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Neighbor Keeps Looking Over The Fence: What To Do?

Neighbor Keeps Looking Over The Fence: What To Do?

A good fence is supposed to set a barrier between you and your fellow neighbors where you reside. You might have well gone an extra mile making your fence as high as possible in order to suit your comfortability, but you can’t help but notice that nosy neighbor who keeps looking and peeking over the fence every time you are indoors.

At first, you probably thought your apartment was being admired due to the fancy decorations. However, it’s more conversant, and you are uncomfortable with it. Don’t fret. We are here to help. This article will guide you on the appropriate steps and what to do in such a scenario.

What Can I Do If My Neighbor Keeps Looking Over The Fence?

You can do several things to stop this habit from your neighbor. However, you can start by approaching them to inform them about how uncomfortable you are with them looking over. It would be best to talk to them generally like you always do and make sure you are very serious in your choice of words.

As a neighbor, they may feel it is perfectly normal for them to look over your fence without any primary motive of harm. But by informing them politely, you are crossing the line to your privacy and making sure it has to stop.

Your attention to inquisitive neighbors might be a source of great joy for them. They’ll keep attempting to get under your skin if they notice their behaviors affect you. Ignoring such individuals is the best course of action.

In addition, try to ignore them as much as you can. Even the most obnoxious neighbors will eventually grow bored and hunt for something else to bother.

How Do I Stop My Neighbour From Peeking Over The Fence?

If you want to stop your neighbor from intruding on your privacy and peeking over your fence, here are things to do.

1. Build a High Fence

If your fence isn’t high enough, you go the extra mile by ensuring your fence is high enough to prevent your neighbor from peeping. Increasing the height of your fence would even make you feel safe and create a sense of privacy and ownership. And by doing this, you won’t go through the stress of talking to them all the time.

2. Plant Tall Trees

Another trick that has worked over the years is by ensuring to plant enough trees to serve as a form of a barricade to obstruct views of your nosy neighbors. Planting a row of tall trees has the same effect as putting up a fence. Even better, trees are more appealing to the eye and do not require municipal clearance to plant.

Also, by planting tall trees, you reduce the amount it would cost you, unlike constructing a fence. You can get tender trees at a very affordable price, and they would fit just perfectly in your fancy apartment.

3. Lodge a Complain To The Police

Finally, if after attempting the steps mentioned above and they don’t stop, you should reach out to the police to get a restraining order. Neighbors who still keep trying to peek over your fence might as well want to cause you harm. So to be on the safer side and ahead, get the police involved.

Is It Illegal To Look Over Your Neighbor’s Fence?

The answer to this is very tricky. It depends on the laws and regulations in your particular region. It is totally fine in some states and communities, and in some, they aren’t. So it is safe to conclude that they have broken the law if they have invaded your home without your permission or if they have been peeking into their property without prior notice.

It is different if they observe from across the street or on their land. Although, there are exceptions to this rule. Perhaps you are unclear about this—phone the police department closest to you about the law regarding spying on your neighbors.

However, it also depends on your relationship with your neighbor before that moment. If you are very conversant with your neighbor, they might consider it a friendly gesture. But if it isn’t, it might seem pretty creepy.

Is Leaning Over a Fence Trespassing?

No, leaning over a fence isn’t trespassing. Most significantly, if it isn’t a public wall. You can only get hassled for loitering around public or government-owned fences and buildings. However, for a private fence, it isn’t trespassing.

Although, trespass law states that you have the right to ask someone to leave your property if they are staying around without your consent. If they ignore your request to leave, they will have committed the crime of trespassing at that time.

Staying on your land after being told they are not wanted is considered an act of interference with your property, which is a wrongful act (as opposed to a criminal violation). It is even possible to file a lawsuit against a person who trespasses on your land, mainly if they cause any harm while they are there.

Can I Install Spikes Over My Fence To Stop My Neighbor From Looking Over My Fence?

Spikes should not be used on private property since they might injure your neighbors, especially glass or metal spikes. Attaching them to your external walls might be an excellent way of deterring intruders. But it causes more harm than good.

Also, the likelihood of significant damage is exceedingly high, and you would be held accountable for any harm you cause. However, plastic spikes can be attached to your wall to dissuade your nosy neighbors and prevent them from peeking over your fence.

Commercial buildings and farms are the only places where sharp spikes can be legally installed to confine livestock. Many homeowners have been sued for damages in court proceedings relating to this issue.

Spike is a hostile precaution that will draw unwanted notice from your neighbors and the local government. Prevent sharp glass or spikes around your boundary fence and stick to certified plastic spikes and anti-vandal paint with a notice to avoid any complications.

What Are Some Signs of a Creepy Neighbor?

1. They know your daily schedule: A creepy neighbor has a vast knowledge of your daily routines. They do that to keep tabs on private matters and relationships you keep. If you are in this situation, get the police involved in other to avoid harmful acts.

2. They roam your yard: Creepy neighbors tend to visit your vicinity repeatedly without any purpose.

3. They stalk you on social media platforms: By doing this, they get a very close range of friends you keep. They often comment, follow, and retweet most of your conversations on these platforms.

4. They are unnecessarily nice: They gain your trust by doing this, and creepy neighbors make sure they do anything for you to lean on them.

How Do You Deal With Creepy Neighbours?

  1. Call ahead and schedule a time to meet.
  2. Meet on the street or at the property line.
  3. Don’t accuse; instead, express your concerns and suggest resolving the issue together.
  4. If it doesn’t work, research noise ordinances and write a letter. However, offer a solution whenever possible.
  5. Consult with your neighborhood association. You can request that they send a standard letter referencing the applicable ordinance or bylaw. You can exercise a condominium association’s right of first refusal to buy out your neighbor.
  6. If that doesn’t work, call your local police station. You should also keep a record of your allegation.
  7. Engage the services of an experienced mediator. Any local courthouse, police station, or bar association can help you locate a mediator.
  8. As a final resort, file a legal complaint.

Can I Construct a Fence Over My Neighbor Border Line?

Your neighbor can construct a fence on the property border. The legislation allows a fence 2-8 inches from a neighbor’s land. Your neighbor’s plans to erect an intruding fence on or near your property boundary necessitates a combined effort from both parties.

Some states do not have legislation that specifically addresses fences, property borders, and partitioning. A fence can be erected if both neighbors agree, but to be safe, have a surveyor draw your property line and borders.

However, if your neighbor wants to construct a fence along your property boundary, you and your neighbor must reach an agreement. Usually, you and your neighbor split the expense. This covers the building, upkeep, and everything else.

This barrier will serve both of you, but there must be in-depth conversation and agreement, preferably in writing with a legal witness.

What Are The Guidelines When Constructing a Fence?

There are ways to build fences to prevent property disputes. The most essential thing to remember while constructing a fence is to ensure that it does not intrude on your neighbor’s land.

Zoning restrictions in your region must be followed by the fencing contractor that you employ to build the fence.

Once you know your property’s limits, you can trust the fencing firm to follow local rules. If needed, you can ask the firm about these limits. Your fence firm doesn’t have to obey HOA rules (HOA).

Your HOA can set limits concerning fence height, setback distance, etc. Make sure you tell your fencing firm about these laws before construction begins. Since zoning restrictions differ by state, homeowners should contact an agent when buying or selling a house with a controversial fence.


Your neighbor peeking over your fence can be very uncomfortable, but with these guides stated, you can be one step ahead if you try to stop the act or take further actions against the police or neighborhood authorities. However, you can summon courage by first approaching your neighbor to tell them how you feel.