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How To Get Rid of Roaches Coming From Neighbors?

How To Get Rid of Roaches Coming From Neighbors?

Have you experienced or experiencing a roach infestation problem? By now, you must have realized that it’s a never-ending battle. Unfortunately, if there’s an adjoining wall between your house and another, or you reside in a shared apartment block, you could face a roach infestation issue if your neighbor’s house is a breeding ground.   

So, how did reaches get to your apartment? Well, firstly, you have dirty neighbors whose houses are a haven for the roaches. These creatures can squeeze and force themselves into the tiniest of holes. That’s how they travel from one apartment to another. 

If you’re here because of the roaches infestation problem you’re facing and feel your neighbor is the reason, you should be reading this post. Check out tips on how to deal with roaches coming from neighbors.

My Neighbor Has Roaches: What Can I Do?

You have confirmed that your neighbor has roaches, and they can start migrating to your apartment anytime soon; that’s if they haven’t started arriving already. You’re worried and feel the best way to address the issue is to involve the authorities. 

Before you take the legal route or consider that as an option, you can do certain things to ensure you and your neighbor becomes free of the roach infestation. 

Now, what can you do after discovering that your neighbor has roaches and you could or have started facing the same problem? Here are simple tips you should deploy. 

1. Discuss the situation with the neighbor

Your neighbor has roaches, and they probably aren’t as concerned as you are, and that’s bothering your mind. Now, listen. 

Your neighbor may have tried all they could and weren’t able to end the roaches infestation they’re facing. It’s also possible that they haven’t done anything, thus allowing the cockroaches to multiply. 

In a nutshell, please don’t jump to a conclusion. You have seen that there’s a problem, so the next thing is to find a solution. Approach your neighbor and inform them of the situation. Don’t try to apportion blame or say they’re dirty.

Since you have a solution, you can share it with your neighbor and make them understand the steps you took to get rid of the cockroaches on your side. Then make an effort to check up on them now and then. And you have some spare time; you can join your neighbor to put their house in order. 

A Pro Tip: You have to be polite when interacting with the neighbor. Don’t try to make them feel dirty or guilty. However, you can also educate your neighbor about the dangers of having roaches around. Let them know that cockroaches can carry up to 30 bacteria and cause several illnesses.    

With this information, expect your neighbor to get serious and do all they can to get rid of roaches in their homes. 

2. Have all entry points sealed

Roaches are desperate scavengers that can squeeze their body into the tiniest of holes. Smaller roaches can also pass through tiny openings on walls separating your apartment from a neighbor’s. 

So, don’t take chances. Seal every hole you can find. You can seal the cracks on the wall with silicone sealant. And endeavor to cover your bathroom and kitchen drains at night time, as roaches are usually active during this period. 

3. Make your home uninhabitable for the roaches

Have you made your home uninhabitable for the roaches? If you haven’t, then you have no business asking your neighbor to fix their roach infestation problem. Don’t forget that when your neighbor starts displacing the roaches, some will die, and the ones that survive would find a new shelter as quickly as possible. 

So, chances are roaches from your neighbor might make their way into your apartment soon and in large numbers. Now, how can you make your home uninhabitable to cockroaches? It’s simple. Cut off their supply. 

Roaches love dwelling in dark places. So, food, shelter, and water attract them. But if you can ensure you don’t leave leftover foods or a moist environment in your apartment, it would be difficult for roaches to dwell there. 

Additionally, if you have your apartment well-organized, it would be easier to spot roaches and get rid of them.

It would be best if you also made an effort to take the trash can outside. Please don’t leave it inside your apartment. Next are dirty plates. Ensure you don’t leave any dirty dishes on the side. 

How you store your food also matters. If you use airtight containers, it would be impossible for roaches to get inside. As the name implies, even air can’t get inside such containers. 

Another way you can make your home uninhabitable to roaches is to spray your apartment with natural repellant. Examples include lemon, eucalyptus, lavender, catnip, and tea tree oil.   

A Pro Tip: If you’re spraying roaches, please do so every 21 days using suspend and roach bait such as Maxforce FC magnum. Bait application should be once per week. Endeavor also to spray low and bait high. 

4. Engage an exterminator

Dealing with a cockroach infestation problem takes time and energy. There’s also a possibility that you may not get it right since you don’t have the experience. 

If that’s the case for you, then you have to engage an exterminator. They have proper training and experience in tackling roach infestation and would do a neat job for you. 

How Do Roaches Get To Your Home From Neighbor’s Property?

The general belief people have of roaches is that they only dwell in dirty and damp places. While this is true, keep in mind that a clean home isn’t also safe from roach infestation. 

These scavenging and unhealthy creatures can get into a property they deem fit. Here’s how they do it. 

Roaches can enter your home via the openings in your property to a neighbor’s or outside. They can enter via the space on your door, either underneath, sideways, or upward. Roaches can also get in via cracks on the wall that separates you from a neighbor suffering roach infestation. 

Roaches enjoy spending time in septic tanks. And they can travel through your plumbing lines and make their way into your home via the drain. They enjoy the damp environment. Thus, even the water you left for your pet can aid roaches’ stay in your apartment.   

Can You Get Roaches If Your Neighbor Has Them?

You have spent time cleaning and organizing your property. You even do all the things we listed here that can help keep roaches at bay. Unfortunately, if your home is super clean and organized, while your neighbor’s apartment facing roaches infestation is not, then keep in mind that you can get roaches.

The roaches can migrate from your neighbor’s house into yours in search of a new environment. Don’t forget that cockroaches aren’t called opportunistic critters for nothing. They enjoy exploring new places. 

Your community’s seriousness to end roaches infestation in homes will play a significant role. If there’s a roach infestation problem in that community, no one is safe. You can get roaches without even knowing.  

Can I Sue My Neighbor For Roaches?

In the United States of America, anyone can sue anyone for anything. So, yes, you can decide to sue a neighbor for roach infestation. However, if you can’t prove that the roaches are actually from your neighbor, your lawsuit won’t see the light of day. 

So, don’t make any assumptions or accusations until you’re 100% sure the roaches are from your neighbor. 

How To Keep Roaches Out of the House?

You can do a slight alteration to keep roaches away from your home. By the way, the things you’re going to be doing aren’t energy-consuming. But they’ll save you a lot of time and money. 

Here are the tips:

  • Mix things now and then: You can move an appliance to one side and clean up where it was before in your kitchen. For instance, you can clean up your stove, move it to a new place, clean up where the stove was before, and endeavor to sprinkle a tiny amount of borax on the floor before placing the appliance where it was before. 
  • Handle used cans properly: Make an effort to wash used cans such as beverage cans. Get a big plastic trash can pending when they’re ready for recycling. 
  • Keep indoor trash cans shut: Ensure all your indoor trash cans are tightly closed. 
  • Keep dishes clean: Make an effort to do your dishes before sleeping. 
  • Wash your dirty clothes: If you don’t know, roaches are a fan of dirty clothes. So, wash your clothes regularly. Don’t leave a pile of dirty clothes in your apartment. 


We have shared essential tips on how to get rid of roaches from neighbors. If you have a roach infestation issue, this post is for you. Find out what to do to end your roach infestation problem before it’s too late.

Remember that roaches are unhealthy and dangerous creatures to have around the house. They carry bacteria and can cause people to fall ill. You don’t want that for yourself or your family, so take action now.