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Can I Put a Note in My Neighbor’s Mailbox?

Can I Put a Note in My Neighbor’s Mailbox?

Most people would prefer to send notes to their neighbors than discuss with them face-to-face. If you’re one of them, know that there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing. 

However, leaving the note on your neighbor’s doorsteps may be an effort in futility. It could get blown away or soaked up after heavy rain. Your neighbor may also not find it, or the kids could ignorantly destroy the note. 

Anything can happen to your note if it arrives at your neighbor’s doorstep when they aren’t around to receive it. Now, many people may ask, “can I put a note in my neighbor’s mailbox?” 

Ideally, this would have been a good idea. But before deciding, read this post to know the right thing to do.  

Is It Legal To Put a Note in My Neighbor’s Mailbox?

No, it’s not legal to put a note in a neighbor’s mailbox. You could land in trouble if you dare to place a note in your neighbor’s mailbox. It doesn’t matter if what you’re sending is a gift, warning, or friendly note.

You’re better off handing the note to your neighbor than slotting it in their mailbox. Only a postal employee has the authorization to put something in the U.S. mailbox. 

The only way to put notes in neighbors’ mailboxes is by getting a proper postage process. Anything besides this could land you in big trouble.

Alternatively, the note you’re sending to your neighbor could get lost. Carriers have the authorization to remove non-US mails from the mailbox. So, if yours didn’t adhere to the proper postage process, it would get kicked off your neighbor’s mailbox. 

A Handy Note: Only postal employees have the power to place mails in the U.S. postal service mailboxes. And any item kept in the mailbox must have had its postage fee paid in full. Doing otherwise could get an individual in trouble with the authorities. 

Is It Illegal To Open Your Neighbor’s Mailbox?

Yes, it is. The mailbox belongs to the federal government. It doesn’t matter if your neighbor single-handedly bought and had it mounted. It’s still the federal government’s property. 

Vandalizing, removing, or opening your neighbor’s mailbox is a severe crime that can land you in big trouble. It doesn’t matter if you were not trying to steal, destroy or open the mail. Do not attempt to open your neighbor’s mailbox. 

Now, let’s be clear on one thing. There are no rules that state the punishment for opening a mailbox belonging to someone else. But you can land in trouble if reported and found guilty of such an act. 

It is a federal crime to snatch mail from a mailbox, which doesn’t belong to you. If one is found guilty, the punishment could be a fine to the tune of $250,000 or 5 years jail term. Both punishments can also be meted out on the offender. 

What would happen if you had permission to open your neighbor’s mailbox? Is it illegal to open your neighbor’s mailbox in this circumstance? No, it’s not. 

You’re not committing any crime by looking after your neighbor’s mailbox. But ensure you have permission to do so. If you have your neighbor’s blessings to open their mailbox, you’ll have their backing when the authorities come knocking on your door. 

But don’t be afraid. Only where there’s deception or theft can one get into trouble with the authorities. In this case, you haven’t stolen anything. 

Can I Put The Mail in My Neighbor’s Mailbox Delivered to My Address?

Mails get misdelivered now and then. Carriers are humans and, thus, are prone to errors. Every human being is prone to error. 

If mail belonging to your neighbor gets delivered to your address, you must handle it with much care. Firstly, please don’t open it, discard or destroy it. You could land in trouble for doing that.  

You can deliver misdelivered mail to your neighbor in two ways without getting yourself on the wrong side of the law. One is to hand it over to your neighbor and walk away, while the other is to put it in the mailbox. 

But please keep this in mind. Only place misdelivered mail in your neighbor’s mailbox if the mailbox is unlocked. And you’re sure the person isn’t at home. 

Don’t try to force the mailbox door open or break it down. You’ll get into trouble by doing that. Putting a misdelivered mail back to the original owner’s mailbox isn’t an illegal act. You’re doing the owner a favor, and you may receive a “thank you” in the end. 

However, it’s more encouraging if you have a good relationship and rapport with the mailbox owner. If there’s already bad blood between you and the person, your kindness could land you in trouble. The person may use your kindness as an opportunity to hurt you. 

A Handy Tip: Please remember that returning mails to the original owner isn’t an illegal act. Just ensure you don’t destroy the mail before returning it, or the mailbox is unlocked when you place the mail there.

The mail should also have the correct postage. Please, check this thoroughly. Without the stamp, it means the mail hasn’t been paid for, and you could be in trouble for such. 

Is It a Crime To Put a Letter in Someone’s Mailbox?

Yes, it’s a crime. The United States law forbids using mailboxes for purposes other than receiving deliveries from the post office. What does this imply? If you place a letter or flyer in someone’s mailbox, you have committed a crime. 

It doesn’t matter if the mailbox was unlocked and you decided to seize the opportunity to place the letter there. What you did is a punishable crime, and you could go to jail or pay a hefty fine for that. 

The best thing to do is to hand the letter over to the person directly. If you’re too shy or afraid to do that, you can ask someone for help. Your letter must have the postage stamp to be considered worthy of being in the U.S. postal service mailbox. And only a postal employee has the power to place anything in the mailbox.  

What To Do With The Mail Delivered To My Address?

You received a mail, but unfortunately, it wasn’t yours. Now, you’re thinking of the best action to take. Well, first, remove any thought of you destroying, opening, or throwing the mail away. You’ll get yourself in a big trouble by so doing.

If you know the mail owner, attach a note to the mail with the write-up, “WRONG ADDRESS.” Please do not write on the mail envelope itself. It’s a crime to do so.  

You can put the mail back in the mailbox after writing. The postal employees will take it up from there. Do this if the original recipient has moved out and now resides far away. 

If you continue to receive incorrect mails, write a friendly note informing the postal employee of the issue you keep facing. Explain that the individual no longer lives there, and you would appreciate it if they could stop sending mails meant for someone else to your address.

You can keep a copy of the letter just in case. 

If nothing changes, you might need the note. 

Can I Get My Mail Out of Someone Else’s Mailbox?

Let’s get this straight. There are no specific rules that state that opening another person’s mailbox is a crime. But if you don’t want to get into trouble with the authorities, you better not open someone else’s mailbox. 

Now, you may ask, “can I get my mail out of someone else’s mailbox?” Yes, you can, but you have to seek the permission of the mailbox owner first. If the person gives you consent, please endeavor to remove only your mail. Don’t temper with the other mails. 

  • If you don’t have permission, then it’s better to notify the mailbox owner to get your mail out by themselves. If the individual refuses, notify your postal service employee. 


Can I put a letter in my neighbor’s mailbox? The answer is no. You can go through the information we provided above. For summary’s sake, know that opening a mailbox that doesn’t belong to you can get you in big trouble. You also can’t put letters, flyers, posters, or any non-U.S. mail in the mailbox. 

The United States postal service prohibits using mailboxes for other purposes besides deliveries from the post office. And only postal service employees have authorization to place or remove mails from mailboxes. 

So, if it’s not your mailbox and you don’t have the owner’s permission to open it, please don’t try to play smart. Read this post for other information regarding mail and mailbox.