Can I Run a Fan And a Humidifier At The Same Time?


Using a humidifier to moisten dry air reduces dryness in a limited area around the device. And that’s when the idea of using a fan comes in— to disperse the moistened air to different parts of the room— enabling even distribution of air in a room. You can use a fan concurrently with a humidifier … Read more

Can I Sleep in My Room After Spraying the Raid? (Is it Safe?)


Combating insect infestation can be challenging—they keep popping up even after a thorough cleaning and manual killing, with some surviving the massacre and manifest later after cleaning. You can use Raid to tackle cockroaches, bed bugs, and other insects—spray it in the insect-infested room, and in no time, you’ll see the insects running for their … Read more

Do You Need a Humidifier in the Summer? (And Benefits?)


Using a humidifier during summer sounds a little absurd. However, summer isn’t always affiliated with fun affairs and trips to the pool—most allergies are at their height in the summer. Besides, who would want to be humid during the hottest period of the year? With all of the bugs and pollen rapidly moving in the … Read more

10 Stunning Ways To Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing


Have you ever wondered if there is a less labor-intensive way of cleaning shower tiles without scrubbing? Many homes increasingly prefer tile flooring over carpeted floors—kitchens, bathrooms, and even living rooms are often tiled in many homes. Tile flooring is both long-lasting and straightforward to maintain. However, the tiles deteriorate as time passes, and the … Read more

11 Smart Ways To Hide A Key Outside An Apartment


There are instances when you could be away from home and need a way of hiding the key—and make it easier for your family members to find it when they’re back from their errands.  This has been a challenge to many because hiding it the wrong way could also make your house vulnerable to robbery. … Read more

Can You Flush Matches Down The Toilet? (And in Garbage?)


Can little wooden matches be flushed down the toilet? From a conflagration standpoint, it is safe. Though doing it from a sewer pipe is a bad idea. How true is this? Papers, condoms, and sanitary items can accumulate in the pipes, causing a backflow in your house.  Is It Safe To Flush Matches in the … Read more

Can You Put Popcorn Kernels in the Garbage Disposal?

Today, virtually every home has a garbage disposal unit. This home equipment provides essential service, and it can operate for years without setbacks. But this doesn’t guarantee that it’ll not break down or stop working. There are simple rules that, if you follow, will keep your garbage disposal running smoothly for years. Being keen on … Read more

7 Fabulous Ways To Hide a Cat From Your Landlord


Are you trying to figure out how to hide a cat from your landlord? Here are some suggestions to keep your cat/dog hidden from your landlord. If you’re a tenant, your landlord makes all the decisions. They also decide the rent to be paid, who’s eligible to rent, and whether or not pets are permitted, … Read more

8 Smart Ways To Dispose of Military Uniforms


Letting go of your military uniform is hard after many years of service to your country. Most ex-soldiers always want to hold on to their uniform regardless of the situation. However, there comes a time when your military uniform has to go, mainly because it takes up your closet space. But the main question is, … Read more

Can Ants Eat Through Caulk? (And What Do They Eat)


Have you ever wondered what ants are and what damage they can bring home? Ants are incredibly social insects, and each colony divides duties among different species of ants. The queen or queens’ only task is to lay eggs. All other female ants are workers; they feed the larvae, collect debris for the colony, seek … Read more

9 Smart Ways To Get Rid of an Old Bed Frame


Whether you’re downsizing for a move or simply improving your home, figuring what to do with your old bed frame can be a daunting prospect. Selling or donating your old furniture will go a long way to keep it from the landfill. However, hiring a dumpster will save you time if you’re running on a … Read more

5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Curtains Closed (And Why To Close them)


Curtains are doubtlessly one of our homes’ most exciting features. Besides, excellent home décor is all about striking a balance between form and function, and few things achieve it better than curtains. The purposes of curtains are apparent—they keep heat or air conditioning in a while, preventing outside light and heat from entering. Their aesthetic … Read more

Can Ants Eat Through Plastic? (And Smell Food?)


What exactly can ants bite and chew? Ants can chew through various materials, including concrete, wood, plastic, cotton, and silicone, to reach the food supply they require. Therefore, you can use top pantry items, such as coffee grounds, peppermint essential oil, and lemon juice to keep ants away from your food. As a result of … Read more

Can You Throw Away Rosary Beads?


Many external things of devotion and piety draw us closer to the Lord in the Catholic Church. In many Catholic homes and parishes, rosaries, sacred images, prayer cards, saint medals, and candles are ‘sacramentals’ that are very common. Perhaps you already own some of these things in your house and have even had them blessed … Read more