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Neighbor’s Car Alarm Keeps Going off: What To Do?

Neighbor’s Car Alarm Keeps Going off: What To Do?

Everyone likes a quiet and secure environment. Imagine you’re sleeping at night, but the neighbor’s car alarm won’t go off. Of course, you will be outraged, but the car alarm will stop after a short time.

Let’s now take it further, what if the so-called car alarm keeps going off? Firstly you were angry at the disturbance, but now thoughts of an intruder are coming to your mind. Boom, you are scared they might also come over to your place when done with your neighbor. You start thinking of what to do, but no solution comes to your mind; you feel stuck.

What should you do when the neighbor’s car alarm keeps ringing? Read on as you’ll find out in this post.

What Should I Do If a Neighbor’s Car Alarm Keeps Going Off?

One thing that will surely come to your mind is to call the cops; that is a good idea. You can contact the police. The police don’t have an emergency dispatcher, so you don’t have to call 911. The easiest way is to use Google Maps to find a local police department and call that number.

They will take your address and phone number as well as the license plate of the car. They can also send someone. When the police car arrives at the scene, it can operate the plates and call the person.

Also, if an intruder causes the alarm, the police will be able to apprehend them. However, you also need to know that not all times an alarm keeps going off is caused by intruders. It would save you unnecessary panic and save the time of the police.

This will be discussed in the latter part of this post; keep reading.

Car Alarm Nuisance Law in the U.S.?

According to the American Legal Publishing Corporation, information is provided for car alarm nuisance law in the US but is not to be wholly relied upon as definite authority for local legislation:

Car Alarm Noise

 The information provided for car alarm noise is that noise arising from a motor vehicle burglary or theft alarm device following a false or accidental activation is alleged to be a public nuisance.

Suppose it reasonably occurs to a police officer of the town, after investigation, that the vehicle theft alarm device was activated falsely or accidentally. In that case, such a police officer is allowed to immediately enter the vehicle from which the noise is arising to abate such nuisance summarily.


This information is immune. It is stated that except as permitted, the sound made by safety signals and warning devices, i.e. sound from any emergency vehicle when responding to an emergency call or acting in time of emergency.    


It is considered a punishable offense for any individual to violate any requirements of this chapter. Any person found guilty of having transgressed any condition of this chapter shall be punished.

Possible Reasons For Car Alarm to Go Off

The long-awaited gist is here. As discussed earlier, a car alarm going off doesn’t necessarily mean there is an intruder; some defects can also cause it. Here are some flaws that can cause car alarms to keep going off:

1. Faulty key fob

A faulty key fob is a common reason for an improper setting of a car alarm. A key fob is a device used to lock or unlock a car door. Using this device is very simple: press a button. In modern cars, the key fob is installed inside and helps start the ignition.

When a key fob malfunctions, the wrong signal is sent to the car’s center even if you don’t press the button; since it happens when you least expect it, the car alarm will go off. You can solve the problem simply by changing the batteries in the key fob. Resetting the device is also a way to fix the problem.

2. Dead battery

If the battery is not charged, the car alarm may go off for no reason. Many vehicle owners are unaware that alarms may have other purposes than alerting them to theft or accident. This feature is also used to warn car owners of other issues.

The car battery is not powered, and the alarm goes off. The car battery is below 12V; the alarm goes off. Use a voltmeter to check whether your car has a faulty battery or not. You will know the reason why the car alarm goes off. If you purchase a new battery, some stores may offer delivery services. In an emergency, this service is beneficial.

3. Problems with the alarm itself

The alarm panel may have issues such as a short circuit or improper activation. In these cases, look for an expert who can help you. Also, your alarm equipment may be susceptible and need to be calibrated.

4. Climate

Hefty rains can impair the operation of your alarm. Excessive heat, dust, rain, and extreme conditions can influence the alarm’s operation. It is essential to maintain the device, especially after use in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, one of the tips is to clean the vehicle, especially the cables and connections of the car.

5. Open windows or doors

And lastly, open windows and doors can cause you to hear the alarm going off. So always make sure the door and window are closed. See if any object is getting in the way of closing the door or window completely. If you have it, remove it.

In the modern car, the alarm may go off for 5-20 minutes, depending on where you live. If you live next door to a neighbor who has a car with an alarm that keeps going off, you can tell your neighbors to try the different methods above to stop it. If you cannot call the neighbor, call the police as it is safe to help immediately.

You should know that sometimes the car alarm does not go off because of a thief. There is a potential problem that the car has a bad, rusty, or discharged battery.

What To Do When Someone’s Car Keeps Going Off?

You must alert the police if an alarm system goes off, preferably immediately, especially if you know the owner is not responsible for it. Many people only get upset about an alarm going off for 20 minutes before picking up the phone and complaining about the disturbance of the peace because many don’t understand why it is placed there.

The bits are there to make noise when something’s wrong, and the idea is that those who hear it rush to the phone and call law enforcement, not the 20-minute wait when the intruder is gone.

After informing the cops, watch the vehicle safely and tell the police what’s going on over the phone. It could be that something is happening that is not entirely in the interests of the vehicle owner. In this case, information and descriptions of the perpetrator, direction of escape, etc. can lead to the perpetrator’s arrest.

However, If no one has seen anything and the vehicle is undamaged, the police will charge the vehicle owner for the use of false activation. If the alarm keeps going off and the owner can’t be reached or doesn’t take care of it, the police will seize the vehicle and tow it away.

Can I Call the Police For a Car Alarm Going Off?

Yes, of course, you can call the police, and the vehicle owner, who is liable for the condition of his vehicle, will pay for that afterward. Moreover, there are cases in which you don’t need to call the cops, especially if it is from your good neighbor. You can put a call through to inform them about it.

Here’s some advice you can give your neighbor:

If the alarm has gone off and you cannot deactivate it with the remote control, disconnect the car battery, disconnect the negative pole and wait ten minutes and then take it in for maintenance.

Only an expert will be able to understand the causes. Also, advise the person to take the car to the garage closest to the location after removing the battery. There, checks and maintenance can be carried out. If the problem continues,  they can replace the alarm system.

Can I Turn Someone Else’s Alarm Off?

Yes, you can but based on condition. You can turn someone else’s alarm off only if you have informed the person about the situation and they are not anywhere close to the car. They can then permit you to help in turning it off.

You might be wondering why it’s essential to inform them; if they are not told, your goodwill can make you pay a fine or even take you to prison. However, it is hard to find a way to do this. If you seem to have tried to put off the alarm, but it’s not yielding the expected, call the person to be there as soon as possible.


A car alarm that keeps going off, especially at night, can disturb. The proper measures to curb this situation must be applied. This goes a long way in making the environment peaceful.