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10+ Effective Ways To Stop The Bed From Sliding on a Wooden Floor

10+ Effective Ways To Stop The Bed From Sliding on a Wooden Floor

Are you tired of finding your bed sliding on your wooden floor like each foot had an ice skate? You’re not alone. Tons of people are facing the same challenge. 

If you boast a lightweight bed frame, you’ll be experiencing this issue more often. But keep in mind that wooden floors generally have slippery surfaces. 

The biggest problem with having a bed that slides on a wooden floor is not the change in position whenever you step in or out of bed. It’s the damage it can cause your wooden floor. 

However, just because your bed frame is lightweight or you have a wooden floor doesn’t mean your bed shouldn’t stay put. There are steps you can take to ensure your bed doesn’t slide. Read to figure out. 

10+ Effective Ways To Stop The Bed From Sliding on a Wooden Floor

Allowing your bed to slide on your wooden floor would leave the surface scratched. And that’s a serious issue. Having such dents on your wooden floor would cause it to look ugly. You surely don’t want such to happen, given how much you have spent on your bedroom. 

Excitingly, we have managed to handpick ten techniques to prevent beds from sliding on a wooden floor. Check them out. 

1. Mount a rug between the wooden floor and bed

A simple way to stop a bed from sliding on a wooden floor is to place a carpet underneath the bed frame. But you must be ready to invest in a good quality rug. Otherwise, you may end up messing up your room’s appeal. 

However, most people may not fancy this technique, as it would hide the well-polished wooden floor they have spent so much on. They might prefer other styles that would leave the bedroom floor naked.

Well, if you’re among this category of people, you can consider other techniques here. 

But if you don’t mind covering a section of your bedroom floor for the sake of protection, consider mounting a rug on the floor. You can consider getting a carpet that blends with the rest of the room. Finally, ensure the carpet covers the entire bed frame. It should even extend by 23 inches on each side. 

 A Handy Tip: If your kids are the type that enjoys jumping on your bed, consider getting a thicker rug. The idea is to ensure maximum protection for your wooden floor. 

2. Utilize Velcro pads

If you’re seeking thin and unnoticeable pads to protect your bed from scratching your wooden floor, Velcro pads are your best bet. In addition to being thin, these pads also come in varied sizes. 

The Velcro pad is not only effective but budget-friendly. When you slot it under the bed, it just sticks there and does what it’s designed to do. 

However, keep in mind that you have to stick the Velcro pad to the wooden floor. And this involves using glue.

But if you plan on changing your bed’s position in the future, such pads might not be the best choice. You might damage the floor when trying to remove the pads.

Instead, opt for removable Velcro pads. With such pads, you can change the position of your bed whenever you please. You won’t also have problems removing the pads from your polished finished wooden floor.  

3. Fit the bed to one corner

Firstly, this technique doesn’t require any investment. It only requires using your creative mind and thinking ability. When you fit the bed to one corner, it would stop sliding and not dent your wooden floor, which is the priority. 

In addition, fitting the bed to a corner will create more space in your bedroom. It will also help to open up your creative mind. You’ll start seeing ways you can make the room more appealing and things that can fit in. 

But then, there are drawbacks you need to consider. Firstly, if you’re sharing a bed with a partner, you and the person will have to enter the bed from the bottom or even via the same side, depending on how the part that’s facing the wall.

Unfortunately, this type of arrangement isn’t a wise choice for adults. You might wake your sleeping partner up while trying to enter the bed.

However, if you and your partner don’t have a problem with such an arrangement, placing your bed in the corner would be an excellent way to prevent it from sliding on your wooden floor.

A Handy Tip: Never place your bed behind the door.

4. Use rubber caster cups

The rubber caster cups are cost-effective and straightforward to use. They come in a total of four, with each going under the bed’s foot. The cup also fits regular bedposts and caster-styled beds. So, whatever your bed style is, you’ll find the rubber caster cups effective.

But please, keep in mind that size is crucial when choosing caster cups. If you don’t choose the right size, you won’t get the fitting and appeal you seek. 

