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Neighbor Keeps Stealing My Packages: What to Do?

Neighbor Keeps Stealing My Packages: What to Do?

Are you concerned about your packages being stolen? And do you think it was your neighbor who did it?

Package stealing is a federal crime that is aggravated when it comes to parcels and packages delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

You’re undoubtedly stumped as to how to deal with this issue. This article will guide you through the process of resolving the matter.

Keep reading on what to do if your neighbor keeps stealing your packages .

What Do I Do if My Neighbor Stole My Package?

There comes this weird feeling when you discover your neighbor steals your package, you’re tempted to ask why, but it already happened.

Here is a list of steps you can take:

1. Install cameras outdoors that will capture the theft and clearly identify the perpetrator, resulting in concrete proof.

With sophisticated motion detection and intelligent alerts, motion sensor security cameras will notify you right away if your suspected neighbors are stealing from you, allowing you to catch them in the act. Also, keep track of every instance of theft you encounter.

2. Another strategy to deal with your neighbors stealing your shipments is to be up forward with them about the situation. Let them know that you’ve been concerned about the thieving concerns for a long time and that you’d like to fix the problems rather than start a fight.

When speaking to them, follow these procedures for the best results in your discussion:

  • Calm down and stay away from unpleasant words and actions. You’re more likely to conduct a successful confrontation if you can keep your voice down and avoid bringing up unnecessary topics throughout the conversation.
  • Demonstrate to your neighbor that you have credible proof. It’s also past time for you to provide them with the evidence you’ve gathered, including security camera video, your own theft records, and proof of purchase. Then your neighbors will see that you are well-prepared and willing to let the thievery issues get resolved.
  • Inform them of the theft penalty that has been imposed in your state’s and city’s rules and regulations. Yes, there may be neighbors who abandon the confrontation and continue to steal even after being confronted with a mountain of proof.

What if my neighbors still keep stealing packages after my warning?

You can go ahead to sue your neighbors if they continue to steal from you. You have the right of possession and can sue your neighbors if they steal your shipments. Even if it is a little stuff. Small claims courts exist to assist you and punish crooks who live next door.

Also, don’t forget to provide the local police with the theft record.

Finally, seek legal advice: These tangible proofs will aid the police investigation and your case, particularly if you take additional action to deal with neighbors who are stealing from you.

How Can I Prove a Neighbor Stole My Package?

You must have recorded proof that your neighbor took your package before taking any action.

“So, how do I acquire solid proof?”,  you’re undoubtedly wondering now.

It’s right here:

  • After you’ve confirmed that your neighbor has taken your package as his or hers, the first thing as mentioned earlier is to speak with your neighbors. Inquire if your package was sent by mistake and if they say they haven’t, or even if they have because some crocky neighbors would lie and slam the door in your face, quickly do this…
  • Make contact with the delivery service: Check to see if the package was delivered. You must also install security cameras that will film every step your neighbors make while stealing your delivery, allowing you to catch them off guard.
  • Interact with others: Inquire with your neighbors whether they’ve witnessed anything unusual or theft right outside your door. If your other neighbor didn’t see anything, there’s another option to prove the theft below.
  • Remain at home: Stay at home on delivery day and hide in your house to see whether your parcel will be stolen by a neighbor. This allows you to construct a fake parcel just to attract the attention of your neighbors, causing them to desire to steal it, and when they come you’d be able to catch them in the act.

Can I Sue My Neighbor For Stealing My Packages?


You now have proof that your neighbor is stealing your shipments on a regular basis. I believe it would be worthwhile for you to file some charges against them.

So, can you sue your neighbor for package stealing?

Yes, you have every right to sue your neighbor if he or she steals your parcels. The laws differ depending on where you reside. So the punishments vary, but you can be comfortable that if you catch your neighbor stealing, you may bring significant charges against them.

You should also involve an attorney to help you in pressing charges against your neighbor for stealing from you.

Can I Call the Police if Someone Won’t Give Me My Package?

If your neighbor refuses to return your box, assume it was sent to them by mistake and they’re just trying to claim and keep what’s theirs, even though that’s most likely not the case.

After then, you may surely involve the cops in your thievery issues. Because if your neighbor won’t give you your package, it’s actually quite considered stealing. When you get the police involved, remember to show them the lists of every stealing your installed cameras have caught.

It’s best to know that calling the police into the matter is the height of it- a line that people don’t like to cross.

If you want to try something else out since you have proof of them stealing your package, simply go over there and politely ask them to return it. Avoid being confrontational though.

If they deny it blatantly, then call the police and file a police report. Of course, you can also contact the local police department in your area if your neighbor refuses to return your box, then your thievery issues will be resolved.

Is it Illegal to Keep Someone Else’s Package?

You might have received someone else’s package by mistake and are debating whether or not to retain it. Alternatively, you may be aware that your neighbor has received your present and wants to keep it.

So, you’re asking, “Is it against the law?”

Well, yes it is.

Tampering with the mail, as well as keeping someone else’s package that was sent to the wrong address, is a federal offense. The federal law prohibits the tampering, opening, or destruction of packages or posts by anybody who is not the intended recipient.

Is it Illegal to Keep a Package Wrongfully Delivered to You?

Items sent to you but which you didn’t actually order are called unsolicited goods. So, if a box is delivered to you incorrectly, such as by accident, you have the legal right to retain it as a free present. However, if you don’t want to keep anything that isn’t yours, you need to:

  • Call the delivery company’s customer care line and explain the problem.
  • Give them the shipment’s tracking number, as well as the name and address on the package if it isn’t yours. The firm will then come and take up the merchandise in a fair amount of time.

How Can I Stop My Neighbor From Stealing My Package?

If your packages are primarily delivered when you are out, the longer they are out in the open, the more likely they are to be stolen by neighbors around you.

  • Make sure you’re at home on the day of any delivery; this way, you’ll know when the box is delivered.
  • And when you know you won’t be able to avoid going out that day. You may speak with a neighbor, but not the one who is stealing your parcels, of course; rather an honest neighbor whom you trust to assist you in bringing the package in.
  • You may also put up warning signs such as ‘No Trespassing‘ or ‘This House is Under 24 Hour Surveillance‘ in addition to security cameras on the exterior of your home.

This will be quite beneficial to you, especially if your neighborhood is one with low employment where you discover those jobless neighbors walk around utilizing your house as a target to steal from,

  • Sprinklers with motion sensors can also be installed as it will also help to frighten them off. When there is a peculiar movement, they will spread water all over the place and your cameras will help capture them on tape.

 Who knows, this would actually turn out to be funny when you’re watching.


To cope with your neighbor, there are a variety of alternatives and preventative measures you may take that have been expressed in this article. However, you must be cautious while taking matters into your hands.

I’m sure this post would have been quite useful in resolving your theft issues with your neighbors and living in unity with them.