the problem. Here are some of the reasons why the E01 F09 code pops up on your Maytag washer:

1. Damaged Drain Pump

When the drain pump on your Maytag washer gets damaged, the washer does not drain water with the needed efficiency. This causes the error code to appear on your washer’s display. 

How to Fix:

Here, you should test the pump to understand if it’s the source of the problem. To do that, First, inspect for any blockages through the Maytag washer’s drainage system. Then, check the drain pump and its connections with the Quick Diagnostics Test.

Now, disconnect the power and remove the washer’s top panel before confirming that the DP2 cable is correctly in place. Next, please take out the DP2 cable and test it with an Ohmmeter between the first and second pins. Always ensure that the resistance falls around 16 ohms before opening the front panel to look for any obstructions.

Inspect the connections, continuity test, and replace the lower harness if the tests indicate a negative value.


2. Distorted Drain Hose

A distorted Drain hose stops the Maytag washers from draining water. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to identify a distorted hose. However, if the damage is significant, it’s always better to opt for replacement. 

How to Fix:

Also, note that the drain hose should have a height of 96 inches or more. This is because anything less prevents the washer from correctly draining.

3. Malfunctioning Central Control Unit

If the other components of your washer are functioning okay, ensure to check the Central Control Unit. If you detect a problem with the CCU, you’d have to replace it.

How to Fix:

To replace the Central Control Unit on your Maytag washer, cut off the power and remove the top panel. Then identify the CCU and disconnect it before installing another one. Finally, reattach the cover and other initially removed parts.

Finally, perform a quick diagnostic assessment to ensure you get the desired results.

4. Grimy Drain Catch

When the filter on your drain pump is dirty, your Maytag washer tends to display the error code E01 F09.

How to Fix:

Fortunately, you can always access and clean the drain catch by first leaning the washer to the wall at a 45-degree angle. 

Next, remove the screws at the bottom of the front panel. After then, take out the drain cover and meticulously clean the washer’s drain catch.

5. Faulty Pressure Switch

A damaged pressure sensor can create issues in your Maytag washer’s draining. Consequently, this leads to the error code E01 F09.

How to Fix:

You can check the switch with a multimeter to understand if it’s still functioning properly. In addition, always ensure to inspect the washer’s pressure hose to note and fix any leaks, pinches, or clogs.

Why Won’t My Maytag Washer Drain

A Maytag washer fails to drain for many reasons, which range from defective components to dirt clogs. Well, here are the reasons why this occurs.

1. Blocked Drain Hose

A Maytag washer’s drain hose links the washer and the drain pipe, aiding the removal of used water from the washer drum. Now, when debris or lint clogs this drain hose, the washer does not drain since there’s no allowance. 

Carefully removing the lint and debris or replacing unfixable hoses are the solutions to this problem.

2. Overloading the Maytag Washer

Compacted wash loads can throw your Maytag washer off balance, preventing it from draining correctly. Therefore, it is advisable to wash large items individually while keeping the washer’s capacity in mind. 

Generally, the best practice is to fill the washer to only 75% of its total capacity. This practice significantly beats down overloading.

3. Selecting an Improper Cycle 

When your Maytag washer fails to drain appropriately, inspect it to see if you chose the correct wash cycle. Specific settings like Hand or Delicate Wash have slower spin accelerations to prevent damaging soft materials. 

So, if your washer isn’t draining, selecting a cycle with higher speeds helps remove as much water as possible. But still, ensure to check the labels on fabrics to be sure they can withstand more intensive spins.

4. Blocked Drain Pump

Maytag washers are equipped with drain pump filters that stop debits, lint, and other objects from blocking the drain pump. Unfortunately, these filters can get blocked, preventing the Maytag washer from draining. 

You can address this issue by regularly cleaning the drain pump filter. The filter is located just behind the front panel on the washer’s bottom.

5. Damaged Lid Switch Assembly

A defective lid switch system can cause a Maytag washer not to drain. Usually, draining occurs only when the lid is correctly covered. Now, when there is no continuity when tested with a multimeter, you should replace the switch.

Why is My Maytag Washer Not Draining or Spinning?

It can be frustrating when your Maytag washer fails to drain and spin. However, there are primary reasons for this and more straightforward ways to fix the problem. 

1. Too Much Load

Excessive amounts of load in your Maytag washer cause it not to spin. Clothes tend to jam when the washer is overloaded, halting the spinning. On the other hand, large clothes also create this problem by liking on one side of the drum. Reducing the load in the machine fixes this problem.

2. Faulty Motor Coupling

The motor coupling links the transmission and motor, providing power for the washer drum to work. If this component breaks down, the spin cycle stops working. In addition, heavy loads tend to accelerate damage to the motor coupling. Therefore, a replacement may be unavoidable.

3. Issues With the Drive Belt

Your Maytag washer will fail to spin if the drive belt is loose, damaged, or faulty. This issue is evident because it creates a lot of noise. To fix it, remove the washer’s back panel and tighten the belt on the pulleys when it’s loose. However, you’d have to replace it if it’s damaged.

4. Broken Bearing System

The powerful drum on a Maytag washer comprises strings aiding the inner tube to spin smoothly. Therefore, you should inspect this component if your machine halts at the spin cycle. When the bearing system breaks down, it’s pretty obvious because of the noise it produces. Here, it is highly recommended to replace the bearing and drum.

5. Worn-Out Transmission 

When the components of your washer’s transmission fail, the entire machine stops spinning. The transmission wears with time, but this problem is quite rare. Therefore, you should consider a replacement only after checking other components. 

Other issues like worn clutches, faulty rotors, damaged lid switches, and blocked drain hoses prevent your washer from spinning.

How Do I Clear the Error Code on a Maytag Washer?

To clear an error code on your Maytag washer, click the pause or cancel button twice and the power button once. But if the code does not go away, cut off the power supply for a minute. Then, select the required cycle and start the machine.

In certain situations, emptying the washer and correctly restarting the cycle deals with error codes on your washer.

Is there a Reset Button on a Maytag Washer? 

Maytag washers don’t carry reset buttons. Nonetheless, you can still reset these devices by pressing a combination of keys, sometimes simultaneous. For instance, you can press cancel and power to reset your washer.  


The E01 F09  error code primarily appears on your Maytag washer when there’s an issue with its drainage system. However, remember that other issues, such as a faulty pressure switch and Central Control Unit, also trigger this code.

Here are what could be the reasons for the error code E01 F09:

  • Damaged drain pump
  • Distorted drain hose
  • Malfunctioning Central Control Unit
  • Grimy Drain Catch
  • Faulty Pressure switch

You’d have to deal with the root cause to fix this error code. But, this is an easy process that shouldn’t take long as soon as you figure out the exact cause.