A Handy Tip: If your bed boasts a caster wheel, you should be able to use rubber caster cups to stop it from sliding on your wooden floor. 

5. Slot in bed risers

If you’re looking for something that can prevent your bed from sliding and offer other benefits, bed risers could be the answer. Bed risers may not only prevent your bed from sliding and denting your wooden floor. They’ll lift your bed, creating more storage space underneath.

Originally, bed risers aren’t designed to prevent the bed from sliding. But sometimes, the bed risers’ grip on the floor appears way better than the bed, making them a better option.   

Bed risers also come in varied shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. The forms include pyramid, square, oval, and others. Height also ranges from 6 inches to 2 feet.  

Furthermore, consider your bed frame’s material before choosing the bed risers material type. Is it PVC, wooden, rubber, or plastic? Make the right choice to make your bedroom appealing.  

6. Adopt rubberized legs

Have you taken out time to have a look at the fantastic collection of rubberized legs for bed frames out there? You’ll want to change yours immediately. Replacing the legs of your bed with rubberized ones will help prevent the bed from scratching the floor. 

Don’t forget that rubber legs would be gentle on your wooden floor. Additionally, they come in varied designs and styles. So, you’ll indeed find one that will add to the appeal of your already gorgeous room. 

These rubberized legs are designed to match a range of bed frames. But your bed legs must be detachable. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use these rubberized legs.

7. Wrap bed frame with rubber material

It’s time to put your DIY skills to good use. If you’re seeking a technique to keep your bed from sliding and you don’t fancy the idea of investing even a cent, this technique would make perfect sense to you. What you need are a cutting tool and a used bicycle tire. 

A pair of tires should be enough to cut out the piece you need to cover the bed legs. You should also endeavor to measure appropriately before cutting to ensure uniformity. Now, cut the rubber to size and have each bed leg wrapped with it. 

The only downside this technique has is that the legs won’t look attractive. But then, this portion of the bed isn’t that visible unless you enjoy spending much time under your bed. People entering your room via the door won’t even notice them.

A Handy Tip: This technique is most suitable for mostly U-shaped bed legs. 

8. Get the bed frame attached to the wall permanently

Firstly, understand that this technique would only work if you boast a solid wall. We’re talking about a wall that can hold a screw drilled into it. Another thing to consider before deploying this technique is your preference. 

Would you like to change your bedroom’s configuration in the future, which would warrant changing the bed’s position? If yes, then this technique might not be suitable for you.  

However, if your answer is no and you’re ready to apply this technique to prevent your bed from messing up your wooden floor, these are the steps you should follow. 

Firstly, drill a hole through your bed frame’s head. Ensure the bed is in the proper position before doing this. Using long screws, wall plugs, and a drill, fasten the bed frame to the wall. That’s it. You have attached your bed to the wall permanently. 

9. Start using bed stoppers

If you haven’t given bed stoppers a thought, this should help change your mind. Firstly, bed stoppers do what they’re built to do. They’ll help prevent your bed from moving an inch. The fact that they come built with thicker rubber makes them a wise choice for heavy bed frames and mattresses. 

These bed stoppers also come in varied colors. So, you won’t have an issue picking the perfect color for your room or floor. You’ll find them in black color, beige, clear, brown, tan, and others. 

Bed stoppers also come in two shapes. These include rectangular and round. Size ranges from 1 to 4 inches.  

10. Invest in rubber feet

Our last but not least technique to prevent a bed from sliding on your wooden floor is to purchase rubber feet. These rubber feet are produced of thick rubber. 

The rubber feet are available in two types, based on how you fasten them to the bed’s legs. One has adhesive, while the other comes with a screw. So, make your choice.


If you’re trying to keep your bed from sliding and messing up your wooden floor, read the techniques mentioned in this post. 

However, we urge you to examine each technique before giving them a try. But the fantastic thing about each of the methods highlighted here is that they can prevent your bed from sliding and damaging your polished wooden floor. So, read and apply them.