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My Neighbor Keeps Looking at Me: What To Do?

My Neighbor Keeps Looking at Me: What To Do?

Intimacy is what you long for, which is linked to being with yourself, without the intervention of third parties, the curiosity of others, a place where you will find your peace and balance to enjoy everything convenient for you.

That’s one of the reasons you made sure you rented or built a house in a secluded area because you most often want to be in a quiet and peaceful place, and most importantly because you want your privacy.

However, inconveniences slip into the perfect picture that you had imagined before moving in. If you’re wondering how to deal with a neighbor who keeps looking at you, read on as this article will provide answers.

What Can I Do If My Neighbor Keeps Staring At Me?

If you feel like your neighbor is staring at you, it’s worrisome, but don’t despair. Though it sounds improbable but this phenomenon is not uncommon. Again and again, people feel disturbed in their privacy by their curious neighbors.

Have you noticed that your neighbor has been looking at you regularly for some time now? Or does your neighbor look inside your home? If he observes your every move, what can you do? Do you have the means to act?

Yes, you have all the right to act. If you are affected, you should take the initiative directly and get to the root of the problem: In between, the most dangerous thing you can do is wait and let time slip away, telling yourself that it will pass. If you observe this strange and indiscreet manner for several weeks or months, do not wait to talk about it.

So what do you do when a neighbor gets into the nasty habit of looking at you constantly?

In the legal field, there is no sanction for a person who starts to observe the other constantly; the young person is on his property and can do whatever he wants, spending the whole day looking wherever he wants.

However, this depends on the case because it hurts the morals in our field of conscience. It is not normal for a person to keep watching others in their privacy acts.

What should you do?

  1. At first, you can very well talk to your neighbor, this will allow you to remove the last doubts and find out more about his behavior. If the meeting goes badly or worse, if it confirms your feelings, do not wait to file a complaint with the competent services. Get to the Police quickly to file a complaint and explain your situation. Don’t let the problem continue without taking action because it could play against you. Also, if he spies on your room, don’t hesitate to do this.
  1. In almost every hardware store, you will find a reflective foil that makes looking through difficult for your neighbors. This film is transparent from the inside, but your neighbors can no longer see anything outside.
  1. If you live in a rented apartment, you should also involve your landlord. Inform him about the behavior of your neighbor and demand remedial action.

Why Does My Neighbor Keeps Staring at Me?

You have felt embarrassed so many times because your neighbor keeps staring at you. You have always wondered why but you have yet to know the reason. Your neighbor will most likely keep staring at you if you are a beautiful lady in your mid-twenties or early thirties. This is just because they are attracted to you; in this case, you don’t have to worry so much about it.

However, some stares go beyond your neighbor being attracted. If the acts of staring are not enough, and the neighbor starts taking pictures and filming, you must take proper action because it might be an illegal act.

This staring can be an invasion of privacy and harassment, for which you can file a complaint and initiate criminal proceedings but it’s very complicated to demonstrate in practice. It is not because the neighbor is looking in your direction that he is watching you.

How Do I Deal With the Neighbor That Keeps Staring at Me?

One of the most important and provided for in the constitution was the right to intimacy and private life. The intimacy, personal life, honor, and image of people are inviolable. But, as we discussed earlier, the staring must have gone beyond ordinary for you to act.

A perfect example is a young man who watches his naked neighbor through his bedroom window or even goes to buy binoculars to take care of this neighbor’s life in all her actions. Upon realizing these facts, the young lady will feel that her privacy is being violated, and her freedom to be naked or in her pajamas on her property is being restricted because there is a young man who spends all day watching her.

How do you deal with that?

  1. First, file a lawsuit against the neighbor to impose an obligation not to do it, that is, to avoid looking at the wall all day. Then, if the judge recognizes the origin, he will impose a fine on the neighbor for each non-compliance.
  1. Also, put curtains on your walls. However, this is one of the challenges. Your wall can’t be drilled; that’s not a problem. Usually, you have to drill holes in the wall when installing the curtain rods, but you can also skip this step by following these simple tips:
  • Choose a rod to place between two walls that instantly attaches with a simple push. Also, opt for a device that requires no drilling that you can connect to the uprights of your windows or patio doors. Self-tightening no-drill rod brackets are the easiest to install and move if needed.
  • You can also choose roller blinds or curtains placed directly on the window jambs. In the same spirit, you can stick screen stickers on the windows.

The Neighbor Keeps Staring at My Family in the Backyard: Is it Okay?

It is usual for your neighbor to stare at your family in the backyard if you have no fence. Seeing them play in the backyard can be captivating to him. However, it is abnormal when your neighbor uses a camera or has to climb a ladder to stare at your family. It is not okay and needs your immediate action in this case.

Your neighbor has no right to interfere with your privacy. Whether you are aware of it, installing a camera with a view of your home or your path is punishable by up to one year in prison. Your neighbor, if convicted, could also have to pay a fine.

Can I Tell My Neighbor to Stop Staring at My Family?

Generally, your neighbors have the right to sit down all day and watch whatever they want. However, if a particular neighbor stares at you often and if you are not pleased with this, you can walk up to your neighbor and discuss the situation with him.

Of course, the best thing to do is not to go alone; call a friend or a brother; this will make you bold to confront your neighbor. Moreover, make sure you tell him calmly.

Can I Report My Neighbor to the Police For This Behavior?

When your neighbor goes to the extent of installing a camera to watch your movement, it is a severe case punishable under the law. So yes, you can report this behavior to the police.

Also, you can start a summary protocol to obtain compensation for the damage caused. The legal procedure will thus be accelerated, and the justice system will be able to assess your situation more quickly to help you regain your privacy.

Moreover, if he doesn’t install a camera but uses the advantage of house design, the last resort besides those already mentioned can be found in the request of prejudice of view. For example, suppose a neighbor uses unsuitable constructions to achieve his end of intruding on your privacy, depending on the buildings he has put in place.

In that case, your neighbor may be forced to remove them and, at the same time, respect your privacy. Now you know how to protect yourself from a neighbor who is always watching your home.

What to Do in Case of Neighborhood Harassment?

Don’t ever forget that you need to complain to the police about any harassment, even if it is from your neighbor. You might feel they won’t do anything but note that the accumulation of complaints matters. Never think that the police are for more important things, they are there to protect the citizens, and the harassed person is a victim.

Call the police as many times as you need till necessary actions are taken. With this, a file will be created that may be useful in the future.

When you can demonstrate that the harassing behavior is persistent and repeated over time, they can report it. Of course, in reality, you could report your neighbor before you have all the documentation, but it will most likely fall on deaf ears, so ensure you have all the necessary evidence.


A neighbor staring at you can either have good or bad intentions. However, the latter will be prevented when the necessary action is taken.