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Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Jumping My Fence: What To Do?

Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Jumping My Fence: What To Do?

A good fence will keep your neighbor’s dog secure, but not all dogs love being confined to their yard all the time. When it comes to escaping, some of these pets can become pros.

When a dog sees a fence as an obstacle or a challenge, it is more likely to jump over it. While this may be the case, the fence isn’t there for that purpose. A solution must be devised as soon as you discover your neighbor’s dog is jumping over your fence.

If your neighbor’s dog is prone to jumping over your fence, you may need to advise them to perform more training and walk their dog more frequently.

Handy Tip: You can build a dog-proof fence extension of your own to also prevent them from jumping over. 

What Can I Do If My Neighbor’s Dog Keeps Jumping My Fence?

The first thing to do is figure out what caused the problem in the first place. Perhaps you should ponder what might have motivated your neighbor’s dog to attempt jumping over your fence.

A good pet owner must know that they have to provide their dog with as many opportunities for physical activity and mental stimulation. When it comes to dogs, no one can control their interest and want to know more.

So when your neighbor’s dog jumps over your fence, you should know that this is a regular occurrence and shouldn’t cause you so much concern on your part.

In contrast, male dogs’ jumping over a fence is also natural. They want to get out of their house and see what’s out there. They can’t help it when they see other dogs passing by. This is a significant diversion for them, and they’ll have climbed or jumped over your fence and joined other dogs even before you know it.

Their hormones are at work here, and your neighbor controlling them will be very challenging. Keeping a male dog inside or even in the yard becomes problematic when the smell of a female dog is out there. They’ll surely want to leave their homes.

Like a good neighbor, you must also keep in mind the hazards their dog may face when they leave their house, such as being poisoned or fighting with other dogs.

Here is what you can do if your neighbor’s dog keeps jumping over your fence

1. Encouraging your neighbor to walk their dog routinely. If your yard’s fence no longer keeps your neighbor’s dog from escaping, you’ll have to advise them to chain their dog occasionally to prevent this habit.

They can confine their dog until he sleeps when they are gone from home, they can contain their dog till he sleeps. Keeping dogs on a leash may be the only option in some cases. I know some people think it’s cruel to chain a dog up, but I’m afraid that’s a false conclusion to draw.

Warning: They must, however, ensure that the chain is sufficiently long to allow the dog to roam freely.

2. Add a dog-proof extension to your fence. To prevent your neighbor’s dog from jumping over your fence, you can elevate it up slightly. It’s possible to add a cheaper top row to a wire or iron fence if it’s already composed of bamboo, plastic, net or synthetic materials.

The fact that it’s cheaper doesn’t mean that it won’t last long enough. There is a good chance that a dog won’t jump over a flexible upper row fence since it is difficult for the dog to discern where the fence’s borders are accurate.

Investing in this will not cost you much, but it is a long-term solution to your problem. If the fence is high enough, your neighbor’s dog will not see other dogs.

3. Plastic slats may be the genuine solution to this issue if you don’t care about appearance and want to save money. They’ll provide you with the extra seclusion you desire and raise the elevation of your fence to deter dogs from jumping over it.

Handy Tip: You can purchase black plastic slats to match your black fence, which will keep the dog’s vision blocked from seeing your vicinity

4. A high-quality net is the best way to keep your neighbor’s dog from jumping over if you can afford it. A net is always manufactured from a variety of materials. The higher the cost, the more durable the material must be. Metal, plastic, and synthetic materials are all options. On the other hand, metal wire is more resilient but more costly.

5. Bamboo rolls may appear to be less expensive; they are not. They’re built to last and may shield you from harm. A dog can’t jump over the bamboo rolls.

Handy Tip: The panels may be trimmed so that you can tailor them to your specifications.

Why Do Dogs Jump Over the Fence?

There are several possible explanations if you don’t know why your neighbor’s dog jumps over your fence.

1. Boredom Within Its Walls

Every dog needs a comfortable place to play. Boredom sets in for those dogs who don’t have enough room, toys or a friend to play with. That’s why dogs would jump over your fence to join in on the fun when they observe other dogs having a good time or a happy atmosphere.

