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Neighbor Damaged My Fence (Should I Call Police?)

Neighbor Damaged My Fence (Should I Call Police?)

One of the most prevalent causes of conflict between neighbors is disagreements about fences. The owners often share the cost and responsibilities of fence upkeep and repairs on each side of a property line where a fence is erected. Fences damaged on one side of a property line can cause a neighbor to feel aggrieved if the owner refuses to take action.

Damage to your fence by a neighbor can quickly turn into a frustrating scenario. Rightly, you don’t feel that you should be responsible for the additional costs of repairing the damage caused by someone else’s irresponsibility.

So, what should you do in this situation? This article will walk you through the important precautions and measures to take. Keep your eyes peeled.

What Can I Do If My Neighbor Damages My Fence?

If your neighbor has damaged your fence in any way, the first step is to evaluate the level of the damage. Deciding on how to deal with your neighbor’s fence damage can significantly impact the future of your relationship with them. If everything else fails, start by talking to a trusted neighbor about your concerns. Talking things out is the simplest approach to getting things done.

If your neighbor doesn’t respond to your efforts to resolve the problem, you may need to consider other choices. A third-party solicitor can be hired to mediate the situation. Even while we hope it never does, you may have to sue them if it doesn’t work.

Nevertheless, the damage could have been accidental, or they may not have given it much thought. In certain cases, a neighbor may have concluded that because the fence is near the property boundary, they had the right to utilize it in whatever way they chose.

If your neighbor damages your fence, you’ll have a better case if you can construct the fence inside your property boundaries, making the fence yours and eliminating conflicts over who pays for what.

What To Do if a Neighbor’s Vehicle Damages My Fence?

If you witness a car destroying your fence, jot down the brand, model, and license plate number. If the situation worsens, you’ll be able to use this to establish whose vehicle caused the damage. You could be able to settle the dispute right away if you know the driver or if the driver stops and speaks to you. It’s possible to end a dispute quickly if you know how much the fence is worth or how much you’re ready to pay to fix it.

However, if your neighbor insists that they did not hit the fence with their vehicle, there are legal choices available. To begin with, you should take the time to record each incidence. It also necessitates keeping a record of each occurrence of harm.

Taking pictures of the damage is a good idea. It would help if you also acquired repair quotes from a reputable fence contractor because you never know when you’ll need one.

Make an appointment to see a lawyer and hand over all this paperwork. Exercise your right without fear. If you fear this will happen again, you may want to consider building some additional fence reinforcements.

Neighbor Repeatedly Hitting the Fence

There’s undoubtedly a reason why your neighbor keeps hitting your fence without something being up. Try conversing with your neighbor to find out if anything can be done. Remind them that any damage to your fence is their responsibility.

Use a motion sensor to prevent your neighbor from repeatedly damaging your fence. As a warning to your neighbor, this may help resolve the issue of them approaching your fence too closely. If they damage your fence and refuse to restore it, you can demand that they pay an expert to do it instead. This also ensures that the fence repair will be done to the highest standard.

Your neighbor’s insurance company may pay for repairs instead of merely compensating you for damages. The cost to repair the fence and its pre-damage value should be included in your insurance claim, regardless of how the accident occurred.

Should I Call The Police if My Neighbor Damaged My Fence?

Think about having a civil discussion with your next-door neighbor before taking things to the extreme. Explain that the fence has been destroyed and that you want it repaired or repaired for the damages. The police should only be called as the last option.

There’s a good chance your neighbor may sympathize with your plight and offer to help. This can get complicated, however, if your neighbor doesn’t believe they were at fault for the damage. You may need the assistance of a neutral third party to help resolve matters.

When all else fails, or if you have proof that your neighbor intentionally damaged your property, you may want to consider involving law enforcement in the situation.

However, because this is generally seen as a civil concern, the police may be unable to do anything about it. Knowing the exact boundaries of your property is critical when erecting a fence for this very reason.

Who Pays For a Fence Damaged by a Neighbor?

Your fence will need to be repaired if damage has been done to it. Repairing the damages shouldn’t impede your relationship with your neighbors. If the fence in dispute is yours and a neighbor damaged it, the neighbor will be held accountable for the damages.

In the event of a boundary fence claim, your neighbor should be covered by their homeowner’s insurance. They are probably still responsible if the fence is a border fence and you are in charge of it, but the answer is a little more tricky.

Make sure you have photos of the fence before and after the damage to present to the insurance company. This will expedite and simplify the process of filing your insurance claim.

Anyone driving a car into your fence is accountable for repairing the damage. Because of this, they should be able to file a claim with their insurance provider. However, there’s good news if you don’t know who did the damage to your fence. Your homeowner’s insurance will usually pay the costs if you don’t know who damaged the fence.

What Should I Do If My Neighbor Doesn’t Want to Pay For Damages?

If your neighbor refuses to cover the cost of repairs to your fence, suggest that they file a claim with their own insurance company instead. As a result, the neighbor will not be reimbursed for the claim; instead, the insurance company will.

The dispute can be taken to court if required. If this is the case, a lawyer can help you understand your legal options in the case of property damage. When filing a claim, take photos of the damage to provide evidence.

Your insurance provider should also be called if your neighbor doesn’t have insurance or refuses to repair your fence. They will contact your neighbors, and they’ll aid you in resolving the issue.

Fixing your fence is likely covered by your homeowner’s insurance if the neighbor is unable or unwilling to foot the bill. Even though it’s frustrating, it’s better than going to court over something as trivial as a faulty fence!

Can I Sue My Neighbor For Damaging the Fence?

If you have attempted to settle the dispute with your neighbor, but they have not cooperated, you may have grounds to sue your neighbor for hitting your fence. Make sure you have proof that your neighbor committed the offense before filing a police report.

They could face charges of public property destruction. Restitution will be required if they are convicted. Typically, they will be fined the cost of repairing or replacing the fence with one of equivalent worth.

If you wish to sue for damages, you should talk to an attorney first. As a result, your lawyer will know exactly how much to claim from your insurance policy. Consider hiring a real estate attorney if you need a lawyer.

Adding lawyers to the insurance claim will not be necessary. A neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance claim may be sufficient in most circumstances. However, you may consider bringing in an attorney if you’re having issues with your insurance.

Will My Home Insurance Pay For My Damaged Fence?

If a vehicle or a natural disaster damages your fence, your insurance may cover the costs of repairs. When you first moved in or had the fence erected, be sure to snap before and after photos to document its current state.

Before and after pictures and an estimate of the fence’s value will greatly speed up filing a claim with your insurance company. As an additional option, they may send a representative to see the damage in person.

Likewise, if your neighbor does not have insurance and refuses to cover the cost of your damaged fence, it’s your choice to take them to a court or file a claim with your insurance company.

It’s possible that submitting your damaged fence to your insurance carrier is the most straightforward option. Your insurance company will contact you and, if necessary, your neighbor to discuss the damages and agree on how to proceed with payment.


Having a fence that’s damaged isn’t fun for anyone. Hopefully, you can talk to your neighbor and fix the fence easily. If your neighbor is being tough, remember that you can always report the damage to your insurance company. Hopefully, your fence can be repaired soon and to everyone’s satisfaction.