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Neighbor’s Dog Peed on My Car: What to Do?

Neighbor’s Dog Peed on My Car: What to Do?

Want to know the truth?

There isn’t a dog on the planet who doesn’t, and the scenario commonly goes like this:

The dog urinates on a post, a lamppost, a tree, a farm’s façade, a wheel, or any corner while on a stroll, he does it on the spur of the moment.

The ability of a dog to comprehend the world through taste and smell is unrivaled. So, expect your neighbor’s dog to act out certain urinating and sniffing behaviors, which are necessary for them to collect critical data about the environment in which they live.

The fact that they do it to your car is the problem, what should you do?

In this article, you’ll discover some suggestions to avoid having your car peed on by a neighbor’s dog.

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What Should I Do If My Neighbor’s Dog Pees on My Car?

Urinating on things and in areas frequently by dogs is a marking behavior and a long-term habit that develops. The fact that your neighbor’s dog continues to mark indicates that it has become a habit.

So, what do you do when you find out that the dog has peed on your car? Below are procedures you should follow:

If you realize that your vehicle has been peed on, clean it right away.

Here’s what happens if you don’t:

The urine may dry out and leave a sticky residue if you don’t clean it straight away, this might result in corrosion and damage to the car paint.

Next thing you might want to consider doing is to use soap and water to thoroughly clean your car, and wash well with a mild detergent.

After that, apply a coat of wax to preserve the finish from further damage.

A pro tip: You might want to consider not parking in locations where dogs are prone to pee, it’s not a good idea.

Can Dogs Pee Damage Car Paint?

Yes. The alloy wheels, not the rubber tires, are the issue.

Rubber shoe bottoms and tires are immune to all kinds of things like rain and caustic substances. According to a man who works in an animal shelter, his rubber shoe treads were constantly exposed to urine and feces. Filth stains may emerge on the rubber’s surface, but they will not penetrate and will fade out over time.

This means rubber is impervious to dog urine, which is highly moist and acidic. However, if the uric acid on aluminum wheels is left ignored, it will cause corrosion and damage the finish, removing the paint and the coating.

Are Dogs Allowed to Pee Anywhere?

Without supervision, dogs will go to pee wherever they have to, but they prefer a grassy spot or even a bush or shrub to use.

Does this mean we should allow them to pee just about anywhere?

Where you live will be the next thing to consider and what the law says there, because in some jurisdictions it’s actually illegal to have your dog urinate or defecate anywhere but the street.

Dogs have to pee outdoors, so the general answer is yes, your dog can pee on the street, that is legal.

However, if you have other options for your dog, on the street is not optimal, if everything in walking distance is concrete, you can try to step behind a wall, a building, or a parked car so the dog can do its thing.

According to research in some areas, your dog can pee just about anywhere, but if he poops anywhere outside your lawn, you are legally required to clean it up.

Fun fact: Your dog doesn’t care much about privacy but it is just common courtesy to evade the public eye at those moments if possible.

Can Dog Pee Kill Grass?

A solid yes. What makes grass killed by dog urine? Nitrates are the straightforward answer.

You see, if you fertilize your lawn, it already has a lot of nitrates in it so adding even a little more might destroy it and the grass is killed by a number of nitrogen compounds found in dog urine.

We all know that dog pee is to blame for the brown/yellow patches on your lawn but not the dog itself.

Urea, a nitrogen-based compound produced by the digestion of proteins, is found in your dog’s urine. Because dogs eat a lot of protein, they have a lot of nitrogen in their urine. This high nitrogen level is perfectly natural and does not pose a health risk to your dog.

You need to recognize that your friend is unaware that his pee is creating havoc on your garden. It’s not because your dog is attempting to destroy your rose plants on purpose.

The problem is that dogs require a high-protein diet to keep healthy, and the more protein they consume, the more toxic their pee is to plants.

Can Dog Urine be Harmful to Humans?

Dog pee, despite its appearance, may be a health danger to humans.

The strong odor from pet accidents, particularly pet urine, is really irritating to the lungs. Inhalation of even low concentrations can cause rapid eye and skin irritation.

Dogs utilize their sense of smell to connect with the world, and they can occasionally get the bacterium that causes leptospirosis, which can make people sick.

Being exposed to this bacteria can cause you to develop symptoms of a two-week flu and spread leptospirosis to others, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

People infected can have infections in their kidneys, liver, and brain after they become carriers of this bacterium. If not treated immediately with antibiotics, it might be deadly in some circumstances.

Also, many other mammals are affected with this illness, which spreads by puddles or urine stains left by sick animals.

Therefore, It is essential to maintain good hygiene for both you and your pet in order to avoid this. After touching a dog or anything you suspect has come into contact with urine, wash your hands thoroughly.

How to Stop Dogs From Peeing on Tires?

If you’re looking for effective means to put an end to constant peeing on your car, here are a few ways to go about it:

Get rid of odors

If you know your tires have been urinated on by a dog, you should clean them as quickly as possible. The alluring smell of pee can be removed from the tires using an enzyme-based cleaner. Fact is, the dog may continue to pee on tires even though the odors of other dogs are gone so be careful not to use cleansers that include components that are more hazardous to animals than they are to people.

Keep your car away

If the dog won’t stop coming to your car, what better way to end the headache than keeping the car away from it.

Preventing access to your car is the most effective approach to keep dogs away from it. This works especially if you’re not a person who fancies looking for other means of cleaning up after dogs.

Although, you must note that while a garage is a great location for your automobile or truck at home, it is not always possible in other settings, such as a parking lot.

Show that your car is a no-go area

Thankfully, there are substances you can apply to your car surroundings and especially on your car that gives the dog a warning signal never to return.

Some of them are:

  • Vinegar
  • Diluted ammonia
  • Pepper
  • Disinfectant
  • Soy sauce

-Fill a spray container halfway with diluted ammonia or vinegar and sprinkle in the garage and other places the dog frequently pees.

-Sprinkle pepper in the garage and other places he frequents. He won’t be returning for a long time if he catches a sniff of it.

-Dogs dislike the scent of disinfectant, simply head over to the shop and buy some disinfectant, then pour one tenth of the concentrated disinfection into a sprayer bottle and top it with water.

Give it a thorough shake, then go to your tires and spray all over, because you need to preserve the consistent fragrance of disinfectant on it, you must do this regularly.

-What about using a strong-smelling chemical like soy sauce on your car’s tires. Dogs will always sniff a place before peeing or pooping, soy sauce has a characteristic strong odor that repels dogs, a young adult used this method when a dog used to lick the walls of my house and it worked!


As you can see, peeing on cars is a classic behavior that dogs seem unable to let go of. Also, the effects of their “business” on your tires can be dangerous if not taken care of.

However, it’s refreshing to know that there’s something you can do about it. Surely you’ve found one or two helpful hints as regards this.