2. Inability to bond with the owner

One of the most common causes of dogs paying attention to others is a lack of attachment. It’s common for a dog to want to leave its owner if they travel frequently or is otherwise too busy.

3. When Mating Season Begins

It is common for dogs to jump over fences and seek out other dogs in heat during the mating season. If the dog isn’t neutered, this will almost certainly happen.

4. The Pursuit Habit

They enjoy chasing animals such as cats, birds, and squirrels. This will continue if you, as a neighbor, have a dog or pet.

5. Dog Attracting Items

It’s not uncommon for a neighbor’s dog to watch you and your children play in the yard. This happens all the time. It can make it want to play with you more.

Handy Tip: If you are terrified of dogs, you should not need to take any action; instead, you should talk to your neighbor about your fears.

Can Dogs Climb Chain Link Fences?

On the other hand, chain-link fences are relatively easy to climb, and many clever dogs have worked out how to evade them. The honeycomb pattern of chain-link fencing makes it very easy for dogs to jump over the top of the fence.

Handy Tip: The best option is to have a great, high-quality privacy fence erected in your yard. 

Can I Call Animal Control on a Neighbor?

Depending on the severity of the problem and if it can be resolved by negotiation and dialogue, you may be able to bring the matter before a municipal ordinance or state law.

Many laws governing pets and other animals use the words “dogs,” “animal control,” or “animal law enforcement” in their title, among other things.

What Can You Put on the Fence to Keep Dogs From Jumping?

A few simple L-brackets, some wire, and two different sizes of PVC piping attached to the top of your chain link fence will create a rolling top for your fence that will last for years.

Because the dogs cannot grasp a hold of the pipe to jump over it, they fall right off as the tube rotates.

How to Keep the Neighbor’s Dog From Jumping on My Fence?

Is your neighbor’s dog pooping on your grass and jumping over your garden fence? Or whatever it’s doing, you’re not happy about it. Right? Let’s look into all the options for preventing a dog from jumping the fence in the first place.

1. Spraying is a good option

Prepare a vinegar-and-ammonia solution. Spray the borders with the mixture after putting it in a spray bottle. Dogs appear to be deterred by the scent of vinegar and Ammonia. When the dog approaches, the smell causes them to return.

Handy Tip: The walkways and the fence are good places to use them.

Warning: Grass should not be sprayed with too much Ammonia. It could harm your grass.

Would you like to experiment with clever methods to keep your dog away from the fence? Use the peppermint-scented Natural Armor Dog and Cat Repellent Spray to keep your neighbor’s dog from scaling your fence.

2. Use Granule to Fill in the Fence

Animal repellent granules don’t harm the grass but keep dogs or cats from digging holes in your lawn and are readily available in supermarkets. If you don’t have any fences in your yard, this granule form will work. It’s unlikely that a dog will try to dig up your lawn again after using this granule.

There are a variety of citrus fruits that can be used to deter a dog from jumping on your grass, including oranges and lemons. On the other hand, the Citrus scent appears to be an efficient dog deterrent.

So, if you want to keep your neighbor’s dog from jumping on your fences, this is the cheapest option. You don’t want to leave this peeling on your driveway or walls. You’d be wise to consider the portions of your lawn exposed before simply leaving them.

3. Set Up a Low Fence

Install a second modest fence around your yard after the primary one. So if your neighbor cannot keep an eye on his dog properly, this second fence solution may be a viable option.

After the main fence, a minimum of 2 to 3 feet high fence is acceptable. For the dog to pass two fences of differing heights at once, it must first jump over this one. So, it can’t get over your fence.


After learning dozens of new methods to deter your neighbor’s dog from jumping your fence, you’ve concluded this piece. These guides would be helpful in deterring your neighbors’ dogs from climbing on your fence.

Now, it’s your turn to take the daring moves and make your yard safe from them. Whatever steps you take, make sure not to injure the dog. Moreover, dogs can also be good friends.