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10 Clever Ways To Stop Birds From Pooping on Your Car

10 Clever Ways To Stop Birds From Pooping on Your Car

You just had your favorite car washed. It’s looking shiny, attractive, and neat. Perhaps, you planned to take your beautiful family out on a date. Then suddenly, the unexpected happens. You discovered bird poop on the car, and it’s so visible.  

Has this ever happened to you? It isn’t very pleasant. And if you live near a beach, lake, or river, you’ll likely experience this problem more often. And the truth is, if you do nothing, it could continue happening. 

No one will be happy to drive a car with bird poop stain. It not only makes the car look unkempt. Bird poop can also destroy your car’s paint. So, act now! 

Stop birds from pooping on your car henceforth! This article explains how you can achieve this. Keep reading to know more.

Why Do Birds Always Poop on My Car?

Before we start discussing how to prevent our feathered friends from releasing their wastes on your car, let’s find out why they act that way. That is why a bird would leave other open spaces and then decide to poop on a car. Is it a mistake or intentional?

There are diverse reasons why birds may choose to poop on your car. Let’s dig deeper. 

Where you parked your car

Parking your car under a tree is almost like begging the birds to poop on it. Birds take shelter on trees. They also often stop by trees to have a good rest before continuing their journeys. 

The tree is a cool place to park a car, as its shade help keep the elements at bay. However, trees can’t guarantee your car’s protection against bird poop. So, if you had your car parked under the tree, don’t complain when you find bird poop on it. 

The birds’ poop could even be more and worst if you had your car parked under their nest. In this position, there would be multiple birds pooping on your car, both young and old. 

Your car’s color

A study conducted indicates that birds find a particular color more attractive. And that color happens to be red. So, if your car is painted red, don’t be surprised to find bird poop on it more often than the other cars. 

But the question is, are such claims that cars with red colors get pooped on more often by birds be valid? 

Here’s a breakdown of the study performed by Halfords, a U.K automobile accessories dealer. 

The study involved 1,140 cars. The researchers aimed to figure out whether bird poop on a car is a function of color. Thus, cars from five cities got examined. These include cars in Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds, and Brighton. 

Shockingly, the researchers discovered that crimson cars received the highest poop. The figures collected showed that 18% of crimson cars from the study got pooped on. 

Next happens to be blue cars. 14% of blue cars used for the study had bird poop, followed by 11 percent of black cars and then 7% of white cars. 

To the researchers’ greatest surprise, cars with green colors had the least bird poop. 

A Handy Tip: Please note that if you park your car in an area where birds roost, you’ll most certainly have it decorated with poop. It doesn’t matter if your car boasts a crimson color or not. It will most likely get sprayed with poop when parked under a tree. 

Why Are Birds Attracted To My Car?

Birds are not like humans. They are unique and boast unique behaviors. So, it would not be easy to pin why birds are attracted to a car to one factor. Here are a couple of reasons why birds could be attracted to your car. 

The color of the car

The study conducted by Halfords, a U.K-based car parts dealer, indicates that birds are more attracted to cars that boast crimson colors. So, if your car happens to be donning this color, chances are you’ll find birds poop on it more often. 

The car’s finish

Can a car’s finish attract birds? Yes, it does. If your car boasts a shiny finish, it could appear attractive to birds.

Where you parked the car

The area you park the car also matters. If it’s under a tree, birds may likely perch on it more often. They find resting on cars’ roofs more ideal, even though there’s a tree next to the car. 

A Handy Tip: It’s important to wipe off birds’ droppings immediately they land on your car. Don’t waste any time. Their droppings boost uric acid. And for the record, bird poops pH level ranges from 3 to 4.5 (highly acidic). 

Uric acidic is very acidic. It can destroy your car’s wax, including its paint. So, the best thing is to wipe bird droppings off immediately. 

10 Clever Ways To Stop Birds From Pooping on Your Car

Now, here comes the interesting part. How can you prevent birds from pooping on your car? We all know that birds’ poop can damage a car’s paint. And you know, repairing such damages can be quite expensive and time-consuming. 

The good news is, we have identified ten amazing ways to prevent birds from releasing their droppings on your car. But remember, no technique is most superior. Just keep trying them out and see the one that works for the birds in your domain.  

1. Keep side mirrors covered

Have you been noticing scratches on your side mirrors lately? That might not be the handwork of your kids, but birds. They may fight with the mirror thinking they’re fighting a male intruder, not knowing it’s just a reflection. 

Birds also enjoy pooping on side mirrors. So, keep them covered whenever you plan to park your car for a long time. You can use a sock, plastic bag, or even cardboard. 

2. Avoid parking close to the edge of buildings

Most people are fond of parking their cars near the edge of buildings. If you’re one of such people, please desist from doing that. Birds can poop on your car while standing there. There’s also a high possibility that they can poop on the car while taking off too. 

3. Deploy rubber snake

 Snakes prey on birds. So, let’s use the same strategy to prank the birds and prevent them from perching on your car. Get a rubber snake and place it on your car’s roof. You can get two; place one on the roof and the second on the bumper. 

But please, remember to take the rubber snake off your car before hitting the road. You don’t want to scare other road users with that.   

4. Avoid parking under trees

Birds enjoy congregating on trees. So, avoid parking your vehicle there. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small tree. Just don’t leave your car there for a minute. 

5. Hang CDs in your parking area

 Now is the right time to put those condemned CDs to good use. If you always find bird poop on your car, hanging many CDs over your car in the parking area can help scare the birds away. 

It’s simple. Attach the CDs on a fishing line and tie the line across the area where you normally park your car. The CDs’ reflective surface will scare the birds away. 


6. Use high-end car cover

Car covers don’t appear attractive to birds. And that’ll be to your advantage. You won’t be struggling with how to clean bird poop off your car any longer. Moreover, the cover will help to protect your vehicle from the elements. 

7. Avoid light post and electric wires

Birds like to stay on electric wires and light poles. Thus, having your car parked in these areas can be bad news. So, avoid parking close to electric wires or light poles. That way, you’ll limit the chance of birds poop landing on your car. 

8. Consider your choice of car color

The Halfords’ study shows that the feathered creatures target crimson cars the most. So, whether you think the points they’re trying to make are valid enough or not, consider your choice of color when buying a car. You may find this advice helpful if you live in an area with tons of birds. 

9. Mount a bird deterrent on your car

If you want to prevent birds from using your car as a resting ground, mount a visual deterrent on your machine. These visual deterrents include replicas of animals that birds dread. These include Coyote, Owl, and fox. You can purchase them online and place them in your car right away. 

10. Get a specialty device that radiates ultrasonic vibrations

If you want to prevent birds from landing or resting on your car, get a device capable of radiating ultrasonic vibration. It should get the job done.  


How do I stop birds from pooping in my car? Well, we guess this question has been on your mind for quite a long time. Interestingly, we have highlighted several ways you can achieve that without breaking a sweat. 

Having birds around is not the issue. The issue is their byproduct – droppings. It contains uric acid, which can destroy a car’s wax and paint. It’s also important to remember to wipe off any bird droppings you find on your car immediately. Leaving it on the car can destroy the paint.