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Neighbor Keeps Calling Police on Me. What To Do?

Neighbor Keeps Calling Police on Me. What To Do?

You decided to rest and have a great time. But a couple of minutes into your relaxation, someone knocks on your door. You peeped through the window, and shockingly, it was the police. 

When you open and ask what brought them to your doorsteps, they tell you a neighbor complained to them about you. It is not the first time the person has been doing it. Now, you’re wondering and asking yourself, “Why does my neighbor take pleasure in calling the cops for no reason“?

What should you do in this scenario? Please, don’t attack or fight the neighbor. Calmly approach them, and request to know what you did wrong to have forced them to call the cops on you.

However, you can be smart and alert the other neighbors, who might watch you from afar but serve as a witness when you approach your police calling neighbor.

If you tried talking to the person, but they refused to stop the harassment, take them to court without hesitation. Their unhealthy behavior towards you needs to stop before it ruins your life.

So, if your neighbor takes pleasure in calling the cops on you and you don’t know what to do, this post is for you. Read to know how to handle such cases.

How Do You Deal With Police Calling Neighbors?

Have you tried running a search on Google with the keyword, “neighbor keeps calling the police on me?” The comments from people who have experienced such torments from their neighbors will shock you to your bones.

Some people have even had it worse. In addition to calling the police, these troublesome neighbors may try to tarnish their image to other neighbors. They want other neighbors to see you as an evil person.

So, how do you handle neighbors that take joy in calling the police on you? Here are simple steps to take. 

1. Try to understand the cause of the problem

Before we go further, let’s be honest with ourselves. Most neighbors can call the police on you for minor reasons. So, don’t be surprised or try to rule out any offense you feel your neighbor is holding on to. 

So, what are the reasons your neighbor keeps calling the police on you? It could be that the person doesn’t fancy your skin color or doesn’t like your hairstyle. 

Your choice of hairstyle could be making the police calling neighbor uncomfortable or scared. They may be thinking you’re a dangerous person the police should investigate. 

Your dressing style, facial looks, or lawn condition could be the reason your neighbor hates you and calls the police on you from time to time. Others could be the late-night parties, too many visitors, loud music and others.

So, find out the reason your neighbor dislikes you to know the best way to strategize. If you know the reason, you can solve the problem.

2. Approach your neighbor

Your neighbor wouldn’t have called the police on you if you didn’t commit any offense. But let’s admit it. They went too far by calling the police on you. The deed has been done, and though you’re not happy with what your neighbor did, please don’t start a fight with them. 

Approach your neighbor politely and request to speak with them. If they agree to talk with you, then apologize straight away to calm their nerves down. Then ask to know the offense you committed that triggered them to call the police. 

If your neighbor is so kind to tell you what the problem was, show them how sorry you are and explain why you acted the way you did. Your neighbor wasn’t happy with either the strange faces that come visiting now and then, your constant loud music, or late-night parties you have been hosting lately. 

Now, what should you do if your neighbor refuses to speak with you about the issue? Again, don’t pressure them. Otherwise, you might land in bigger trouble. You can drop your contact number and ask them to call you whenever they feel like talking. 

You can also urge your neighbor to reach out to you whenever you do something they don’t like instead of reporting to the police. Urge them to call you with that number anytime. 

On your path, if the neighbor complains about something, be ready to take action. Please don’t ignore your neighbor after urging them to talk to you. Otherwise, they won’t take you seriously any longer.  

3. Prepare to counter your neighbor

It would make sense to document all your interactions with your police-calling neighbor. Do you know your neighbor can call the police on you, claiming you came to harass them? 

So, before you approach your neighbor, ensure you’re ready to record the conversation with your mobile device or via CCTV. You may even ask a neighbor to accompany you to see the police calling neighbor. The person that’s accompanying you would serve as your witness. 

4. Visit the local police station

Make plans to visit the police and explain your side of the story. You can also request details of the complaint and allegations made against you by your neighbor. 

Again, after telling the police your side of the story, ask them if you did wrong after listening to what you just told them. And request to know the action to take whenever the neighbor starts misbehaving. 

Can You See Who Called the Cops on You?

Don’t depend on the police on this one. They will only tell you something like, “We received a complaint about you regarding XYZ.” They won’t tell you the complainant because they know you could hurt the person when you get angry. 

So, if you’re the one reporting a neighbor, feel free to give the police your accurate details. They won’t blow your cover. You can even ask them not to reveal your identity to anyone. 

The only way to know who called the cops on you is by examining all your neighbors. If there’s a neighbor that isn’t on speaking terms with you, chances are they were the ones that reported you to the cops. 

Another way is via gossips. One of your neighbors or friends must have spotted the person talking to the cops or heard them speak to the cops on the phone. 

Can You Sue Someone For Calling the Police on You For No Reason?

Yes, you can sue someone for calling the cops on you. In the United States, you can go ahead and sue anyone for anything. But the question you should be asking yourself is, will I win the lawsuit? 

Again, ask is it worth it? Remember, you would spend time and money on the case. You would need an attorney who will gladly follow you to the court and assure you that you could win the case, even when they know you won’t.    

So, instead of going ahead with the lawsuit against your neighbor, explore other options to settle the dispute. But if you still feel like taking the person to court is a better option for you, ensure you have enough evidence. 

Let the number see all the steps you took to settle the dispute amicably, so they’ll support you. You can also complain to the landlord if it’s a rented apartment so that he can be on your side whenever the issue escalates. 

It will be a wise decision only to take your neighbor to court if it’s a case of harassment

How Do You Get a Neighbor to Stop Harassing You?

If you feel your neighbor is harassing you and want it to stop, take the following actions to end it.

1. Dialogue

Please, let the conversation be your first line of action when dealing with conflicts. So, talk to your neighbor calmly and see if both of you can reach a logical conclusion. 

2. Get other neighbors involved

If there’s an older person in the block or a neighbor every other person respects, get them involved in the conflict. Who knows, they might help to resolve the case amicably, and when things escalate, they can take a side with you since they witnessed your actions. 

3. Get your landlord involved

Do you have proof that a neighbor is harassing you? Let the landlord know about it. Don’t underestimate what your landlord can do to a tenant that’s making other people’s lives unbearable. Your landlord can identify the person from the house or take sides with you when the issue escalates. 

What to Do if You Feel Threatened By a Neighbor

Don’t sit and fold your arms if your neighbor starts acting dangerously towards you or threatening your life. File a police report. You can request a restraining order against them.


What should you do if your neighbor keeps calling the police on you? Well, the truth is, no one likes visiting the station now and then. And no one enjoys being questioned by the police. 

However, some neighbors don’t care. They’ll keep calling the cops on you since they enjoy watching you get into trouble. You’ll find tips on how to handle such neighbors in this post.