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Neighbor Keeps Mowing My Lawn: What to Do?

Neighbor Keeps Mowing My Lawn: What to Do?

Lawns tend to beautify homes and help maintain ecological balance in our environment.


They serve as an ideal habitat for soil organisms. In the United States, statistics show that about 81 percent of houses have lawns.

Lawns beautify compounds giving the eyes strokes of green colors. However, there are a series of potential problems you might face as a result of how your lawns are treated. One such problem arises when your neighbor starts mowing your lawn without your permission. This article will teach you how to deal with any situation involving how your neighbor treats your lawn.

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What Can I Do if My Neighbor Keeps Mowing My Lawn?

There are a lot of things that can be done if your neighbor keeps mowing your lawn, but I’d suggest you to take the following steps to yield the results you would want:

1. Compliment them

If you love the way your neighbor mowed your lawn, you can likely thank them for being of help to you. They would be so happy if you appreciate them for their gestures, this would go a long way in maintaining a good relationship between you and your neighbor, according to a psychotherapist’s report.

2. Speak with them

If you do not like the gesture from your neighbor, by helping you to mow your lawn, you can have a sit and talk with your neighbor, stating reasons why you don’t appreciate their efforts in mowing your lawn. A kind and open conversation tend to be the best thing that can be done, assuming you do not like your neighbor’s gesture of mowing your lawn.

3. Create a border

In a situation where you do not want to have a confrontation with your neighbor, be it for appreciation or complaint, you could erect a fence. Fences serve also as border lines or demarcation of an area of land. You can make demarcations to protect your lawn from your neighbor’s activities on your lawn.

How to Keep Your Neighbor From Mowing My Lawn?

There are a lot of ways by which you can keep your neighbor from mowing your lawn, these are a few of them:

1. Make a fence

You can erect a fence, which can be made with any material be it metal, brick, or wood. It’s best to make a wooden fence, they are cheaper and biodegradable, thereby protecting the environment.

Fences help you to visibly demarcate your property from your neighbor’s property, thereby keeping your lawn from being mowed by your neighbor.

2. Use pets

If your neighbor is someone who fears pets like cats, especially dogs. It would be nice to own them to scare them away from your property, thereby keeping your neighbor from your lawn. Studies show that approximately 1 out of 2 people have a fear of dogs.

3. Flowers work

Plant flower beds or plant brushes to make a property line or demarcation of your property from your neighbor’s property, it can help you keep your neighbor from mowing your lawn.

4. Get it done first

There are situations your neighbor might think he is doing you a favor, by mowing your lawn on your behalf simply because it looks untidy. In a scenario like this, I’d encourage you to mow your lawn before your neighbor helps you to do it.

Neighbor Keeps Cutting My Grass: What To Do?

In a situation where your neighbor keeps cutting your grass and you are thinking of what to do, these outlines will be of great benefit to you.

1. Approach your neighbor

They might think they are doing you a favor by cutting your grass not knowing you appreciate your grass the way you cut it or leave it. The approach will make you walk up to them and tell them what you feel about them cutting your grass for you, you can manage not to be rude to your neighbor.

2. Sit and talk with them

If you think approaching them is too direct. When you have a sit and talk with your neighbor concerning the cutting of your grass, it would look too rude, because the latter point will be ended when you walk out or walk away from your neighbor, they might not like it and might seem rude, so I would encourage you to have a sit and talk for expressing your feelings.

3. Go the other way round

Some people might not have the courage to physically express their feelings about the way their neighbor keeps cutting your grass, if you fall into this category, you can send a mail, SMS or even a letter be it a handwritten or typed letter.

4. Give a notice

You can erect a signboard to prevent your neighbor from cutting your grass, signboards can be informative or a precaution. When you erect a signboard with information protecting your grass from being cut it will help you to deal with a situation that involves your neighbor cutting your grasses.

Is It Rude To Tell Your Neighbor To Stop Cutting Your Grass?

It depends on the way you table it down for your neighbor and the way you express that your neighbor should stop cutting your grass.

It is rude if you tell your neighbor to stop cutting your grass in a high tone or in an impolite way because they might have the mindset of doing you a favor rather than offending you.

However, it is also rude if you inform the constituted authority, be it the police or the landlord association that your neighbor should stop cutting your grass, they might feel embarrassed.

It is not rude if you tell your neighbor to stop cutting your trees in an accommodating way or in a polite way, they might even be happy that you notice their effort on your grass.So, telling your neighbor to stop cutting your grass is not rude, as long as you say it politely.

Should You Install a Fence To Keep Your Neighbor From Cutting Your Grass?

Yes, it is very much okay to install a fence to keep your neighbor from cutting your grass, it is your property and you have the right to perform any activities on it or make any infrastructure on it.

Apart from erecting a fence to keep your neighbor from cutting your grass, fences can be of benefit to you by beautifying your property and protecting your property from wild animals, or Intruders of any kind.

Fences can be made of bricks, barb wire, chain, aluminum, and wood, keep it at the back of your mind that fences provide more privacy than each other. You can install a wooden fence because they are biodegradable and cheap to install which makes them environmentally friendly. You can install a fence to keep your neighbor from cutting your grass.

Is It Okay to Put a Signboard Along the Fence To Stop Cutting My Grass?

It’s very okay if you put a signboard along the fence to tell your neighbor to stop cutting your grass.

Firstly, it is your property and you have a right to put a signboard on the fence, signboards can be for information or precautions, and putting a signboard on your fence with the information of telling your neighbor to stop cutting your grass can be termed okay since it not with information to support illegal activities like human trafficking, drug abuse to mention a few.

Moreover, the reason for erecting a signboard is to stop your neighbor’s activities on your property. Signboard installation is a means of communicating significant information to a planned audience, use it well.

Can I Press Charges Against My Neighbor For Trespassing, if He Keeps Cutting My Lawn?

Yes, you can press charges against your neighbor for trespassing, if he keeps cutting your lawn. Trespassing to another person’s property is termed a civil offense because they entered your property without your approval, if trespassing also caused your property to be affected, it will attract serious punishment from the law.

In a scenario where a neighbor enters your property with the main aim of cutting your lawn, you can press more than one charge against them. However, instead of pressing charges against them, you can talk to them to stop cutting your lawn at first; bu if it persists, do not hesitate to press charges against them.

Can I Sue My Neighbor If He Doesn’t Stop Cutting My Lawn?

Your neighbor is an entity, that is, he can sue and be sued. Yes, you can sue your neighbor if he doesn’t stop cutting your lawn. Before you sue your neighbor, have you told them that you want them to stop cutting your lawn?

If you haven’t asked them to stop, you should go ahead and ask them to stop. This is important because the court will ask if you had previously informed your neighbor of your request.

Failure to do this can make the court serve a discipline for the stress which can attract a 2-3 years ban from the court.

The implication is, that you’ll not be allowed to file cases for that period. But if you have done your part but the cutting continues, you have the upper hand in the court case.


Lawns and grasses have a lot of benefits, they are synonymous with each other, and in some cases referred to as one.

Whenever you experience the above situation with your neighbor, be sure to take the steps of talking to them first; every other action should be implemented when good results don’t yield from initial your conversation with them.